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Title: Thomas Gardner, Co. Antrim to R. McKinstry, U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGardner, Thomas/28
SenderGardner, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationVan Buren, Arkansas, USA
RecipientMcKinstry, R.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3768/2/1: Deposited by the Ulster Historical Foundation, 12 College Sq. East, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9801335
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Doc. TypeLET
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JA 25
1845 [Belfast transit postmark 25 Jan 1845?]

Mr Robert McKinstry
South Plymouth Post Office
Van Buren
Mayne County
per Steam Ship

BALLYCLARE [despatch postmark undated?]
P.PAID 1/- [postage paid at Ballyclare one shilling?]

17 January 1845
Dear Sir
I received your very kind
letter of the 10th Oct last and was
happy beyond expression to hear that
you had landed with your Brothers and
was glad to hear that you enjoyed
a state of good health The only pretext
I can make at my delay of writing is
that [Mr?] M'Neilly lay 7 weeks in Carrickfergus
[----ring?] Legacy Duties and I thought me
this time I would have been in a like case
and have [----?] come to any conclusion
John continues still with [Mec-am?] [M Call-gh?]
& Robert is with your sister Mary
& your neighbours are all in good
health it will not surprise you to hear
that our neighbour John Taggart is
no more & John McCance's youngest
child with the exception of one which
was Born the day previous to the
other death you may let Mrs Hugh
McKinstry know that her father is
not expected to survive long & all her
Brothers and sisters are well -
& Dear Sir I am thinking long
to see you once more I hope you will
avail your self the opportunity of coming
This insuing [ensuing?] Spring as I think you
might do well enough here among
your old neighbours I give you this
advice as a friend as I do not hear any
encouragement coming from America
for they are landing in Ireland every day
people that left home as late as you
I got a letter from Wm McConnell stating
that he had paid Andrew Smith [-2?] of sum
with Interest up to the date which I was
security for and I have lefed [left?] In note
I called on Thomas Todd for the sum
due you but I never received any. I
neglected mentioning your sister -
Anne I think it will not be long
until she changes her situation in
life she is always in James Armstrongs
and they are in good health
Your cousin Hugh is still with Mr
Mahood and enjoying good health
and also his two sisters James Adam
his wife and family are in good health
William McCance is living in a place
[Cheyenne?] [Laurensburgh?] with some
gentleman but he does not mention
what he is doing it was in a letter of
James Errskins that I got this Information
he gives very bad accounts of America
John McClelland is home and James Erskin
says that he was the wisest of the whole
party for coming for he is obliged to stay
where he is during winter and does not earn
one single cent and he also states
that Andrew Smith William McCance
Hugh Craig William [Witherhed?] are all
coming home They think they have seen enough
of America I think they will be here in
Spring, Nancy wishes you to come
[stain] as she would be desirous to see
you she tells me to say that Miss
Beggs is single yet she doubts you
have left some Injunction with her to remain
single as you return as I have no
doubt but you will be here to pass
your Halloweve in this year -

I have no more at present
But I remain your
Friend and well wisher

Thomas Gardner

state in your
next letter if ever
you heard any
word of [I?] Gardner

My Dear Sir
It gives me great pleasure
to Hear from you and to know that you are
enjoying good Health and in [stain] joining
in reply to your last as W Gardner Has
given you all the news of the country it
leaves me only to say that we would be glad
to see you here. My Dear Robt [Robert?] there is
one thing above all others what I fondly Hope
you will not neglect your duty to God - this
will make you Happy in time and Happy in that
what is to come - farewell & I am yours
John Montgomery