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Title: Charlotte Graham, Watertown, NY to James McBride, Dunmurry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGraham, Charlotte/37
SenderGraham, Charlotte
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationseamstress
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWatertown, NY, USA
DestinationDunmurry, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMcBride, James
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipwriters to her father and sister
SourceT 2613/16: Copied by Permission of Mrs Emily McLister, Mosside Cottage, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007110
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1629
TranscriptWatertown November 16 1849

Dear Father and Sister
At last i sit down to Answer your
Letter, we are all well William to work us hard as he can
[?] Jane buisy [busy?] sewing skins Robert gone to the Mill for
Brand [Bran?] for our Cow i alone except the last and a beautiful
[kitten?]. William has taken the the Doing of all the work this
Year he hires and pays the Hands and Delivers the Leather
Ready for the Market he will do well by it, i was Sorry to
hear you were hurt but i hope you are well again, before [?]
Jane Bleaks [Blake?] is Married to Robert Henderson we got a [warm?]
invitation to the Wedding but did not go, i dont think i shall
Ever go unto John Bleaks [Blake's?] House He dont Like you nor one
Of your Family he told [here?] all he got with Betty was ten
Pounds and him no Risk and that he was the only one entred [entered?]
the Family was worth any thing [anything?], and that you were an [old?]
[Hag?] but you would done more for him but for Esther but
he got Quite too much when he got Poor Betty i am glad she
is gone as he never would been better to her he has not used
Catherine or Jane well as he wont give them so much as a
Blanket nor Even Decent Clothes but they dont regard
him now, Catherine says she never will Forgive him for the
way he used her Mother, there is a talk of him going to be
Marryed [Married?] i hope he will get his Match this time wait until his
Children leave him George is gone and James says he wont
be long there. he told William if going on his Knees to me
would do any good he would do it but he may kneell [kneel?] where
he likes i shall keep from him. he cannot keep his own
Seckrets [secrets?]. Edward Phillips and him has had many a [Scold?]
the last one on the Street he told ned [Edward?] a greater Scoundrel
never [Came?] here. Cust up every thing [everything?] they both Could think of Bleak [Blake?] wrote to John Phillips all about him since he has
been here, he said he left nothing untold. ned [Edward?] was Hopping
Mad about it, you see James Phillips was to write to bleak [Blake?]
but never did bleak [Blake?] blamed ned [Edward?] for writing about him
to James you would think nobody had any thing [anything?] but James and
John by neds [Edward's?] talk. Bleak [Blake?] has got an Answer about a week ago from John [?] wants to know where ned [Edward?] is as he has not heard from him in six Months that his wife died when the child was
born but they are both alive and [?] like, he says Jimmy is as
stiff as Ever that he has sold sixty Pounds worth of Potatoes
was offered Twenty Pounds for a heifer and every thing [everything?] great
it is a fine thing as ned [Edward?] will need some of it, we hear he has
wrote for Money to take him Home he may go where he likes
if you onely [only?] seen him the best hat he has is an old straw one and the Rith [Rest?] of his Clothing to Match, John writes he rents houses bringing him 24 Pounds a year that he has the lead of Jimmy and
means to keep it and all such stuff, John Bleak [Blake?] told William

