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Title: Jane Fleming, New York, To "My Dear Friend".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileFleming, Jane/14
SenderFleming, Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationBundoran, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends, business
SourceD.1047/1: Presented by Mrs Beatty Per Burke, Solicitor, Enniskillen, Ireland. #TYPE EMG Jane Fleming, New York, America, To "My Dear Friend". 3rd May 1853.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809161
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count945
TranscriptNew York May 3 1853

My Dear Friend
In [Pat?] Ellis letter that he received from Bundorin [Bundoran?] a few
days since their [there?] was an account of the death of [Mrs?] Withorn my
husbant [husband?] Sister and my son arthu [Arthur?] aunt and that she had
left 300 pounds to the nearest [here?] That it [belongs?] to arthu [arthur?]
and that he cannot receive it on account of my marriage reqesting
[requesting?] if you would be kind enough to inquire of Mr Irvine Parish
Clerk he lived in Ballyshannon his son is now parish clerk in Bundorin
[Bundoran?] old Mr Fleming is the only other Individual that I know of that
was at my mariage [marriage?] that is now Living you may [ask?] him if he
remembers the incident that ocured [occured?] after arther [Arthur's?]
death their [there?] was a balance of 1 pound coming to him from the
[board?] and as I could not receive the money on account of the registry
book of my marriage being lost or mislaid that he or his wife that is now
had gave their evidence of seeing me married and syned [signed?] the
document and [I?] received the money Mr Irvine was clerk at the time and
was present at the marriage he will remember of it I have no dout [doubt?]
If Mr Irvine is dead their [there?] is another that I remember of that was
present Mrs [Fossett?] that lives at [Rowntree?] hill she and her was
present at the ceremony Mr mc Vitty you will be kind Enough to make inquiry
of these different Pearsons [person?] and accquant [acquaint?] arthur
[Arthur?] of the result of your inquiry as soon as possible you know Mc
Vitty that [she?] is only paying back now what his father should have had
you know that she kept that so that his Father allowed him for 10 years
so it is only the amount that my husband ought to have had while living
that is now left to my child Mr Vitty [Mc Vitty?] I have been pretty well
all winter considering my age I have had slight coldds 2 or 3 times during
the winter but the weather now is getting quite warm and pleasant the winter
has been very Mild one I wish that you would let me know how word came
to Bundorin [Bundoran?] of Mrs Withhorn death and how this 300 pounds came
to left or how it was willed was it through arthu [Arthur?] or what other
source was it many a night [I have dreamed?] of you and your family
since I left you and particularly of Mrs Mc Vitty give my best respects
to Mrs [Shanly?] and her children as for fanny johnston I many times think
of her she used to think that money was got on the streets here but if ever
she arrives in this country she will find it quite different as their
[there?] is nothing got here by idlincss [idleness?] the people in this
country all works for their living Pleas[please?] if you have seen my sister
margaret since I left let me know if she and her family are all well any
that I have seen since I came here from my country has not met with such
a home as I have, I came a stranger here to all but my sister and they are
all very kind to me I am perfectly at home here, if you have heard anything
of my Brother John you will be as kind as let me know for I have heard
nothing of him for a long time nor does not know where to write to him
Please tell [Thom?] Kerrigan that I saw Frank a few days ago he is well and
at work every day and is getting quite stout tell her that I was sorry to
hear that his Brother [J T Lg?] was Broke [Tell?] Mr & Mrs Ellis that I
see T T & anabella frequently they are both well [T T?] has got an addition
to his family of another Daughter a few days since and give my respects to
Frank for the trouble he has taken in trying to find out any evidence of my
marriage and of letting me know of it in [J T ?] letter I was sorry to
hear that Mrs Ellis' health was so bad and I hope by the time this reaches
you that both Mrs Ellis health and Robts will be greatly improved Deborah
and her husband Intends making a visit in the course of 2 years if you are
alive and in Bundorin [Bundoran?] you will see them as they intend to visit
Bundorin [Bundoran?] in their journey they think they will leave here Early
in the spring as they intend only to be absent from home a few months they
intend to go scotland after Landing in Liverpool then through England and
Ireland so I hope that you all will have the pleasure of seeing them all
you must excuse my [neglaect?] of not writing sooner but I hope that you
will think of my neglinse [negligence?] and [sincerely?] I hope that you
will not take example by me but that you will [rite?] write me as soon as
possible on recet [receipt?] of this. Give my respects to all [enquiring?]
friends tell them that I am quite well and that I never was a fleashy
[flashy?] as I am know [now?] I am quite contented and happy I will close
this by wishing you your wife and family all the enjoyments that this world
can afford and believe me your ever grateful friend Jane Fleming