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Title: Anna Hay, Peterborough to C. Kirkpatrick, Cullybackey
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHay, Anna/1
SenderHay, Anna
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPeterborough, Ontario, Canada
DestinationCraigs, Belfast, N.Ireland
RecipientKirkpatrick, Catherine
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1604/278: Presented by Rev. Robert Kirkpatrick, Breezemount, The Roddens, Larne, County Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9012042
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TranscriptTo: Mrs Kirkpatrick
Craigs [Cullybackey?]
Belfast Ireland

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KINGSTON [Canada?] AM JA [January?] [?] --75 [1875?]
PAID DERRY JA [January?] 27 18-- [1875?] COL [Colonial?]
4 S BELFAST JA [January?] 28 --75 [1875?]
CULLYBACKEY A JA [January?] [?] --75 [1875?]

Peterboro [Peterborough?]
Jan---y [January?] 7th 1874 -

My dearest Aunt
I received your nice kind
& welcome letter on the 2 day of the
New Year, thank you very much for
it - I was very happy to find you were
all well when you wrote - for I
was just beginning to wish to hear
of or from you - as I think it has
been more unhealthy in the old
country, than usual this year
the newspapers spoke of part of
November & Dec being very sickly
& it was during that time
that poor dear Charley has been
so ill - tho' [though?] untill [until?] he was able
to write himself & tell of it we did
not know of his illness at all - though
Charlotte had written to her sister
they never mentioned it to any of us
till danger was passed - very timid of
them - Poor Charlotte has a most
terrible time, as when Charly [Charley?] was so ill
they telegraphed to her that her Aunt
was dying & to go quick - she could not
leave Charley without someone to look
after him as the children took
all the care of the others - then she
got one of the Beauforts to come to
Charly [Charley?] untill [until?] she should return
She could not have been long away
But after that the children all

took heavy colds & one took chicken
pox so poor dear she has her
hands full - Charlotte must
be one of the very best managers
in the world - This is a lovely bright
Canadian day - I hope it is a [as?] bright
in Edinh [Edinburgh?] as here, tho [though?] not so cold
as it is the wedding day of a first
cousin of Franny & Annas - She
is an only child (Bessy Hay) her
father is a Rear Admiral - I knew
him slightly as he came out Many
years before my dear husband
came - he was then only Capt [Captain?]
he never had any other child
Fanny knew her very well & likes
her exceedingly - I believe the young
couple will live here her parents
poor Frans time of waiting is not
over yet - Money is made much
more slowly now than it was
a few years ago - Tom too has to
wait - tho [though?] I hope he will soon
get employment, I would wish it
to be in a better & more safe place
than working on the Railroad
bridge on Rice Lake It will
be bitter cold & very much exposed
as the lake is 2 - 3 miles across where
he works - and much longer - the
wind sweeps down & across it - he
had been there the summer
before last - but the Company
being nearly all Americans & of
course drew their money from the
States, and when the failures took
place lost much & had to stop the
work - Tom was thrown nearly out
of employment for many months
getting only small jobs - which in
many cases hardly kept him
but had not a cent to put by for
himself - he has passed through
some trying times - in that way
and I hope now he will be able
to make a good start - tho' [though?] they do
not pay such a high Salary by

