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Title: John Alexander, Belfast, to C. H. Talbot, Dublin.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAlexander, John/41
SenderAlexander, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsolicitor
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N. Ireland
DestinationDublin, Ireland
RecipientTalbot, C.H.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1893: Copied by Permission of John D. Stewart, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9508090
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TranscriptC. H. Tabolt
Belfast 30th September 1771

I wrote to you the 28th with 2 Bills œ143:15:0
I have this Day your favour dated the 22nd Instant.
I hand you herewith an acct. [account?] of Fines yet
unpaid in Leases remaining in Mr Portis's Hand Amount
œ7990 I have made a remittance this Day
of upwards of œ600 I hope to be able to procure
more Bills in the Course of this Week.
I have acquainted Mr Joy that a Multipicity
of Business has prevented Mr Lewis' Leases being
executed, but that as soon as Lord Donegall returns
to London you will have then done & sent to Belfast.
It is not expected in any other way than with the
like Clause of resumption as in the former Lease
for which End I sent you an Exact Copy of said Clause.
On the 24th Inst. Mr Wilson lent me One & half years
rent due by Lord [Wm Cashell?] at Nov [November?] Cash
wch [which?] was done in consequence of my Solliciting
[Soliciting] him very keenly the Day before, when I
told him that I thought it wasnt fair for him or
Ld [Lord?] [Wm Cashell?] to be using Lord Donegalls
Cash, as I knew
Nov [November?] rents of those Lands had been paid to him
His own is an unsettled Deed in Consequence of a [doull?]
Demise of about 3 Acres near the Old Brewry [brewery?] wch
[which?] Geo. Ferguson enjoyed I paid for & continues to do.
Notwithstanding wch [which?] Mr. Wilson was still returned
in Airear [Arrear?] for the same, it being Connected with the
Donegall Arms, wch [which?] Tenement was renewed without
Settling for the Airear [Arrear?] - William/not Rowland/
Osburn got one field of Alex. Williamson's cont.
[continued?] He says a 5: r 3: p 3 at œ6 - yearly It is
bounded I think on the S:V:E: by a part of what
Williamson yet enjoys, on the W. by the [Loaning?] &
Mr. Tisdals on the opposite Side of said [Loaning?]
& on the N [North?]: by Friars Bush field occupied
by Mr. Kachey & Thos. Fulton, perhaps it is the very
Field you mention Contg [Continuing?] a 4: r 2: p 15,
thou' he calls it a 5: r 3: p 3 agreeable to Survey made
of that particular field by Douglass - Rowland return
got near 4 Acres of Widow Brown's part of the New
Inclosure adjoining to Mr. Taylors & John Holme's &
John Henderson has a field next it, also Mr. Anderson.
He does not know what you promised to charge it at, he
says you had engaged to give it to Brown at a 19 ps
per Acre. I think a 20 ps to a 22 ps will put him on a
footing with his Neighbours
If I had the Maps I could give you very satisfactory
Information concerning these Points; indeed I could
adjust several Trifles without giving you the trouble
of reverting to your Books - I shall very soon send
you a List of the Ever memorable Jurors who sat
on the Trial of Hunter, McClusay & Dickey, at present
I am endeavoring to make out Mr. Portis's general
Account, and also keeping Hugh Kyle at work in
Town & Country bringing in all that can be procured
without absolutely ruining any Family that appears
to have honest Intentions - In Town there are several
Pieces of Ground let. But not Built on, some of which
I am afraid will remain so, and others have Built
& not finished, & some are finished but not occupied
under all which Circumstances there is no Rent
paid yet - On Saturday night last Two Cows
on Robt [Robert?] Wallaces Lands in Ballymurphy, Falls,
were Killed, three wounded, & Two young Horses
cropped, his Property & the same Night at New york
Two of Mr. Gregs Cows were killed, probably by the
same persons: most horrid Practices -
When, or how they will end God knows but it is to
be hoped that the Wisdom of Parliament will
contrive some Laws, and that the Magistrates will
have them effectually executed to operate in such
a manner, as will remedy those Evils, so destructive
to an hitherto peaceable Community -
The fist Name in the List Viz: [Tiptha?] Gamble is for
a Lease in Islandreagh granted in 1769, He is very
poor man with a Numerous family, but I am in
hopes of being able to procure the fine soon, as Mr. John
Wright [Dispensing?] Minister of Donegal has promised
to adjust him,
Since writing the foregoing
I have procured a List of the [Owing?], Viz
Mr. O Foy - forman [foreman?]
Saml. Ralston
Alexr. Reynolds Ballymoney
Patrick Hagan
Robert Kirk

Robert Stewart - near Ballymoney

Archd. Thompson
Alexr. Boyd near Ballycastle

Robert Redmond - Strangford
Edward Luigly Glenavy Lord Hertfords Estate
Mr. Mulligan near Randalstown
Mr. Hilditch Belfast -

Mr. Gregg's Field at the Long Bank is yet unsettled in
the Rent role: he says that he will consent to pay
30ps p acre for it, and I offered to take at the Rate
of 40ps and give him a receipt on acct. [account?] till
you should give your opinion, however that He did not
approve of, as He has been at great expense with it.
J. A. [John Alexander?]