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Title: John Barr, Erie, Pennsylvania, To His Brother.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBarr, John/25
SenderBarr, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationblacksmith
Sender Religionunknown
OriginErie, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT2229/25: Copied by Permission of Mr Alex Barr-Scott, Burren, Ballynahinch, Co, Down, Ireland.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8901003
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count569
July 29th, 1872

Dear brother
I now write these few lines to you
to let you know I am in good health
at present hoping these few lines will
find you all in the same I received
your kind and welcome letter July 12
I was glad to hear you were all in
good health I have my health very
well I was not of [off?] work since I started
only the 4th July it is kept by al [all?] class
of people here and the reason why because
the [they?] gained there [their?] independance [independence?] from the
English on that day I am not in Mat Kees
I am bording [boarding?] in a mans the [they?] call O donel,
I give 5 dollars per weak [week?] for my bord [board?], and
washing Mathew was verry [very?] kind to me I
was there for 4 days he would take nothing for it
I gow [go?] to the same Meeting as mathew
the [they?] call the minister Mr Prieslby
he is a verry [very?] nice sort of a man
he had his sacrement [sacrament?] sunday 21st
Joseph and I went and he was glad
to see us going Joseph has left and gon [gone?]
to his Uncle in the st [state?] of Ohio I
think he will not be long away there
are a grait [great?] many here I know
from Ireland I saw the Johnstone
of Cumbridge Cuper [Cooper?] Macks son
Hugh there are a cousin of Mathew
Hes lives [living?] next door to me he
works in the same work with
me he has a wife and 2 children
he is verry [very?] kind with me I do be
in ever [every?] evening his father
does live at the [spaw?] and gows [goes?]
to Mr M Cilvene church Dear
brother I do not Intend to go
home for some tim [time?] if I have my
health I have it well for so
far but health is uncerten [uncertain?] the
climat [climate?] is much warmer than at
home a wise man can make
money here but it takes a grait [great?]
dail [deal?] to keep him dear brother
I have not got much to write
the harvest is comenced [commenced?] when
you write let me know if Robert
McCauley had got home the [?]
and if Adam Patterson has any
word of geting [getting?] married and going
to his own house dear brother
I conclude by biding [bidding?] you all good by [goodbye?]
I send my love to Grandfather
and Grandmother to Alexander John and
James to Janie to yourself as a brother
to all my uncles and aunts to James
shaw and Agness [Agnes?] no more at present
but remains your Duely [Duly?]
John Barr
Please stop
Dear brother you want to know
what I am working at and what
wages I have I am working in the
Erie and Pitsburg [Pittsburgh?] shop that is where
the [they?] make cars and Ingins [engines?] for the railroad
I am in the blacksmith shop learning I have
7 shillings a day of your money the hours
we have got to work ar [are?] from 7 to 6 its very
warm I do not intend to stop longer than
this winter at it I will look for something
else but it is a good job in the winter
please tell James shaw to write a note
and send it in your letter to me