both him and James had Just Enough to do, i Could tell you
Plenty but i need not you can Guess the rest. ned [Edward?] Cannot bear
to hear a good word of any of you after James Forsythe came
he was telling of a Prise [Price?] my Brother got on his land ned [Edward?]
Swore it was a lie, George Bleak [Blake?] William and some others
were Present George told him he was a liar that Jimmys
Farm was the best to its size in that place William thought
they would come to blows, he Bragged how he Stole your
gate and hid it and stole your Apples and Scattered them about
the Road, Catherine told William they used her Grandfather very badly
William did not let Forsythe have the Money, James Forsythe says
James Phillips would never a sent the Money but they threatened
to take [seed?] when they came here for Swindling so he sent it
[he owes?] Forsythe yet Money he Borrowed of him, John Graham
Got no Money from us William seen he would not make a good use
of it he got about 11 Pound of the rest we heard he had to work
his Passage Home all his People here were glad when he went off we
heard he Abused William to A Stewart in New York because
he did not give him Plenty Robert Porter heard it when he went
to New york for his goods, so we heard it. God Knows if we
did not do all we Could for them all when they came and this
is the thanks we get but if any more came they may find
somewhere else to go for here they shall not stop. There is Too
Much Sweat in what we have got to give it away. William
Forsythe Wrote Home that Robert Greenfield had taken a
Great Deal of him Greenfields brother wrote to him about it
from Ireland saying how bad they all felt about it Robert
Greenfield Came here and had it settled
[William?] was there and some others when all he had got of Forsythe
was 14 Dollars he paid him 5 out of that greenfield felt
verry [very?] bad such a story should go Home Edward Phillips wrote the
the Letter for him he says he never bade him write it and Edward says he
Did a neat [Pair?]. Edward Phillips heard i had wrote home however
lazy James said he did not have so much was it not for
the Blood Suckers of the [M-ssick?] hearing it he is
working a days work now and then. you wont
be apt to hear any thing [anything?] [?] in Bleaks [Blake's?] letter to John.

Esther you want to know how the skins are sewed they go through
a great many Processes before they are ready for the Kneedle [needle?] the
Kneedles [needles?] are 3 [?] the skins are as easy to [?] as a [?] of Cotton Cloth they have a board with an Edge about an inch deep [torn]
yard long and a Quarter wide to hold the skin with a hook on the [torn]
side to hitch the skin on then take the hind shanks and sew [torn]
the neck then sew up the hind part leaving the shank open
for the turnel [turner?] to pass the [li---?] in to turn them. Jane sews [?] this Winter than she Done last she went to School all summer
Last Winter what she sewed came to 75 Dollars there is another
Girl sews with her she is mostly [?] about [?] o clock, i got

the Letter the letter you sent by Edward [?]. i am [torn]
You and Sister Sally Dont Live like sisters i do hope you
will i don't think she Even wrote one word in your Letters
i have been looking and Could tell if she had [?] Gods
[?] do this and make up i cannot Conceive what
Came between yous [you?] i think it is a shame And father [faded]
Make up friends. you will all be happier i hope when you
next write you will be you generous meett [meet?] her more than half way, be reconciled and then you will be happier than you have been since you fell out no Matter what has Come between you forget and forgive And may
God Bless you All. After what you told me of neds [Edward's?]
Woman or Wife they need never think to do well she says she
wont go Home with him i never heard they wanted her.
Give My Love to Brother Isabella and the Children
To Sally and John Forsythe and their Children
Remember Me to any body [anybody?] enqires [enquires?] for me kindly, and do not Forget to Make up Friends. William Jane and Richard sends
their Love to you all Charlotte Graham

Write Soon and let [torn] hear any [torn] you think would
be interesting to Me. I Send My Love to you all,
[?] you keep this letter Among yourselves
and dont let Every body [Everybody?] see it. tell Mr Greenfield what i said
about his Brother
if you hear anything ned [Edward?] writes home let
us hear it, they wont let you know much
John McBrides Children are all well James is Married
a Short time ago

This Country is not So good for labouring men
as it has been there is Such a Multitude Coming from all
Sorts There was a Ship Left New York about a
week ago with Emigrants for their native Land they had
been here about Six Months. any one [anyone?] that Can Do Milking
at Home had better stay there. i hear a great many say
they were Sorry Ever they Came here.

William has thought this Many a Year he would
Go Once More to See Old Ireland he says if all
Things do as he Expects this Winter he Hopes to See
You all next Summer but he never shall go with my Consent
there is so much Danger, if he goes he will Take Robert
And Send him to Schooll [School?], i hope he will give it up.

[addressed to:] Novemb 16 1849
For James McBride Mosside
County antrim Dunmurry