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Title: [George?], 10 Pembleton Square, Boston, to "Dear Sam" [?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBoston, Mass., USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Christopher & Geraldine McLaughlin, Rose Cottage, Articlave.
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9509116
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count585
Boston September the 14 1872

Dear Sam I must take up my pen to answer your very
welcome note by which I was glad to see that you were all
well I have the reason to be thankful too as [I also?] enjoy
the same great blessing [?] well in the first place I was
beginning to think that you had forgot me altogether but I
see that your memory has not played truant yet well I see
by your letter that you are having pretty good times of it
the girls still continue I suppose to be plenty enough you
might try and pick up one for me and keep her for me tl
[till?] I go home I wonder little
[Katty?] or Bella Ross or some of these nice virgins would
[torn page][ me?] Pray tell me what Gussy [Augustus?] Smith
has got to say about me I want to
have no more to say to the Derry girls nor yet th[?] [torn]
[---- une?] ones there is plenty of nice girls here in this
county [---?] come home to I would get you a very nice darky
for [----?] like the one that I have got myself I have one
[---?] [--gie?] a very nice little darkey I wish she saw him
[---i] girl of mine in the dioceses yet watch and keep her
[for me?] I am afraid you will take her for yourself the girls
are very deceitful it is generally out of sight out of mind
with them and I will always get as much of them as will
do me Dear Sam I am very glad to hear
you say that you do not drink as
the drunkard has a very bad promise A man that drinks to an
extent will never be any thing worth I am stopping with
Cocheran [Cochrane?] I wish you saw the building that he and me takes
care of we will have more to do when fires begin if you were
here you would be surprised to see the way the folks get along
here Oh I wish you were there to I would show you some things
So I would take you up to the top of our house and let you get a
[view?] of the city you can take up a chair and sit down
and you will see the vessels coming in and going out of the
harbour going to and coming from all parts of the world the
[torn] have a splendid view of the city if you only saw
[one?] of the building thats in this city there is one [great?]
building all the outside work is of marble but I can not
describe the things that I see if I were along with you
about a day I might tell you some things but you can say nothing
in a letter tell me how your other sisters is getting along
give my love to them all Though I never rued
coming here I will soon be here [?] months it will soon wear
up to a year you might send me [---?] or a belfast [Belfast?]
weekly [Weekly?] news [News?] and I will send you one in return
But I must come to a close as I must go to my work and
it is getting late love to all my old sweethearts and to all
enquiring friends and expect an old [ Going?] love to yourself
write often and soon from George Goodbye