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Title: Andrew Greenlees, Rice [County?], [Kansas?], to His Brother
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGreenlees, Andrew/10
SenderGreenlees, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginRice Co., Kansas, USA
DestinationMagheramore, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
RecipientGreenlees, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2046/19: Copied by Permission of Aiken McClelland, Esq., 3 Beechhill Park, Belfast. #TYPE EMG Andrew Greenlees, Rice [County?], [Kansas?], [U.S.A?] to His Brother, [Location?], 9 May 1874.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9006221
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptDear Brother
the weekly visits
of the wittness has in a measure
kept me posted in regard to Church
matters, permit me to congratulate you
on the prosperity of the Church of
which you are pastor we watch
with much interest for any items
of information about the [?]
Church from recent papers I
gather that it is a live
living working body and in a
prosperous condition May God continue
to bless your labours and crown
them with abundant success
to the praise of his grace
the question is sometimes asked by
some of the children if Uncle John
think it wrong to use instrumental music
in church seeing recently
in the wittness an account of
a very interesting meeting in connection
with the Sunday School as [?]
of hope when the hasrmonium was in use
I take it for granted that Uncle
John does not think it wrong to use
instrumental music in public worship
our children always being accustomed
to hear the organ in Church ever since
they began to go think it strange
that the good people of Belfast
should be so bitter against it
and show an Unchristian spirit
in not being willing to allow perfect
liberty of conscience in the matter
I would have written James
but have waited until I could tell
you how my full sown grain looked
after the severe winter it has passed
though I am glad to be able to
say it looks not only well but extremely
well indeed we never had a better
appearance than at present perhaps
never quite so good I have in about
fifty acres of small grains that is
wheat rye & oats and 20 acres
has the ground ready for 31 acres
more wheat we will plant in a few
days so you see we will not have been
idle about two days more work
will finish two miles of hedge
fence on the farm I live on
if it grows ordinary well it will be
a good fence in three years [?]
my claim does not [?] along side
of my other claim but the two sections
thus I have only four horses
but has work for six two cows to
start with two young cattle and
will increase my stock as fast as i
am able as that will be the most
profitable brand of farming
I could keep 100 head of cattle
for almost nothing
but will have to go at present as
I am able
this has been a memorable winter
here but for the severity of the weather
and the poor conditions that man as
brute were in to stand it never the less
we have all struggled through some one
way and some another a few horses
have died for want of grain and money
others are in no plight to work
personallyt we are all well and [?]
our work vigorously it is said that
I have made more improvements and
put more crop in than any other man in
the County for the time that I have been
here (and I expect it is true) God in his
providence has provided for us wonderfully
our seed cost a good deal and also current
expenses were pretty high necessarly [necessarily?] on
account of prices we had to pay for
every thing yet we have been sustained
and can truly say hither to the Lord hath helped us
after securing my seeds and paying
some little debts I found that I had
no money to get grain for my teams
and that if I could keep them living
at all I could not put in my springs
crops unless I could procure feed for
them (you know I always liked a good horse)
so I wrote a few lines to John Rea
the first I believe in 19 years he
was always kind to me as a Father,
but he was busy and I was busy
and somehow we quit corresponding,
well as I said I wrote him a few
lines asking him to send me 100
dollars if he could spare it and I
would return it when I was able
he responded immediately with
a draft for that amount which
was certainly a very friendly act
for a friend in need is a friend indeed
this put me in a position to
prosecute my work vigorously this
spring. I will also relate another
instance my friends in Ottawa hearing
that we were amongst the sufferers
in Kansas packed two large boxes
of clothing for us and sent me a note
when they were shipped from Ottawa
that we might be looking for them
but some how they miscarried
and some other people got them that
needed them probably worse than we
did (those friends were [ladys?] [ladies?] of the
church where we used to be members
how true when one member suffers the
whole body suffers with it
truly their [there?] is a bond of Christian
brotherhood! write soon I want
to hear how you all are more especially
Ellen & Agnes I wrote to them
some time ago give our kindest love
to them also to Hugh & Jenny & family
truly yours Andrew
I see I have spelled Witness with two t's
and various other mistakes please excuse
as I have forgotten what ever little I
did know.
You will see by the heading of this
letter that we have named our farm
[ ?] Ellenwood Barton Co.