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Title: Maryland's Quaker Church is Flourishing
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGreer, Thomas/31
SenderGreer, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender ReligionQuaker
OriginMaryland, USA
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Relationshipre Maryland's Quaker Church
SourceD1044/913: From the Correspondence of the Greer Family of Dungannon, County Tyrone, a Quaker Family. Deposited by the Late U. McG. Greer
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland
Doc. No.9909236
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TranscriptFrom the Yearly Meeting, London,
To the Yearly Meeting, Maryland.
23rd May 1762

A devotional letter expressing pleasure because of the
news that the church in Maryland is flourishing; and the
letter gives advice as to how the members of the Meeting
should conduct themselves. There is a note attached to the
original letter written in 1846 by Thomas Greer saying
that the following epistle is in his grandfather's

The following Epistle is in my Grandfather's
handwriting which I believe was adopted by the
Yearly meeting from the traditional account yet
that remains in the family which seems thus, when
the document was read in the meeting a friend
[remarked?] that the person who drew it up should
accompany the Epistle to America. I have heard that
my Grandfather had [d----ings?] to pay a religious
visit to that country but which he did not [g---?]
up to. Jly. [July?] 1846

5/23/1762 [23rd May 1762]
From our Yearly Meeting held in London from the 23d of
5th Month to the [date missing]
To the Next Yearly Meeting of Friends to be held for Maryland
Dear Friends,
Your Epistle bearing date from the 29th 5th Month
to 2d of 6th Month 1761 was timely received and read
in this our Annual assembly, and it affords matter of
thankfullness [thankfulness?] to the Father of all our
mercies to find thereby, that there are a Living
Remnant preserved amongst you, who are concern'd [concerned?]
for the restoration and Support of our Christian
Testimony in its Several branches.
These we Intrate [entreat?] in the Affection of
Truth, to Stand fast in the Liberty of the Gospel,
stedaly [steadily?] looking to our holy head for
Wisdom & [and?] Strength, [-----edly?] to Qualifie
[qualify?] for the Service of the day, and Ever
bearing in mind the necessity of Our own hands being
Kept Clean from the Polutions [pollutions?]; & [and?]
Our Harts [hearts?] from the Love of this World, thus
will ye increase in Strength, and your labour being
Powerfully Supported by Example will not be in Vain,
but will convey that reaching Language follow, Christ
as ye have us for Examples.
It affects our minds to observe that many amongst
you have been carried away with the Love of this
World, by which They have been Led into an indifferent
lukewarm state of mind respecting the great concern of
timely preparing for that which is to Come and that
others are so heady and high minded to trample upon
the Testimony of Truth in Violation of a good
Conscience. For these we are Secretly pained, and
Such we beseech to consider, that notwithstanding they
may Shroud themselves under the name, or a Profession
of that Everlasting Truth in which we have most
Shurely [surely?] believed, yet the Allwise Searcher
of hearts, ever remains a God of Knowledge and
continues to Weigh the Actions of men in the Awfull
[awful?] Ballance [balance?] of Righteous Judgement;
and as His Statutes of old were Faithfullness
[faithfulness?] and Truth, they will assuredly remain
the same throughout all Generations; Let therefore
the Careless and unfaithfull [unfaithful?] hear
& [and?] Tremble, whilst yet it's day, least [lest?]
His Righteous Judgement break forth and the night of
Everlasting Sepparation [separation?] from him be
their Portion.
We Rejoice in the Account receiv'd [received?] of a Living
concern stiring [stirring?], on the minds of Some of
the Youth for the promotion of the one great Cause for
whose Increase in number as well as growth and
Stability in Divine Stature we travel in Spirit and
these we intreat [entreat?] in the Bowels of our
Heavenly Father's Love to Keep near in Spirit to
that gratious [gracious?] hand that mercifully hath
Visited with a manifestation of his Holy will, and
Inclined to an Obedience thereto beloved Youth, Let
this Season of Regard from on High Ever remain as an
Obligation to devote the bloom of youth, the Prime
of your Lives & [and?] Strength of your days to Love &
[and?] Serve Him who hath called to Glory & [and?]
Virtue. Thus strength will be added to your Strength
and living Experiance [experience?] Evince that the
Work of Righteousness Quietness and assurance for Ever.
Dear Friends whether youth middle aged or
advanced in years
This our Yearly Meeting has been Large & [and?]
Solemn & [and?] the many Weighty affairs that Came
before us have been Transacted in [Trust/Truest?]
Brotherly Love & [and?] Condesention [condescension?],
and the Living Traveling [travelling?] Members of the
body have been renewed by [?] Strengthen'd [strengthened?] in
Faith and renewed in the Hope of that Salvation that through
Christ our Lord Stands in Faith and Obedience.