any means as one their lives
still it is better far then
nothing & is in the way of hearing
of better - One good thing his lady
love is young only 19 in Dec. & very
useful at home & of happy
disposition she does not feel at things
that cannot be helped - She Sent
me such a pretty basket made by the
Indians - of sweet grass - birds [---?] & porcupine
quills & 3 table mats made of the
same materials all so pretty & sweet
I never saw mats made by them
before, the basket is very pretty, has
a lid - Cecilia worked Tom such a
pretty Shaving case of green
velvet & white frosty looking beads
- Xmas [Christmas?] & new year are great times
here for near friends making presents
to each other & there is such a wee
fuss in every family for some weeks
before making & getting what they
can - that the excitement before
the time for a few days is so great
with the young people & they
have to do so much in secret
which adds to the fun - some
of the elders send more substantial
things - just as they think a person
needs such & such things - such
as fowl - roasts or beef - fruit or
cakes - vegetables - butter, fresh
eggs - or some nice useful
warm piece of dress - gloves or
shawls & such like - some [books?]
& sweeties for old & young - & there
receiving parcels & not opening any
until Xmas [Christmas?] morning - Is so exciting
that one is quite relieved & rested
when those days are over
- Here every ones parcel is put on
the breakfast plate or beside it
when each person sits & when
all are by the opening & rustling
of paper goes on - the name
of each is written on the parcel
& who is it from - some give a set

of China to their parents or [vice versa?]
we generally give useful things as
our money is too little to allow of spending
on useless thing - We generally find
out what each wants - & do not like
to spend on themselves to get & at these
times get them - Poor dear Bessy
has been suffering from her liver
again & has come into town to see the
Dr & stay for a day or two - her right
arm has been almost useless for
some days - she is staying with Kate
& was here this morning & says from the
Dr remedies she is better today - She
is too lonely at Goodwood no neighbours
within walking distance of her &
she frets [I fear?] a good deal, but she
has promised to come to us after her
visit to Kate - Kate is very well & I
hope no fear of another baby
all her young people are well
Louisa too - She Louisa I mean spent last evening
here & looks better - I think poor dear
she works too hard - dear Ellen is
better She has not been quite well
the beginning of the winter - Last
week Franny was quite ill & Tom too
from heavy feverish colds - Now our
wee man has taken it - Anna
pretty well - tho [though?] looking [dowsey?] there
may be a cause for it but say nothing
yet for she lost two when as far as advanced
- I hope you dear Geraldine will
get on well this time - Katey is a
forward wee body - It is so healthy for
the wee things to play in the fresh
snow - when not soft and damp - [---?]
not every day - except one day the Thr [Thermometer?]
was 24 below zero - he is often out when
zero or 2 or 3 below - when calm &
rolls over in the snow drifts & calls some
one to look at him - he has not been
out since to took [sic] such a bad cold
- tho [though?] not from going out but it is
going about - I think Geraldine
must be an excellent manager
& good wife & Mother - What a pity

poor Alicia has no family when they are
both so fond of children, her
health might be better, too - Fanny
always feels a great fondness for her
as she met her at your house
- Thank you for telling me so much
about the wee bodies we like to hear
all we can about other children
- Charly left off his rollers at 6 months
old & I knit little warm shirts for
him - I never used them longer
than 6 or 8 months - but put flannel
next the skin when I took off the
rollers - It is such a pleasant way of
spending the long winter evenings
all sitting round the table sewing, or
knitting & some one reading - one
does not notice the melancholy
sound of the wind going round the
house - It always has been a very
sad sound to me by night or day
- and this time of year is
sad and brings sad remembrances of
former years - My dear James
was born on a Xmas [Christmas?] morning
my darling kind and gentle Son
& always I began a letter to him
on that day - Thank you for so
kindly saying you would draw
the plan of Alexr [Alexander's?] new house for
Tom he is quite pleased to hear
of it too - Have you dear Aunt any
of your own pretty drawings of old
times - If you have one to spare
I would very much like to have
one - An uncle of Joss's a doctor
Collins is staying at Malone the
last 10 days - he came in here one
day & seems a very pleasant old gentleman
I had hoped to have had them all
in for an evening while he was
there - but Charles has not been
able to get another horse yet &
his useful old one
died very suddenly
about 4 weeks ago
so they are greatly

shut up till they
do get one - all
my parts send
loves & kind wishes
of the season to you
dearest Aunt Uncle &
cousins in which I
join Believe me
ever your affect [affectionate?] niece
Anna Hay
Jany [January?] 7th 1875