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Title: Willie Gilkison, County Tyrone to Mr James A Smyth, Ontario.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGilkinson, William/93
SenderGilkinson, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex, Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
Doc. No.410103
Partial Date
Doc. TypeLTE
Word Count934
TranscriptEnvelope Addressed to:
Mr. James A. Smyth
Essex, Essex Co [County?]
Ontario Canada

Postmarked on Front:
10 0
JA 26

Written on front of envelope:
Answered Mar [March?] 26 1899

Postmarked on Back of Envelope:


JA 26

Jany [January?] 26th 1899

Dear Cousin
In answer to
your letter which I received
a few days ago was glad
to hear from you again also
to know that you are in good
health I suppose your finger
is better by this time it seems
the People get sick there as
well as in this country there
is another of John Ballantines [Ballantine’s?]
Sons Dead. I think he had
Consumption. Willie Houston
was at home at the new year.
They say he came over for Alice Duncan,
but he went away without
her they fell out about something.
I think she let Andrew ballantine
see all the letters he sent to
her while away, so when he
found that out he was going
to burn the house and her too.
John has not come back from
Scotland yet Marriage has
put a great change on Alex.
I think it would saved (sic) a lot of
trouble if he had been married
five or six years ago. I think
the bother is over with them. you
remember the row with the Elkins
at the burn about two years ago
it went to the Crown Sessions,
so Tom got out on his own
recoginance [recognizance?] to keep the peace
and appear for judgment if
called upon.
he was noticed to appear
before Sir Francis Bready
On January 23rd it was Mr Dickie
the Crown Solicitor who prosecuted
But old Francis said he did not
know what they brought him up
for Dickie said he violated the
law and must be punished,
but the Barrister said he was
fined for that at the Petty Sessions
and he said he would do nothing
more so he got out free every
one [everyone?] was sure he would been (sic) sent
to goal [jail?] for at least one month,
it was the Duncans that done (sic) it
all but they made little of it this
time. It is the first time since
the law commenced that Tom
got any fair play though he
was always innocent in a lot
that was sworn against him
I dont [don’t?] know how you learn
all those subject (sic) you have to
study I am sure you cant [can't?] spend
much time with the girls if you
would you would come behind
with some of them. That Picture
you talked about has arrived
all right [alright?]. I [if?] Canada can
Produce no better looking folks
than them they should stop
taking their photos altogether
I dont [don’t?] mean you mind. I
was thinking of sending you over
a pair of Horse clippers you
might have time to run them
over some of them [those?] comical looking
fellows and take some of the
hair of [off?] them and if they would
allow you to Preserve it you could
send some of it over to Ireland for a sample.
That young fellow that is
shaving seems to be very unhandy
Perhaps he is only beginning. I
liked the high School Picture
better. You wanted to know
how our Soiree came off well
it was very good there was
four young ladies came over
from gortin. They came for
what they didnt [didn’t?] get you know
the fellows are all too backward
about here I think it is the best
way in the end. The Laughlins
did not come this time they are
all saved now so that is a
great change you know when
we were going over there they
would took (sic) more than we gave
them. The dippers are preaching
in Andrew Ballantines [Ballantine’s?] barn.
I don’t think they will get
many to dip around here.
I [if?] you were here you would
hear some good Arguments
about them. Matthew is as
good at it as ever but sometimes
he gets into a terrible
rage John McFarland is courting
Lizzie Dunbar I think she is
going to be converted Perhaps
John will like her better then
I would like to be dipping him.
Joseph has left Strabane he is
in Scotland now he is over about
a fortnight we he (sic) had a big
night before he went it was
Better than the Soiree great
fighting about girls We have
some good fun about it since
There is going to be a great
Soiree in glenrone on Tuesday
next if the Priest lets it
go on they say he spoke
against it on Sunday
There is (sic) three new Elders
to be elected in this Place
now so that will keep the
People talking for another
while there [was?] four proposed
on Sunday last Sandy Duncan
and Joe Duncan Charles [Fullerton?]
an [and?] Willie Houston Constable.
You say you would like to
visit home again I would
like it too we will have
a good time if we are all well

[Closes} [Written top of page]

as I hope we will (sic). Most
of the People here think you
could not have a good spree
without Whisky but I think
there is no fun where it is
if you were here you would
help me to uphold that
The weather is very cold
here now there is very hard
frost this few days but
no snow yet Perhaps it will
come yet. Tom and me was over
In Charles McCullaghs [McCullagh’s?] last night.
You can hear all the news of the
Country there as usual. Tillie is
in Omagh now she was down for the
Soiree She would danced (sic) with us very
fast that night not near so proud as she
used to be.
I have no more to say at Present
but remains your Cousin.

Willie Gilkison

Please write soon again

Transcribed by Elizabeth Prentice