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Title: Elizabeth Fleming, Ontario Canada to her Cousin, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileFleming, Elizabeth/34
SenderFleming, Elizabeth
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipcousins (haven't met)
SourceT 1850/5: Copied by Permission of Mr W.H. Mc Cafferty 15 Glanleam Drive,Belfast 15. #TYPE EMG Elizabeth Fleming, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada to her Cousin [Castlereagh Area, Belfast?] 5th July 1898.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8905065
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count675
NoteN.B. (n. Brown; married William Fleming; mother was Mary J. Scott and father was James Brown; they had three children, all died during infancy)
TranscriptAns [Answered?] 2/8/98

Owen Sound July 5th 1898

My Dear Cousin

I received
your very kind and welcome
letter and we were glad to hear
of you all being well as this
leaves us at present thank God
for it is one of the greatest
blessings we can have, It was
very kind of you to send me the
vews [views?] you sent me I can see
the bread cart in it that we
used to get our bread from
Hughes I can remember that
all right we were delighted
to have them and also the
papers sometimes when I
feel lonesome we take them
and look at them and it
seems to me that you do not
really seem so far away after
all. I know dear Cousin you
put youself to a great deal of
trouble for me which is a
great kindness to me but I
think it will come out all
right yet and if it does I
will be able to repay you
for all you are doing for
me. I may have been mistaken
about the place my Aunt
lived. My Grandmother
Scott wrote to Father and
Mother and
she told them my Aunt Jane
Brown was very often in
Belfast nearly every week or
so and that makes me think
that she did not live very
far from there and when Aunt
Jane wrote to Father & Mother
she would send me a nice
little letter in it but I have
not a trace of it now of course
I was very young then and
did not know how much
they were worth to me My
Brother may know more
than I do about it as he
was older than I was but
he never seemed to want to
tell me very much about it
if he did know he said
My Aunt formerly lived in
Castlerae [Castlereagh?] and then in Comber
but I have an Idea of my
own I so often heard of it
that it would be in Bangor
the way he spoke of it he said
I was sick but did not know
it and I have been thinking
in my own mind that perhaps
he knew all about it and as
I have no children of my own
it might some day come to
his family I am just speaking
from thinking things over
that has happened and if you
would be so kind as to look
in Bangor and Castlerae [Castlereagh?]
it would be a great favour
to me If my Aunt left it to me I think I have a
right to it, the Reverend Arch
Deacon Mulholland wrote to
several ministers in Comber
for me and he did not
find out anything that would
throw any light on it and
if My brother James was not
very anxious to let me know
he might not say the last
place she was so I think it
better to try those other places
Castlerae [Castlereagh?] and Bangor we
have a beautiful spring
and summer here and
lovely weather we finished
putting in our garden
on the 23rd of May and
everything in it looks
well the next time you
write tell me the name
of all your children I
will get my photo taken
and the next time I write
I will send it to you if
nothing happens to prevent
me from getting it taken
Dear Cousin do not think
me to [too?] tiresome but I am
very anxious to hear or
get some insight into
it that would help me
I was surprised to see Belfast
such a fine city and
splendid buildings as
the veiws [views?] shows I have not
much more to say this time
but My husband wishes to
be remembered to you all and
little Bella send your little
girl a kiss and except [accept?] our
most united love and friendship
to yourself and husband and
children and all our other
friends I remain your loving
cousin Elizabeth Fleming

PS Please to write soon
and I will not be so long in
writing again