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Title: William Hamilton, Minnesota, to William Mann, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHamilton, William/6
SenderHamilton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMinnesota, USA
RecipientMann, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD889/7/1: Deposited by Messrs Joshua Peel and Son, Solicitors, Armagh.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland.
Doc. No.103088
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count455
Transcript Minnesota Feby 10th 1876
William Mann
Mulinasilly Ireland

Dear Sir
I take the liberty
to write you these few lines I presume
you will remmember [remember?] me being at the
Prime Ministers about this time last year.
I have not heard any thing from theire [there?]
since I left about the 20th of March last
I woulde [would?] like to heare [hear?] from theire
[there?] not that I caire [care?] any thing particular
from the above mentioned old methodist
hypocrit [hypocrite?] as I believe him to be a
scoundrell [scoundrel?] of the deepist [deepest?] dye
he woulde [would?] steal the livery of heavin [heaven?]
I believe to make moneaye [money?] to give it
to the church to pray his guilty soul
out of purgitary [purgatory?] if he believes in a
place of the kind.
I hope Lucy has not administered
a sleeping potion to the old prime
minnister [minister?] as I understood he was
afraid of his life before I came theire [there?]
it woulde [would?] be a pity such an uncharitable
old scoundrell [scoundrel?] woulde [would?] die a
naturall [natural?] death the begerly [beggarly?]
meaneness [meanness?] and disrespect he showed me
while theire [there?] I will remember my life time
the county paupers of this county have better Board
than I saw at his unhospitable [inhospitable?] home
living from hand to mouth the [he?] used to cup
Lizy [Lizzy?] troting [trotting?] back and fourth
to your shop for threpany [threepenny?] purchases the
moste [most?] of the time I believe his heart was
so set on moneaye [money?] that he coulde [could?]
not part with it untill [until?] the cravings of
hunger compelled him the property he holds in
armagh at my mothers death one of the name will have
nothing to do with it I have had information from a
reliable solicitor in armagh that for ÷20 pounds
whoever shee [she?] wills it to he will guarintee
[guarantee?] the title if that shoulde [should?] be
the poor of the city I hope you will parden [pardon?]
me writing you such a letter that property when he had
the colection [collection?] of the rents he tried to
involve it in law as much as he coulde [could?]
chainging [changing?] it from one lawer [lawyer?] to
another to make all the expice [expense?] he coulde
[could?] thak [thank?] goodness I have enough to
help my self and to spare I have servants to doe [do?]
my biding [bidding?] not grounde [ground?] slaves as
I saw under him I hope if he sees this it will draw up
the slack of his under lip hoping you will write me a
fiew [few?] lines and let me know how times are in Ireland
we have a beutifull [beautiful?] winter here plenty of money
peace and plenty

Respectfully yours
William Hamilton
shakopee P O scott co