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Title: Samuel Forman, New Jersey [U.S.A.?], to John Mussentine [Belfast?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileForman, Samuel/10
SenderForman, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Jersey, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientMussentine, John
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipnot acquainted
SourceD 354/1063: Deposited By the Late H.K. Worsley, Downpatrick.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Belfast, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9412212
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count495
TranscriptTo: Mr. John Mussentine [William Mussenden?]
Mercht [Merchant?] in Belfast.

From: Samuel Formam,
New Jersey

New Jersey February 27th 1768

Nothing but a duty Incumbent on all mankind Induces me
to write to a Stranger on a Subject thats not altogether
agreable [agreeable?] tho' it may Perhaps give some Satisfaction
if my Information be right, there is a young woman Came from
Belfast Between three and five years ago as well as I Can
remember Left there with one Samuel [Lord?] and Came over
with Captn [Captain?] Caste[Casted?] to New York -- she is a
person rather in the Tall order Droops a Trifle in the shoulders
Fair hair something on the yellow -- fair skin, agreeable Bloom
in her Cheeks & Brite [bright?] blue eyes and is something Near
Sighted -- at first via Looks a Little Crop eyed, other
features agreable [agreeable?] and is what we Call a Likely
woman she Came over well appearaled [apparelled?] and
appears to be genlly [genteelly?] brought up, Supposed to Come
away privately and has Concealed her name and Family -- she was
Introduced at my house by a relation of her Husband as a
Country woman of my wifes and stay'd with us Two or three
weeks in this Time we Discovered some Burthen opprests
[oppressed?] her with much relenting her rashness in Leaving
her friends to Come to America to Marry a poor man that
ant [isn't?] able to afford her a Comfortable Support, we got
so much from her that we dont know but she may be your
Daughter she would be very glad to return if she thought she
Could ever gain yr [your?] [pardon?] which I hope may be
obtain'd, it would give me griate [great?] Satisfaction to
hear you [------?] for her -- if she is yr [your?] Child
if not -- her parents no Doubt would be glad to hear where
she is and perhaps by making some Inquiry you May Do [---?]
that favour, I forgot to Mention her age and Name she is
about Twenty and her Christian Name is Sophia, she Talks of
being well acquainted at [Sligo?].
She is Married to one [-----?] D [Debogh?] a Blacksmith
by Trade and a person of but an ordinary Caruter [character?]
which is the [s?] Sophia had not an Oppertunity [opportunity?]
of acquainting herself with as he had moved from here in
Morris County where no one knew him or his Caruter [character?]
there he got acquainted with the said Sophia and Married her --
if her parents should send for her which I hope they may -- if
they have any Corespondence [correspondence?] in New York
There will be the most proper place to send to, she Lives an
easy days ride from there in said Morris County in this
Province she hasnt any Child as yet, I wish this may answer a
Valuable end to the poor Lady -- and friends and it will then
fully answer the end its wrote for

Sir I am yr [your?] Obt
[Obedient?] Humble Servt

Samuel Forman