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Title: Thomas Gallagher, Ireland, to Hannah Gallagher, Ohio.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGallagher, Thomas/65
SenderGallagher, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationOhio, USA
RecipientGallagher, Hannah
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceDonated by J. Patrick Gallagher, 6248 31st Ave S.E., Salem,Oregon 97301, U.S.A.
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park.
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Transcript[Addressed to : For Miss Hannah Gallaugher [Gallagher?]
Corner of fourth and McAllislester [McAllister?] No. 88
Cincinnata [Cincinnatti?] America?]

September 6th Lettershanbo [postmarked 1854?]

Dear Sister Hannah Gallaugher [Gallagher?]
I take this opportunity to send you these few
lines to let you know we are all well and in good Health
at present thanks be to God for it. Hoping to find you and
all friends in the same as this leaves me at the present.
Dear sister Hannah your brother Patrick is got married on
Mary Ann Toorish of Meenbane about 4 weeks ago and sister
Mary got a note for 30 pounds and shes [she is?] to stay
here as long as her father lives and then she may go where
she pleases or stay where she is if she chooses if they
agree themselves.

Dear sister Hannah you talk of your sisters having all
(in way of but you ?) If you come home I will give you as
good a home as either of them as long as you take care of
it. You talked of been [being?] disappointed in coming in
regards of Brother Manis haveing [having?] your mony
[money?] you ought to go see him about it. But I think
you may let that be no stop to you for I think I can get
it to you if you were here as well as there. Brother
Manis sent a letter in May. He said he had 100 dollars
of your mony [money?] He said he intended to go to
Sinsanata [Cincinnatti?] in June to give it you but I
did not hear since whether or not. Dear Sister I sent
you a letter before the same as now. You
did not answer it. I hope you will answer this one and
take it to your choise [choice?] either come or stay.
For I think you would live as content her [here?] as
there. For my own part I can live as content here as
ever I done the best day I was in America so I need
say no more to you about it. Do as you think fit.

Dear Hannah, your sisters Mary, Margy, and Elenor
[Eleanor?] are gone to the salt water to pleasant
themselves. All friends is well in this country.
Your father is well and is able to work on the loom
yet. John McCanna [McKenna?] is married on Merreys
Sally of Meenbane.

When you write direct to Cloughin [Cloughan?] Post
Office care of the postmaster for Thomas Gallagher of
Lettershanbo. No more but remains your Brother Thomas

Notes: Thomas Gallagher, born 1805, died 1 Aug 1878,
came to America in 1846 with his sister Catherine,
living first in Cincinnatti, Ohio, then in Davies
County, Indiana. He returned to Ireland in 1851.
His wife's name is unknown, but his daughters were :
Catherine (married Thomas Dougherty [Dogherty?] of
Mourneweather about 1873).
Mary (married Michael Huston [Houston?] of Meenbane on
11 November 1875). Nancy.

Patrick Gallagher, born 1816, died 3 Dec 1882, married
Mary Ann Toorish of Meenbane in about August, 1854.l
They had 8 children :
Peter ( 5 children : Sarah ()'Brien), Bridget, John,
Elizabeth (married Kerrigan, 5 children : Mary Ann (married
McCool), Thomas, Manus, Elizabeth, Cassie.)
This letter copied from the original by:
J. Patrick Gallagher
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