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Title: William Forrest, Philadelphia to David McClorg, Templemoyle
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileForrest, William & Ann/3
SenderForrest, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationTemplemoyle, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientMcClorg, David
Recipient Gendermale
RelationshipWilliam writes to his in-laws
SourceT 1227/22: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mr A MacLurg. #TYPE EMG William Forrest, Philadelphia to David McClorg, Templemoyle, Co Londonderry, 17 Sept 1831.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N.Ireland
Doc. No.8905211
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log28:06:1989 LT created 07:11:1990 CD input 07:11:19
Word Count546
Mr David mcLorg
Tempelmoyle [Templemoyle?] parrish [parish?] of
Bovave County of Londonderry
Neare [near?] Newtownlimavady
Ierland [Ireland?]
Phileadelphia [Philadelphia?] september
the 17th 1831
Deare [Dear?] Father and Mother brothers and sisters
I embrase [embrace?] this firest [first?] opurtunity [opportunity?] of
writin [writing?] the[se?] few lines to let you kow [know?] that we are all
seaf [safe?] arived [arrived?] in Phileadelphia [Philadelphia?] after a
pasage [passage?] of 54 days we weare [were?] landed at Wilmontown much
to oure [our?] lose [loss?] and a geanst [against?] oure [our?] will owing
to a coarnteen [quarantine?] Law that wase [was?] past [passed?] in
Philadelphia the 20th of June Last on a count [account?] of sickness that
was sead [said?] to prevele [prevail?] in the city whih [which?] wase [was?]
a falce [false?] and much to oure [our?] Lose [loss?] on a count [account?]
of expences [expenses?]
that we weare [were?] at by coming up frome [from?] that to Phileadelphia
[Philadelphia?] but still we have great reason to be thankful
to the Most High for his protating [protecting?] care of us
boath [both?] by sea and Land allso [also?] at the preasant [present?]
time that all of us Engoy [enjoy?] Good health hoping
that your health Each and Everey [every?] one of you
that are oure [our?] friends and Reletshions [relations?] in oure [our?]
Native Cuntery [country?] as to our health at sea it wase [was?]
very good ann only was two days sick as towards
my own health it wase [was?] good all the way
as for pegey [Peggy?] Ann keen she had very good health only
two or three days we have had the pleasure of
seeing Broather [brother?] Robert McLorg in this City
he has been sick but he is geting [getting?] better Ann
has had the pleasure of seeing Mrs Jane Ross
she is well and it wase [was?] a pleasant [pleasant?]
meeting to them William Ross wase [was?] so kind
as to come to see us he is well and his wife
allso [also?] the [they?] are doing well this is a pleace [place?]
at preacent [precent?] that boath [both?] men and wemen [women?]
can find plenty Employment with regrd [regard?] to
the markets the [they?] are high at pre[sen?]t beef at preast [present?]
is 5 dollars per hundred floure [flour?] is six dollars per
Barrel butter is 14 pence per pound potates [potatoes?] is
two shillings per bushel as yet we hav [have?] not
heared [heard?] any acount [account?] frome [from?] William or John
my own famely [family?] are all well and wer [were?] all
glade [glad?] to see us the [they?] gave Ann a very kind welcome
she is much pleased with them and Expects
to live hapy [happy?] her Drawrs [drawers?] come seaf [safe?] and all things
that we had with us I have not much time
as yet to write any my time is short the vesile [vessel?]
seals [sails?] to-morrow at six o Clock morning Excuse my short
Letter my bad spelling as I wrote with
Candel [candle?] Light I do no more at preasent [present?]
but still remeans [remains?] youre [your?] affectnat [affectionate?] son
I forgot to let you know William Forrest
that Joseph Ross dead [died?]
3 weeks before we Landed
N B Whe [when?] you write direct to the post
for William Forrest Phileadelphia [Philadelphia?]
We send our Love to all enquiring friends
Brothers and sisters oncels [uncles?] and Aunts &c