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Title: Andrew Gibson, Co. Tyrone to Robert Love, U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGibson, Andrew/124
SenderGibson, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmentions paying heavy taxes for land
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationN. Carolina, USA
RecipientLove, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3610/2: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mr. John W. M. Love.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9802540
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Transcript[To : near Gastonia, North Carolina?]

Lisnagirr, Sept 22nd 1789

Loving Brother
I am still fond to embrace the
opportunity of Writing to you as it is all the way left
to Continue a Friendship. I am happy to inform
you that me my Wife and family is Well at present
Thanks be to God for his Mercies there is none of my
Children marked yet but Martha & John lives in Long
Island in a place called [long?] Flatbush Within five
miles of New York he is one of the teachers in an academy
for which he has [-?] 100 per year We wrote to him where
to Direct to you & when you write Direct to him at
Erasmus hall [--?] Care of Thomas Allen Bookseller
the Corner of Fly market Queens Street No 16 New York
I think you are Blesd [blessed?] Living in a land of liberty
and free from the great oppression of Landlords & every
one in authority Which indeed poor Ireland labours under
at this present & all Does not suffise [suffice?] to
keep us in our Duty for the more oppression is laid on
Wickedness of all kinds is making a great advance -
Concerning what you wrote me about I was most partly
Ignorant of it I have Informed my self since that
Brother Hugh had Cloth prepared to send til [to?] you
he recd [received?] Letters from Wm. [William?] to
pay Willm [William?] [Letch?] a certain sum and he
would count with you for it I heard at the time my
Mother Died she left five pounds to you
Uncle Young of [Darge?] is dead some time ago his
Childring [children?] are all unmarried yet one of
his sons is [bred?] to McCaw and another lives in Derry
I kneed [need?] not be Writing you concerning the Crew
people as Brother Hugh is sending Letters With Andw
[Andrew?] Love Brother Jas [James?] Patrick and family
is well he heas [has?] three Childring [children?]
What is [stain] [alittle?] Extraordinary is building a
Bridge over Derry lough this season they began and its
thought they will finish it in they next the Gentlemen
are Laying on so grate [great?] taxes on land [shoulders?]
that is hard to live here I pay upwards of œ1.10s shillings
per yeare [year?] and I have come to great Lapses these
[Bad?] seasons by overflowing of floods and some loss of
Cattle that is Descouraging [discouraging?] our young
foulk [folk?] would gladly go to america but I and the
wife are too olde [old?] to under take the Deanger
[danger?] If it were not on there [their?] account you
may let me know your opinion of it John had but a bad
opinion of america whil [while?] he lived Near new Castle
[Newcastle?] the first yeare [year?] [with?] Messrs
Burnside and Underwood that are Clarks [clerks?] to
the Congress called him to New York and yoused [used?]
all there [their?] Interest in his favour and he says
all he wants of hapyness [happiness?] is some of his
Irish friends and he writs [writes?] to his mother if
god give him life and health in a full years he come
over and make Propossles [Proposals?] to his and the
rest to go to that Contrey [country?] we as
all anxious to gaine [gain?] a warm [eton?] potion
[reception?] but too ofen [often?] nglick
[neglect?] the one thing made full
but I hope you will not follow that rule But seek first
the Kingdom of Heaven and the reigtness [rightness?]
thereof and all other things will be aded [added?] to
you acoding [according?] to the Apostle Derections
[Directions?] I shall Conclude being Joind [joined?]
by my Wife & family in sending Our best respects to
you and family Whilst I remain your Affectionat
[affectionate?] Brother
Andrew Gibson
To Mr Robt [Robert?] Love