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Title: James Graham, Strasburg to Thomas Graham, Dunarnon.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGraham, James/50
SenderGraham, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginStrasburg, Pennsylvania, USA
RecipientGraham, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 3666/D/7: Deposited by Mr G. Mawhinney.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9102095
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count542
TranscriptStrasburg. Dec. 15th 1847

Dr [Dear?] Brother Thomas;
Eleven long tedious years have
passed away since I received the last letter from
you, and in that time what changes may have
taken place, During all that long lapse of time
no tidings of you & yours have reached me.
I might conjecture that perhaps you are no longer
among the living but I hope that such is
not the case. Indeed when I look at myself
old tis true, & feeble compared with what I once
was, yet in the enjoyment of reasonable health
I thank & hope that Providence has been equally
kind to you, & that this the last letter I
shall write perhaps, may find you in
health & happiness.
I have lived untill [until?] the grave has closed
on most of those who were the companions of
youth's gayer [hoous?]. One by one they
have gone down to the gloom & stillness
of the tomb, & left me in the mindst [midst?] of
a generation to whom I am comparatively
a stranger. There I suppose it has been
with you. How has time dealt with the
friends I left behind me long since in
"Old Ireland". Are there any there besides
yourself who remember me as the companion
of their youth. Are our brothers
still living? I have burried [buried?] two daughters
Mary & Eliza. Mary's daughter, Margaret is now
keeping house for me, And Eliza left two
children behind her who look to me for
protection & guidance. John Steacy [Steacey?] esqr
who whas [was?] married to my daughter Eliza
is dead. Capt James Graham, Alexander
Graham & Thomas are all dead.
John Steacy's [Steacey's?] two children by name Mary
Ann & Wesley Steacy [Steacey?] are with me & growing
up to manhood & womanhood
I have recieved [received?] no account from your son
George in Maysville & though I have tried
to discover him & have made every inquiry
have been unsuccessfull [unsuccessful?]. I wish you
would write to me & let me know where
to find George as perhaps he has changed
his residence. If my health will permit,
next summer I intend going to Buffalo
Valley to visit my relatives.

James' Children live in Philadelphia, the
son is a lawyer but as for the daughter
I know nothing of her.
This country is increasing in prosperity &
greatness and opens a fine field to
young persons of correct principles who
may wish to advance themselves in life
one essential requisite for any young person
who wishes to be encouraged & obtain
the esteem of our citizens is education. The
people generally are well educated here
& nothing is so highly prized as intelligence
Noble birth is laughed at by the stern
democracy of the land, who acknowledge
no superiority of man above his fellow
[----?] such as is based on the [intrinsic?]
merits of the man himself.
If any of your young folks think of coming
over let them be prepared by a good common
education to take their places among
the freemen of the States an equal footing
& there is no danger that with perseverance
they will fail of securing an [honorable?]
position in the esteem of their fellows [torn]
So let me subscribe myself.

You [Your?] affectionate
Thomas Graham esqr James Graham

P.S. Direct to me in Strasburg. Lancaster
County Pennsylvania U.S. of N. America [United States of North America?]

[addressed to:]
Strasburg Pa [Pennsylvania?] paid 5
Dec 16 Mr Thomas Graham
Dunnarning [Dunarnon?] Parish of
Ballenascreen [Ballynascreen?]
County of Derry
Care of John Stevenson Esqr near
Tubbermore [Tobermore?]
via New York