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Title: James Green, St. Johns, Canada, To Rev. James Irwin.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGreen, James/3
SenderGreen, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt. John, N.Brunswick, Canada
DestinationDrogheda, Co. Meath/Co. Louth
RecipientRev. James Irwin
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.2093/6: Copied By Permission of Mrs J C Herdman, Sion Mills, Strabane, Co. Tyrone. #TYPE EMG James Green, St. Johns, [New Brunswick?], Canada, To Rev. James Irwin. 6th May 1793.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8810040
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo the Reverend
James Irwin F. Jolius 6th May 17
My dear Irwin
Your unusual Silence, is a matter of much pain and anxiety to this
family, formerly it was long, not to get a letter each two months, now once
a year and [appear?] must Suffice. If you, Mrs Irwin and all your Children
however enjoy good health, we shall be happy but I pray you to sit down and
tell us so, and that they are all improving. Maria is but just recovering
from a miscarriage of Two Boys, Aged better than 4 months which happened on
the morning of 10 April very early and in so sudden a manner, that we had
scarce time to get the Servants up, and to call in a Soldiers wife to assist
but every thing, thank God almighty, went off very well their [[there?] was
no 1 accident whatever that lead to this misfortune. Maria is still weakly,
and takes the Bark. My Children are thank God all well, William I hope will in
the course of two months, be able to write a letter to his cousin of two
he has begun to write Copies and does [vastly?] well as Grevadise is his
master. Dolly reads also [vastly?] well she has in the course of the writer
[winter?] hemmed me from [some?] handkerchiefs - a Muslin Neckhandkerchief
for her mother, and is making [Shifts?] for her Sister, this is pretty well
for a Child four years & Seven Months old.
Little Maria is Still at her nurses. And begins to pratle [prattle?]
very fast. She has had a cast on her left leg, but is getting [rid?] of it.
Maria had a letter from her Grand Mother, about two months ago, and one from
Miss Crump, we are indeed much obliged to her, for sitting down & writing now
and then. & I beg you will request to continue. We have just got one of
your old Scholars into the Regiment, who joined t'other [the other?] day, his
name is Batt, is related to [a?] Clergyman, who lived at Drogheda lately.
We are to remain in our present quarters another year, unless the situation of
Europe, should call us away to other Service, which I hope will not be the
case - What a damn'd Set those French people turn out they are now
become common Marauder. I hope Ireland is as loyal on the present occasion
as England proves endless and that such number of men, will immediately
be got, both for the Sea and the Land Services, as will be necessary in
conjunction with the other European powers to convince those Murderers,
that they must turn their attention to peaceable [endeavour?], not only with
respect to Foreign powers but to their own Country, as a small atonement in
the livid murder of their King, and thousands of other there [their?] own
innocent Subjects. It pained one much to hear, that your neighbour had been
disturbed, but I trust matters are now settled. Do, My dear Irwin, sit
down & give me a full account of all late transactions, worthy notice - We
expect much promotion in the Regiment, which perhaps already has taken place
- And if every thing goes on as expected, I shall have a couple of Steps.
Major Duff sells out to Capt [Captain?] Duke, and Captain Scott, went in
January to England, In the purpose of getting Major Snuttis Majority in the 5,
"who is going to settle, in Upper Canada, near Niagra [Niagara?] where he has
obtained a grant of a Township of 27000 Acres Hill the Adjutant, does the
same, he has got 1200 Acres, and purchased a cleared farm besides, he is
preparing to clear his land, and to build on it - Several other officers of
the 5th 'tis said are to follow the [example?], as Governor Smicor [?] gives
great encouragement to gentlemen to settle, in his Government, the war may
possibly oblige there in the present to relinquish! their Schemes. The United
States, have issued a Proclamation announcing the observances of Strict
Neutrality on their part and in so doing they are very wise. There are many
many thousand Acres of land, to be granted in Upper Canada, merely on
application, but Setlers [Settlers?] are wanted. We go on in our usual Stile
[style?], Gardening during our leisure hours from Regimental duties chiefly
occupies my time. We raise our own Vegetables, some Poultry & we hope however
that we should continue another year. I would have laid myself out for more,
which however in this part of the Province, is scarcely necessary everything
being sold at such a reasonable rate. I beg again that you will send me a long
letter. Give Maria's & my best wishes to Mrs Irwin, and our Love to you and
to your children. Why does not Betsy write to her Aunt? Who pour your
knowledge of her temper is much displeased write yours, & your family
silence. William and Duffy join their Love to their Uncle and Cousins and
to Mrs Irwin and are constantly inquiring [enquiring?] their Names and Ages.
Adjieu [Adieu?], My dear Brother, & believe me yours Always
Most Affectionately,
James Green.
Probably St John in New Brunswick, a Province of Canada.
A daughter of Rev [Reverend?] James Irwin of Drogheda, Elizabeth married a
Colonel Green of Quebec.
The above seems to be a brother-in-law of Rev [Reverend?] James of Drogheda,
so perhaps his son married Elizabeth, Maria must have been a sister of James
of Drogheda.