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Title: Hugh & Elizabeth Barkley, Ireland, to "Brother & Sister", Canada
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBarkley, Hugh & Elizabeth/19
SenderBarkley, Hugh & Elizabeth
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationfarmers
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKillycoogan, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationSmith Falls, Upper Canada
RecipientStewart, A. & A.?
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT.3616/1/2: Presented by K. F. Stewart
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9408105
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 03:08:1994.
Word Count776
TranscriptKillycoogan August the 20th 1846

Dear Brother and Sister [-----?] and
no [m-----?]
I take up my pen to write you strange
tidings of joy and grief first I will give
you an acount [account?] of the Death of your dear
Father he was blessed with good health untill [until?] the
Twentyfourth of july when he was seized with a
kind of grovel which he never got better of untill [until?]
the Twelth of August about 20 minutes past 3 oclock [o'clock?]
in the morning when Death cured all his
pains he died as he lived calm and resigned
to the will of his hevenly [heavenly?] father, if we had not
bee [been?] watching we would not seen him Die he
Died so calm he just slept away and was
sinsible [sensible?] to the very last, he died on Wednesday
the 12th instant at 3 oclock [o'clock?] in the morning and was buried
on friday the 14th at 10 oclock [o'clock?] forenoon his funeral
was the largest ever seen on this Road except a party
funeral and I must tell you that he wanted
for no comfort that after money or friendship could
purchase for friend and stranger was on the alert
from the moment he took ill till his last
he was regular attended by Doctor Moddin and
the Revd. Mr. McKay who administered every thing [------?]
judgement and still could do both for his [temporance?]
and eternal comfort, the Doctor took away his water
regular so that he got lying easy and comfortable
but it was no grovel [sic] he had it was just that
much of his body Dead from the moment he took
it, we had only about four nights to set up
I was still one and sister [--rowford?] and we sat up
the night he Died we had you and family often
our head During the night and though absent you
and your family were never forgotten in the prayers
that were offered up either by friend or stranger I
gave you an acount [account?] of your unkle [uncle?] Mathews death
in the Last letter I wrote you he died on the
12th June 1845, from the time your aunt mary
died Joseph was Disturbed in mind and after
unkle [uncle?] Mathew died he went entirely wrong and
attempted the life of Wally Gibson in unkle [uncle?]
Davids we got him sent to the assylum
where he improved for a time but after he came
home he got as bad as ever and is now very bad
and dangirous [dangerous?], I will now give you something strange
Our sister sally johnston from Boston Arived [Arrived?] here
in the beginning of February last which in some respects
gave us great satisfaction her oldest daughter Maryann
is maried [married?] to a man called savoury a lemner [sic] and
lives in Boston Isabella is maried [married?] to a man called
Charles and lives in Providence in the state of
RhodeIsland sally had to sue james smyth and [torn]
Robert [does?] for her [fortunes?] she decreed the
£20 the [they?] apealed [appealed?] to the asizes [assizes?]
and for love to [torn]
B[torn] again she settled with them for ten pounds and [torn]
strange to tell the very night your father took
leave of her going away he took his Death she
calls her self Mrs. Courtney she maried [married?] Thomas
Courtney of Portglenone and had three children two
of them are dead and the third was in consumption which
she came away she got your adress [address?] from me and
said she would write to you when she would go
home I could fill a newspaper with things you
would like to hear but write as soon as this comes
Direct to the (care of Doctor Moddin Portglenone for
Hugh Barkley of Killycoogan County of Antrim Ireland) The
Letter you sent last winter was opened by two or
three and would have been sent away again only for
john Andrews as respects any of our familys or
worldly estate I have nothing particular to mention
our early potatoes was smitten with the Blight =
= in the midle [middle?] of July and both early and late was [gone?]
About 12th [Inst?] I do think before the month of November
next there will not be any potatoes here either for seed
or Bread there is a great many reasons and cures
given but of none effect but there is nothing surer
but it is the Breath of an angory [angry?] god there is
every appearence [appearance?] of famine write imediately
[immediately?] and we
Remain your brother and sister with love and respect
Hugh and Elizabeth Barkley.

[postmarks on cover of envelope]




Adam Stewart
Emsley township
Leeds County
Smiths falls
Upper Canada