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Title: John Baird, [Canada?] to Samuel Baird, Co. Armagh.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBaird, John/30
SenderBaird, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBrockville, Upper Canada (Ontario, Canada)
DestinationCo. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientBaird, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Mr Stephen Smith, 1 Belair Park, Newtownards, BT23 4UX.
ArchiveThe Ulster-American Folk Park.
Doc. No.9403058
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptLetter sent by John Baird, Brockville, Upper Canada, (Now Ontario)

James & Isiah [Isaiah?] [Robb?] are well Martha Gray is well
But John McCracken
is [dead?] he died of A dropsy in the Month of April and left A wife and four
Children one of which was onnly [only?] A few weeks old at his death. she and
they are well William [Tuchan?] is living near me and requests you to let his
father-in-law Mr McClure know that he and his family are well. he has got no
letter this spring he wishes to hear from him and to know if he has heard from
his son who was in the States as he has got no account this long time. His
eldest daughter Mary Ann is maried [married?] to J[torn] McCrum son to Widow
McCrum from Drumhillary [Drumhillery?] and his third [Daughter?] Nancy to A
respectable young man from Loughgall called William Craig. Boyd Hall brought
Mr [Hirkers?] family out of Brockville in his Waggon [Wagon?] and they wish you
to let Mrs Wilson know that they have got A house and are in good health and
spirits. Betty Pool and her husband are well they have A farm near to Robert
Gray. Jane Pool is well She got married to A wealthy Widdower [Widower?] named
Gainley. Widow Gordon is married to A man named John Campbell he was maried
[married?] before and his wife lived but one year She was sick since marriage
but is got well he has no Children. She has hers with her He is a decent man
and has 200 Acres of land and Stock plenty on it. James Dalzell is married [I?]
[?] son to Thomas Dalzell. Andrew Mitcheal [Mitchell?] is married Mary Mitchel
is married. Married on the 21st of Last Month Sally McCrum to Thomas [Hillis?]
likewise Nany [Nancy?] [Robb?] on the 28th of said Month to Joseph [Hillis?]
both brothers from beside uncle Epriam [Ephraim?] Robbs near Ballyboy. This are
but A few of the Marriages which have taken place around me this last year and
there are many more fast Approaching for Decent young women not fortune is the
question in Canada. We have Presbyterian Meeting houses in the Towns and
Churches and Chaphels [Chapels?] but we have few of either in the Country yet
there is A Church near [B--s?] where I go often. I have an opportunity of
hearing Methodists preachers every sunday I wish some of whome [whom?] are
good to preach. Give my love to old Grandmother if living to Aunt Margaret To
Rev Joseph [Genkins?] and family and to my friend John Stevenson and family
and in short give my love to all my uncles and aunts cousins old friends and
acquaintances and Just tell them that I like America well and that
I Could wish many of them here. And I will say to any whom
venture to come stop in Brockville untill [until?] you visit the following
Townships around it as there are many Conveniences in them and
good land Elizabethtown [Huntley Burgess Bastard Younge & Crosby?]
these are places I recommend to my friends who may come & be free

[?] is Cheap [and?] Crops look well this year There [is?]
the warmest weather at present ever I saw But thanks [torn]
to god there is no sickness in this Country at present and I
do think this is A very healthy Country. Mary Evart wished
to know where Joseph is. Excuse the handwriting
as it was done [in?] [?] to save 20 miles riding

I have said but little of the Country as I expect you to see Mr McClure [torn]
fall and any thing [anything?] you or any of my friends wishes to know for the
future Just mentioned it when you write give my love to my Brothers
and sister I add no more at present but remains your loving son
till [until?] Death Joseph Baird

14 [1834?]

To the Care of the Postmaster
[o S-ady?]
For Mr Samual Baird
Cargalissgarren [Cargalisgorran?]
County Armagh Ireland