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Title: [?] Gamble, to "Dear brother and sister."
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGamble, James/7
SenderGamble, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceD/3305/1/11: Deposited by Dr. K. A. Miller.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9806328
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count474
TranscriptMay the 30 1869

dear brother and sister i now answer your letter which
i Got and was Glad to hear from you All we are all at
present Mary jaine [Jane?] has been very porely [poorly?]
in health this last six months as she was confined and
the the [sic] baby is three months old now and it and all
the rest of the family is well and we call the baby
hendery [henry?] we got it babtised [baptised ?] last
Sunday and it is a ahard [a hard?] task here as there
is onlly [only?] one Meeting Minister in this place
and he only came once a fortnight iwas [I was?] away
all winter in the woods about 50 Miles from home working
for the Master that i worked for last sumer [summer?]
and iam [I am?] hired with him a gain [again?] i have
not planted any potatoes yet but i will in a day or so
i am sorry to hear by your letter of Mother being
so poorly in health and in her sight and i am sorry
that i am not able to send her any astance
[assistance?] nor nether [neither?] is william for
Money is very scarce here as the Masters pays
all in trade here for your work i am sorry to hear
of Abel and his wife living apart and i want you
to let me know if he has to pay for her board you can
write to Mother and let her know how we are all
coming on as i do not know abels adress [address?]
or i woul [would?] write to her My self and if
you send his adress [address?] in your next and iwill
[I will?] write to her i see that william Gamble is
gone back to england again i hehart [heard ?] that
he would not go again as he was there before and did
not like it william and family is well and he has done
bury lime as the Master has partly give it up but william
has taken the Masters farm on the shares that is the half
of what he can raise on it and the Master gives the
seed the first year and after that each one gives
their own shiling [shilling ?]
we have not heard of james yet i got two papers
with the letter and i dont know whether you sent
them or not bu [but?] we were very glad to receive
them i am glad to hear of williams wife and family
and you all living together as you are Much better we
must bid you good by [goodbye?] for awhile
[a while?] and the chil [children?] join in sending
their love to their [----?] to the [their ?]
cousins and uncle and aunt
you can write [---?] before for me