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Title: John Getty, Taughey, Ballymoney, to James Getty, Australia.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGetty, John/51
SenderGetty, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallymoney, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientGetty, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2052/7: Copied by Permission of Richard Smyth Esq., Westbridge House, Ann Street, Enniskillen. #TYPE LET John Getty, Taughey, [Ballymoney?], [County Antrim?], [Ireland?], to His Brother James [Getty?], [Melbourne?], [Australia?], 22 February, 1857.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9006217
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Doc. TypeLET
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TranscriptTo: James Getty Melbourn[e?] [Australia?]
To the Care of Mrs Sa[ndyes?]
Australian felix Hotell [Hotel?]
Burk Street
Colony of Victoria Melbourn[e?]
Taughey February the 22nd 1857

Dear James we rec[eive?]d your Letter dated July the 28th 1856
Which informs us that James Love and you were at
the Digg[?] which has turned out unprofitable
which I suppose was the reason of your not writing
for Such a length of time you forget that you told
us how glad you were to get a letter from us we are
also as glad to get one from you you did not tell
us what loss you were at nor whither [whether?] you Sold your
House or not we are glad to here [hear?] of dooing [doing?] well also sorry
to here [hear?] of your loosing [losing?] I am sorry you cannot content
your self in one place for you remember the proverb
that a roaling [rolling?] stone gathers no mos[s?] if you would take
care and settle in one place for a while you might soon
have as mutch [much?] money as would do you while you
while you would live for the times is not so Bad with
you yet but you might make money and if you had
three or four hundred pounds and come home with
it to Ireland I think you might liv[?] [?]
moreso [more so?] than you Can do in Austra[lia?] [?] make
good your word or promice [promise?] you will c[?] home if you
remember 6 years is all the time you said you would
stop I need say nomore [no more?] we would be glad to see you
home again with money or wanting it the money
is no obstickle [obstacle?] we have more than when you went
a way [away?] which you shall be welcome to a share of
you know what we were before that you left us
we are still the same we would be glad to see you
left us but you say you are Coloni[zed?] and
say what you think which puts me to a Sta[?]
to know what you mean and for our old
Neighbours that went to america [America?] as far as I [?]
Mary turn[e?]d tail to them there and had it n[ot?]
ben [been?] for Willie Hannah they would ben [been?] in a
poor Condition I here [hear?] that Mary has gon[e?] to
Illanoise [Illinois?] and has got what she long[e?]d for she
is Married and has two Children they se[?]
for Davis Charlie and the old woman and wrote [?]
the Getty's to not let them want for money
and they would answer it which they hav[e?]
not done which has put a stop to aney [any?]
further account the old Woman died on
the pasige [passage?] Charlie Died when he was some day
Landed for William Rorieson he has four Children
and knows nothing about his Brothers we
our Selvs [ourselves?] are Like the american letters well and
Doing well and for Deaths or Mariges [Marriages?] I dont
trouble my head and it is of little signification
to you My Mother Cries Come home and Mary
Wishes you were home and I wish you were home
But all our wishes and and all her Crying Could
not keep you at home and now you are where
you are and if you are Contenter [more content?] where you
are nor [than?] what you would be at home stay where
you are if not Come home and try to make your
self Content at home you are welcomer [more welcome?] to Come
than to stay No more at presant [present?] But remains
your Brother to Death John Getty