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Title: Andrew Greenlees, [Plattsburg, New York?], to "Dear Brother".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGreenlees, Andrew/28
SenderGreenlees, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPlattsburgh, New York, USA
DestinationMagheramore, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
RecipientGreenlees, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2046/2: Copied by Permission of Aiken McClelland Esq. 3 Beechill Pk Ave.,Saintfield Rd. Belfast 8. #TYPE EMG Emigrant Letter from Andrew Greenlees [Plattsburg, New York?] to his Brother:November 1 1852.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8911013
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log13:11:1989 LT created24:06:1990 JF input27:06:1990
Word Count1040
TranscriptNov [November?] 25th 1852
from Andrew Greenlees
Platsburgh [Platsburg?] November 1st 1852

Dear Brother
I recieved [received?] your very kind letter
of September 15th it came to hand October 1st I felt happy to hear from you
and glad that harvest work was progressing prosperously I would like to know if you had any missings of me at all or on the night of the Chrisn
[Christening?] if there was any wondering what Andrew was doing but no more
of that I must tell you a little about this wooden country as far as I see
of it it is certainly a good country for the farmer markets here have been
good this season Pork 8 to 9 dollars per 100lbs the farmer gets more justice here than in the old country no throwing off 8lbs to the [cwt?] and 11lbs to the pig here if you have got 10 [cwt?] of pork to sell or no matter what quantity you sell for so much per cent 100 lbs is the cut here and you are paid for every pound your pig weighs no matter who [how?] much wheat one dollar per bushel oats 40 to 45 cents better 18 to 20 cents per pound so you see a man that has got a farm cleared can live pretty comfortably but now something concerning myself I am learning the moulding buisness [business?] and getting on pretty well it is the best trade here for making money there is a young man can do better to take a trade than to be knocked about by the farmer it is quite different here the system of farming for my part I thing [think?] I can learn my trade as fast as I could their way of farming here and then I have a business that will do something for me another reason I am more my own master I can wash up when night comes and go to my room and full [feel?] quite independant [independent?] of any farmer and his employ
I dont blieve [believe?] much in working [sore?] all day and then take the
pails and go off after the cows through the woods and milch them tis
[it is?] the men that milks here I learned to milk since I come but I
suppose you will agree with me that when I was tired out at night I did not
wait to stri[?] the last one or two very clean let sister Janet know that if ever I be home I'll can milk for though I have no great love for the same business she had ought to learn Robert to Milk I guess he could pull their tits pretty well tis [it is?] a very healthy place this where I live
Platsburgh [Plattsburg?]. is built upon the edge of the lake Champlain the
steamers plying back and forward from White hall Burlington Bousses point St Johns and the various towns bordering on the lake makes it quite a business place but the steamers now will soon be laid past or this season the fall is come [will?] soon be winter and the stage coach will take the place of the steamers of the lake who [how?] wonderful the one month steamers & schooners and boats of every description plying through the waters of the lake the next month the mighty waters are becoming solid as a rock and the prancing of horses and the crack of the drives [drivers?] whip is heard as he comes with his half frozen passengers upon the sleigh what a contrast to see the one time steamers running and then the stage coach taking its room and traversing the same way which but a very short time before was the foaming white waters of the lake which defyed [defied?] the horse and the driver you wanted to know who [how?] I was fixed for a minister since I moved to the village my minister has been Mr Tohie a sostsh [scotch?] man an excellent preacher he has a large congreation [congregation?] and preaches three times the sabbath day and holds prayer meetings on thursday evenings my mind is often at home on Wensday [Wednesday?] and friday evenings when I think on the happy hours I have spent in the midst of my friends I see now the wisdom of my Parents in keeping me at home as long as the [they?] did I find I am soon enough in the midst of strangers buffeting my way through the danger and diffuculties [difficulties?] of this world all alone without an earthly counseller [counsellor?] or quick you are from home and I am from home but the case is quite different if you be in a strait or wants advice from your Parents you are near at hand to get it but when I am hardened with perplexities I have none to whom I can open my mind for relief none to give me a good word of encouragement nothing but strang [strange?] faces that I never seen in my life before but I am not discouraged at this I feel I have a friend that sticketh [sticks?] even closer than a brother a brother born for adversity who hath said I will never leave thee I will never forsake thee when the heart is overwhelemed [overwhelmed?] with doubtings and fears and no earthly friend near to go for advice tis [it is?] then the throne of grace seems to be most sweet where we are permitted to come with Prayer supplication and thanksgiving making our request known unto God, who hath commanded us to cast our care upon him for he careth [cares?] for usDear Brother I must now draw to a conclusion but one word before I drop my pen, I am glad to find that I am still remembered at a throne of grace both
at the Family altar and in private I hope you will continue to do so as I
need your prayers much the temptation and [snares?] ar [are?] many and great but I hope to be able to say with the Apostle Paul may in all these things we are more than con[querors?] through him that [lov?]ed us and [washed?] us in his blood good bye [goodbye?] for the present
yours Andrew Greenlees