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Title: Dorothy Gawley, Marmora, to William [Keys?], Co. Fermanagh
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGawley, Dorothy/2
SenderGawley, Dorothy
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMarmora, Ontario, Canada?
DestinationCo. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
RecipientKeys, William
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipniece-uncle and aunt
SourceDonated by Mr Henry Keys, Principal of Model Primary School, Enniskillen
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9804838
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count645
TranscriptMr. William Keys
Cool[?] Lowherstown [Lowtherstown?]
County Fermanagh

Marmora 19th January 1851

Dear Uncle and Aunt I take this favourable Opertunity
[opportunity?] of Writing these lines to you to let you know
that me and my Husband and family are all well at present
thanks be to God for all his mercies to us unworthy sinners
hoping this [?] will find you all in the same state as this
leaves us at present. Dear Uncle my Dear Mother died on the
12th of October last after along [a long?] illness and along
[a long?] time her and father together 52 years nine months
and [Nineteen?] days and Father is still alive but in bad
Health at present and [are?] Lonely at present Mary lives with
him and that is all the family he have he had [Bells?] Oldest
Daughter since she was six months old and She took her away
from him when Mother [?] but my Oldest son [are?] there at
School and is there now. Dear Uncle this is a good Country
for a young Man or young Woman that are industrious there are
good Wages aman [a man?] that will go to authority Will get
from ten to fourteen Dolares [Dollars?] amonth [a month?]
and [?] from three to four Dollars amonth [a month?] and good
Boarding. But we have acheap [a cheap?] market of wheat it
is only three shillings and six pence per Bushel here [?] and
all other markets Equal to that Cheap Butter only six pence
[four?] [?] Dear Uncle We have no Market to sell stock here
only Beef Cattle My father sold two yoke of [steers?] for
Beef at twenty seven pounds ten shilling which [weighed?]
thirty seven hundred weight but any other stock only beef are
Cheap Pork [selled?] at from Eight to ten Dollars per Barrel
two hundred weight oats fifteen pence per Bushel thirty four
[?] potatoes [15?] pence per Bushel.
Dear Uncle I thank God that the Lord alowed [allowed?] me to
[get?] to America my husband have one Hundred acres of land
and is about geting [getting?] another hundred acres at
present [?] [forty?] pounds by paying that Down to the
government Dear Uncle you will be so good as to Let Uncle
Hugh Keys of Drum[?] know that we are all well only Mother
that [are?] dead since the 12th of October last and let him
and Aunt Bell know that we send our love to them in the
kindest manner and Wishes [the?] Some of their Children to
come to America [for I think?] the [they?] would do well
here if the [they?] would get good health [?] the hear what
Country we have here The [they?] can Judge for them selves
[themselves?] Dear Uncle you mentioned William Armstrong
was dead and you will please let me know whither [whether?]
[?] Keys and Dorothy are living or not and you will mention
if you had any account from Christopher or not And let me
hear is Uncle John living or ded [dead?] and you will be
pleased to send the particulars of the Country in your
next Letter and the acount [account?] how you and Uncle
and Aunt and Children is Dear Uncle Thomas is [?] and
[living?] [with?] Brother John this year he had Bad
luck When he lived in the States he was Cheated of Eight
months Wages there before he Came to Father he Sends his
love to you and Mother and Children all and all Enquiring
friends in and let me hear are there any more of your
Children Maried [Married?] Since your last letter. Dear
Uncle My Father sends his love to you and Aunt Mary and
Children and to Hugh Keys and [Bell?] and Children in the
most afectionate [affectionate?] Manner to you all and to
all Enquiring friends and neighbors So concludes with my
love and Blessing with my Husband Joining me Andrew and
Dorothy Gawley