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Title: Letter from Moses Gallaher to his Brother in Maryland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGallagher, Moses/147
SenderGallagher, Moses
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginTully, Co. Galway, Ireland
DestinationMaryland, USA
RecipientGallagher, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Muriel J Sherlock, "Cherith", 120 Moss Rd., Lambeg, Lisburn BT27 4LF, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh
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TranscriptTully, April 3rd 1827
My dear Brother: I can't now sit down to write without some
degree of anxiety as it is now 6 years since I had the
consolation of your letter. I wonder much that you did not
write during that time therefore I say I am without any
intelligence either from you or my Brother John. Thanks to
the protecting hand of providence, we are here in good
health, both me and my partner and your sister Jane, and her
large family. Robert Stevenson still remains in Scotland and
and were well when I heard from them last. Your sister Matty
also is well. You may let brother John know that the old
couple in the Hightown are still living and in health, and
their sons and their families are well. My uncle Tom in Lury
is living and all but Wm. Rowland of Rocby [---- ---- ----,
and let you know also that young Nat was over here
last Summer together with his sister Peggy Buchanan.

Very little change in affairs has occurred since I wrote you
last in this neighbourhood, only some deaths viz. Sam Mc
Dowd, Joseph Davis & P. Ainsly (in Scotland).

Your old friend and well wisher, Wm Mc Grady, has school now
in Cornavillagh in a new school house lately erected there by
Sir S. Hayes, and it is a parish school for the New Parish of
Convoy, as Raphoe is divided. There were many applications
for it but Mc Grady succeeded so he came down from the County
Armagh where he had school for two years, but his family is
not removed to Cornavillagh yet, but live in his old house in
the Mollyfine until the New house to be fixed for them. He
has 4 or 5 children, and notwithstanding his [?] state and
increased worldly care, he wishes much to be remembered to
you and hopes very much that you will send him a letter the
first opportunity, and he sends his kind respects to your
Mrs. and yourself, to John Matty and their family.

I have little to inform you of that would be any way
interesting to you Americans, although our newspapers are
full of such matter and ready for all who pay for them. Of
late the contents were the argument and opinions of the
Catholic emancipation Bill which was lost by a majority of 4.
Indeed the country, especially the clergy, have taken a very
active part against it and nothing occurred for some time
back, but the clergy & others soliciting signatures to
petitions opposing the Catholics so that the country this
whole winter was greatly agitated, and many people signed
that neither knew beginning nor ending, root or branch of the
matter, more than they knew of the neighbourhood you have in
the Cherokees. But I believe this country is doomed to
endless agitation. The party preaching sermons still
continue, The Church of England opposed to the Church of Rome,
and the Church of Rome retaliating on them in bitter terms so
that in most of the towns, especially in Derry, their sermons
are all partly colored, so that one would think the [torn?]
had this Island for one of the [torn?] of her Dominion as
each affirm [torn?] to be that Identical scarlet whore
[torn?] conclusion have [torn?] of controversy arrived, these
wild enthusiasts that seem guided only by the throung, whose
delight is only in popular commotion seem to consider
themselves in the same light of the chosen [?] whose duty
was to preach peace and good will towards men, but they must
not be understood to be in earnest for what communication has
light with darkness or harmony to discord or brotherly love
to malice. [--- --- ---- --- -----?] as perhaps you may never
get it as I am not sure of the precise place to write to, it
being so long since I got your last, but that need not deter
you from sending as formerly.

I send this with James Watson, John Watson's little son, who
sets out for York next week.

Write when you receive this and direct to the care of Robert
Johnson, Raphoe, so Dear Brother Betty joins me in or best
respects to you and your family, so I conclude,

Your affectionate and loving Brother
Moses Gallaher
For Robert Gallaher
care of W. Gallaher near
Elkton, Cecil County
and state of Maryland