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Title: Will. & Ann Forrest, Philadelphia to David McClorg, Templemoyle
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileForrest, William & Ann/16
SenderForrest, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationTemplemoyle, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientMcClorg, David
Recipient Gendermale
RelationshipWilliam and Ann write to her family
SourceT 1227/26: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mr A MacLurg. #TYPE EMG William & Ann Forrest, Philadelphia, to David McClorg, Templemoyle, Co Londonderry, 16 November 1832.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8905207
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count611
TranscriptTo Mr David McLorg
Tempolmoyl [Templemoyle?]
Philadelphia November 16 1832
Dear Father and Mother I take this favourable
opertunity [opportunity?] of writting [writing?] those lines with the bearer
John d[?] hopping [hoping?] to find you in good health as it leaves
us at preasent [present?] thanks be to God for his mercies Ann
had a verry [very severe torn [turn?] of sickness for better than fore [four
weeks but she is in way of recovering at preasent [present?] thanks
be to God for it My Dear friends this this has been a verry [very?]
sevare [severe?] sumer [summer?] of sickness in this plase [place?] but it
is mostly all seased [ceased?] at preasent [present?] Mr au[?] Mest
McClinighan saw my brother John in new yourk [york?] and spent one night
with him and he was well Dear Father we were intend to go
to see him but the sun[?] being so sickley [sickly?] we could not
go we have not seen Robert for some time past he is
gone a way from the [Be?]thy Mrs Hamilton son of Leak come
to philadelphia last spring and come to see me he was
well at that time and asked about his father and mother
and his brother ea[l?]ing he told me where my Brother
William was I sent a letter with him to wilh[aw?]
he told me he was well at that time and thought it
strange that I was in this country you my [may?] let Mr
David Forrest now [know?] that his Daughter Mrs Mc[Lenighan?]
desired me to mention [her?] to [her?] father the [they?] are gone
Back to oxford, that is a bout [about?] 50 miles from this
Citty [city?] and I did not hear from them since my cusion [cousin?]
Mrs Ross is well she is any person that I make any
coraspondance [correspondence?] with in [within?] the citty [city?] we spent
some evnings [evenings?] talking about mother and aunt Ann and all our
friends in Ireland hur [her?] son william ross is well mr adams and
family is well likwise [likewise?] Mr thompson and famely [family?] is well
Mr Dun and Family is well margret Ann care is well and
is Living with us But John Dunlop is [ealing?] but I hope
he will sone [soon?] Get better Dear father and mother I am quite
well pleased to hear you have got my tow [two?] Brothers
married respect as understand by John Dis[an?] you will
please Gave my Love to my new sisters tho [though?] to me not
knowen [known?] Dear mother I send this small preasent [present?]
as a token of frinedship I woud [would?] make it Larger but
any more at preasent [present?] I send my father this reasor [razor?]
to my father as a token of friendship gave my [Love?]
to cusson [cousin?] Thomas wishey
Let him know if he comes out agane [again?] the spring
a Great many Groats with him for the [they?] are a great
Deal of Demand for them hear [here?] and likewise to
Bring me a Chiese [cheese?] with him from some of my
old friends from templemoyle and I will pay
him what ever I[t?] costs Mathew and james is well
the [they?] send there [their?] Love to you all samuel anderson
and famiely [family?] is well Robert poke Joseph and
David and there famiely [family?] is well Remember to
aunt ann and to sister mary and all enquiring
Friends I say no more but remains you loving
son and Daughter to death
William and Ann Forrest
you will please write as son [soon?] as this goes to
hand and let me know how you are getting on
and how mother and sister and aunt is there [their?]