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Title: John Getty, Co. Antrim to James [Getty?], Australia.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGetty, John/4
SenderGetty, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallymoney, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientGetty, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT2052/2: Richard Smyth Esq., Westbridge House, Ann Street, Enniskillen
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9804832
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TranscriptTo: James [Getty, Melbourne, Australia?]

From: John Getty, Taughy, [Ballymoney?], [County Antrim?]

Taughey February the 17th 1854

Dear James I now Sit Down to write a few lines - to let you
know that we are all in mutch [much?] the Same Health as when
you left us and as you wish to know all particulars I will do
my Best to let you know you Say that you have rec[eive?]d no
Letter from me yet I have Sent you one and as Soon as I knew
where to write to and leist [lest?] you don't get it I will
write all particulars Since you left us we have rec
[received?] three Lettars [Letters?] and 2 News Letters from
you our flax Last year Did verry [very?] well we had 8
œ S D
of the 16 picks which Drew us 30.10..0 and this year we had
28 picks and of that we have 12 Hundred which i [I?] Expect
œ50 for But by Sowing So mutch [much?] flax we have too
Little Fodder and Straw and hay is verry [very?] deer [dear?]
I paid last year one Shiling [shiling?] per hundred for Straw
and this year I paid 2 S [shillings?] and there are Some the
length of 2..6 per hundred
upland hay is 4..6 per hundred I have bought one pike
of upland hay from Alexander Boyd. 7 fathams [fathoms?] at
œ S D
6..0..0 Corn is verry [very?] Deer [Dear?] this year I have
Sold the corn of Stack and it Brought me 8 pound 10 Shilling
and no pense [pence?] and I Expect I will Sell a Nother
[another?] at the Same Buttar [Butter?] is 10 pence per pound
œ S D
we Sold 6 Casks at 18..0..0 for by [apart from?] some lumps
Beef is from 3.. to 6 per pound pork is a good price 7 per
œ S D
pound Salted and 2..10..0 green by the hundred We have 5 pigs
which i [I?] think is neer [near?] 2 hundred Cash for by
[apart from?] a Sow and 8 young ones the gray fillie [filly?]
I Sold to Samuel Lamond Shortly after you left us at 13 pounds
the Colt is Big and Strong and plows well I Expect you will
get the first Lettar [Letter?] yet and in it you will get all
particulars at that time I will write the particulars of those
times they are a railway a meaking [making?] from Bally Menah
[Ballymena?] to portrush [Portrush?] which passes through the
gateend [gate end?] houses and past the foot planting and Cros
[Across?] Samuel pinkartons [Pinkerton's?] fields and William
wilsons [Wilson's?] and William Whites and James McAfees and
Robt [Robert?] Knoxes and Thomas McAffees Breas [Braes?] and
Crosis [Crosses?] Artigorran Lain [Lane?] first on the fase
[face?] of the Brea [Brae?] and runs through Hughey Begharts
Barn and on past the McFinn planting and past the Damhead and
so on to portrush [Portrush?] and they are [there is?] a Steem
[Steam?] Coach running now from Cole Rain [Coleraine?] to
Newtown and Darry [Derry?] and Strawban [Strabane?] and Mr
Moor Has turned the Matt hous [house?] laft [loft?] into a
Meeting House Where the Gosple [Gospel?] is preached with
out price and I have been there and herd [heard?] him and
think as all that here [hear?] him that there are [is?] no
Sutch [such?] a man to Be found and my Mothar [Mother?]
Croaks Day and Night for me to write for you to Come home
to She Sees you Before that She dies and Artigorran people
is all well and I was puting [putting?] a little money into
the Bank and I thought to lift the Interest of the little
my father had put in But I found I Could not without lettars
[letters?] of Administeration [Administration?] which will
cost me Betwixt [Between?] 8.. and 9 pounds and I was up on
the roof of the Barn one wet Day trying to Stop a drop [drip?]
and the ladder Slipt [slipped?] at the foot and I came Down
all at once upon the pavement to I thought my thigh Bone or
rither [rather?] my hip Joint was Broak [broken?] I was a
month that i [I?] Did little or nothing and it is Betwen
[Between?] 3 and 4 Months Since and it is not Just strong
yet but I think it will be strong Jane McCan [McCann?] and
her partner a man the name of thomson [Thomson?] is [have?]
Left America and gon [gone?] to Australia and Daniel Curry
is dead and Burried [Buried?] on the 10 of February this you
will get and mutch [much?] more in my first lettar [letter?]
if you Ever get it Mr Gage a man that Mr Crommie has Set
Colebreene farm an Andrew Lamond [Lamont?] farm Hugh
Nickls and Andrew Smals[Small?] farm to he is puting
[putting?] all Taghuey farm into tw [two?] fields. he is
puting [putting?] down the Lea in Ditchas [Ditches?] from the
mossie [mossy?] field Down and plowing up the road he has Cut
up the Hill Lean [Lane?] road with Drawing off his turnips
and Every thing that he requires the Scearcity [Scarcity?] of
Straw Caused me to let the Back Side of the Shop bee [is?]
verry [very?] ill of [off?] for thatch and I have no Inclination
for thatching it if you would either Come home and help me
to Slate it or advise me to go to Australia though we are
Making Some money where what is it in Comparieson
[Comparison?] to what i [I?] Could make where you are if i
[I?] was there and had my health you Say you dont [don't?]
regret your going what Can be your reason for wishing me to
Stop in Ireland Can you have a design to Share your hard
Erned [earned?] money with me if Such a thing Can be your
Notion do you think my Heart Could let me Except [Accept?]
of it I answer no I have health and Strength to Ern [earn?]
money Although I Cannot make 6 Shillings a week Clear
What is that to what you Can make you Can make as mutch
[much?] in one Month as I as in a year do you feer [fear?]
me putting the Land out of my hands you know I Could go
without doing that i [I?] Could leave it in grazing I know
my Mother would not be for it but Mary would not be against
it Nomore [No more?] at presant [present?] But remains
Trooly [Truly?] John Getty Taughey

if i [I?] was to get 3 or 4 webs woven and made into Shirts
what Do you think they would Sel[l?] for there let me know
you Say the Country is warm and I long to be there for I love
the heet [heat?] My mother wants you home to get your fill of
pretas [potatoes?] and Sturabout [Stirabout?] for She thinks
you ar [are?] Starved

Write write on and let us know how you ar [are?] getting on
And if you Dont get an answer it is not my fault