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Title: John Getty, [Ballymoney?] to James [Getty, Melbourne?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGetty, John/43
SenderGetty, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallymoney, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientGetty, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2052/1: Copied by Permission of Richard Smyth Esq., Westbridge House, Ann Street, Enniskillen.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9405280
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count669
Transcript July the 11th 1853

Dr [Dear?]
James in a lucky hour i hope i take up
the pen to let you know we are all well thank
god hoping these few lines will find you Enjoying
[the same?] Blessing your first Letter we did not get
your [?] we recd [received?] on the 4th of July which informs
us you are at hard work yet though the work Bee [Be?]
hard you have something for it think ye [you?] would i not make
as good a partner as any you have got yet if you
think so i will go for it is loossing [losing?] time stopping
in ireland for you can make more money in one
month than we can all make in one year i would not
sell the farm i would only set it untill [until?] i would
try Australia you wish to know how our flax
paid us it paid well we had Eight Hundred and
and some pounds which we recd [received?] £30 10s 0d for
also the Gray fillie [filly?] is sold to Wm [William?] John Lamond
at £13 0s 0d a few Days after you sailed John
Currie Staid [Stayed?] with us to may and now we have
a son of John Gettys of Ballymoney which
is about the sise [size?] of [mathews?] James our Crop
was all well saved we had Difrant [Different?] [-ands?]
at the sheering [shearing?] But it was all shorn By
the slook Sister Jane and partner is well also
the Children is well and Dooing [Doing?] well But
Ireland is no place to make money though times
times is verry [very?] good Buttar [Butter?] 9s the pound and
pork £2 10s By the Cwt [Hundredweight?] Beef from 3s to 7s the pound
Mutton mutch [much?] the same it is only loosing [losing?] ones
time stopping here after all. Mary and my
Mother would Bee [Be?] willing to let me go and it all
Depends on you as soon as you get those lines
let me know if you would advise me to go Mr Crommie
has set Colebreene farm Ballygan and [Taughey?]
farms to a man the name of Guage John McAffee
Johnie White and James Love is all gon [gone?] to America
McAffee has 30 pounds [found?] no account from
Johnie White what he has James Love has 30 pounds [found?]
old Ephream [Ephraim?] Love Died shortly after James went
away Dr [Dear?] James life is verry [very?] unsertain [uncertain?] you
remember William White and Robert Curry going to Scotland
Before you went away well they Boath [Both?] returned
again in September then william went on
the police to Dublin and lived there about
six months when he took unwell and Died
a penitent as it is reported Sarah McLelelan [McLellan?] has
had a sone [son?] and Margret McDonnald [McDonald?] has had
one which report says she left to shift for its self [itself?]
and i herd [heard?] she was in the [H--an?] Cry for murder
But i heer [hear?] she is now amongst the Conlies or
Connels. I Have [2-?] pecks [packs?] of flex [flax?] this year which
looks verry [very?] well and all the rest of the Crops look
pretty well we have five [slips?] of [pigs?] As good
if not bettar [better?] than any you Ever saw us have
the foal or Coalt [Colt?] is Big and strong But not [hand?]
and i Harrowd [Harrowed?] with him and folowed [followed?] a little and
made Drills and i have horsed his Mother
again as soon you receive this write and let me
or us know if posable [possibe?] what the town and Country
is like and let me know if you [sawed?] above
or below or if you Cannot find some [Ca--?]
Employment i would advise you not kill yourself
for Big weages [wages?] also let me know what
sort of goods to take with me when you advise
me to go whether Boots and shoes or neither
no more at presant [present?] But remains your
Broather [Brother?] truly John Getty [Taughey?]