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Title: John Gass, Attica, Indiana to William Gass, Markethill, Armagh
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGass, John/4
SenderGass, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpolitician
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAttica, Indiana, USA
DestinationCo. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientGass, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1396/23: Copied by Permission of S.Gass Esq., 26 Howard St., Belfast #TYPEEMG John Gass, Attica, Indiana, U.S.A. to William Gass, Markethill, Co Armagh, Ireland, 1 March 1868.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8905237
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count691
City of Attica, Ind [Indiana?] March 1st 1868

William Gass
Markethill Ireland,

Dear Brother
About twelve
months since I received a letter from you
I neglected answering sooner. I have
considerable buisiness [business?] to attend to in my
Office which causes me to neglect writing
to my friends. Enclosed you will a likeness
A present to one of your girls. The one that
sent the wreath. It is presented by her
Aunt Rachel. We had it taken a few days
since. I was Elected Mayor of this City
last May, this is the second term I am
serving sometimes buisness [business?] is brisk
last evening the Marchal [Marshall?] arrested two
men that were fighting, both pleaded guilty
I made their fine light six Dollars each
including costs. I have power to fine as
high as 50$ and imprison 30 days -
one week since Rachel & I visited
Sarah Smith & her husband, they were glad
to see us; Sarah got up a first rate dinner
her husband is worth twenty thousand Dollars
and a good liberal kind of man, Sarah was
lucky in finding a good husband.
I have not heard from Margaret for some time
Alonzo Brady our grand son lives with us
is past eight year old, goes to day school
and sabbath school, thinks he will send his
likeness next summer, his mother is not
married the second time lives with us.
I folded up a newspaper with a sale bill in
and mailed to day directed to you
we have had a beautiful winter ten degrees
below zero coldest, produce of every kind
sell high, our crops has been allmost [almost?] a failure in
some of the states, I see by the papers there is
considerable distress in large Cities
It is forty year next Christmas since I left
Milltown, I suppose I would scarcely know
the place I suppose but few of my old acquaintances
living. I reckon the old corner Mill still stands
in the same place with its thatched roof. If
old Roger McQuaise is not on hands to thatch
it. Roger done the thatching I was his waiter
he would tell me stories at night, several of
them I still remember. I have seen considerable
hard times since my arrival in the states
and I guess I have had my share of p[leasure?]
I am now filling the highest Office in the
City. We had a warm Election last May. I
was Elected by sixty four majority & 45 the first
time. Our City contains one Presbyterian church
one Methodist, one Episcopalian (or church
of England) one Su[?]e, one Jew, one
dutch) one Baptist, one Christian, on[e?]
Camelite [Carmelite?] & one Catholic.
Not much said about Fenianism in this
place, as but few Irish live here, in the
large Cities they still keep it up.
I believe I have wrote all I can think
of that would interest you, give our respects
to your wife, and all your children, boys
and girls, then you can remember me to
any and all of my old acquaintances
I suppose Jane Gass recollects me, and
I have no doubt Dan Hughes & perhaps
others I have forgotten. What become of
John Seeman & family did they go to
Austrailia [Australia?] are any of Uncle William
[?] family living has Markethill
improved much also, Newry & armagh
is Bo[b?] Gass' old well still in existence
is the water still carried through that
deep cut [?] uncle Ben's house to
the corn mill do you still thatch
your houses with straw, and have
you [Dung?] hills in your yard with
you stable & Brier joining your dwelling
is many of your floors still made of
earth, do you use oat meal bread
like you formerly done. I used to think
it was so good, I wish I had a mess - none
manufactured here, our oats are small grains
cant I ask questions, I mean nothing
disrespectful all the above was the custom
when I was a boy. Respectfully your Brother
John Gass
Lizzie or Eliza Shaw, now Lizzie Hixon is well
lives 18 mile from here married a farmer, she
has a child 18 months old - all well -