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Title: Anna Hay, Ontario to Rev G Kirkpatrick, Craigs, Co Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHay, Anna/30
SenderHay, Anna
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPeterborough, Ontario, Canada
DestinationCraigs, Belfast, N.Ireland
RecipientRev George Kirkpatrick
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1424/11: Purchased From Mr John A. Gamble, 44 Taunton Avenue, Belfast 15. #TYPE EMG Letter From Anna Hay, Peterboro [Peterborough?], Ontario, Canada, to her Uncle George Kirkpatrick, Hazelbank, Craigs, Co Antrim, Ireland, 24 September 1888.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9003060
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count904
TranscriptRev George Kirkpatrick
Ierland [Ireland?]
Peterboro' [Peterborough?]
Sept [September?] 24th 1888

My dear Uncle
I hope that illness
with you has not been the
cause of such a long time
as has passed since any of us
have heard from you -
I wrote to you just before I went
with Dunlops a trip to
Prince Edwards Island this July
& would have written after
I came home again, only I took
cold returning & was very poorly
for some weeks afterwards, unable
to do much as the rheumatism
became so bad my hands were
so still & painful that I could not
write first as I was getting well
Annas 9th arrival a fine large and
healthy daughter on the 6th of this
month both the dear mother &
baby are doing well now, tho [although?] last
week they both had very heavy
colds as a cold with bad sore throat
were going about & the whole house
hold have took the same, with
such a number of stirring
children there is plenty to look
after - 15 now in the house
Tom & his family have had a
sick time as his eldest child took
malaria fever about 4 weeks ago
She was very ill for some days but
is getting on nicely she was much
reduced the Dr [Doctor?] ordered her to be
rubbed all over with cold [cod?] liver
oil besides strenghing [strengthening?] medicines & [?]
but the fever is gone I am thankful
to say & she is able to sit up & taken out
in the air - we have most lovely weather Sept [September?]
warm & bright slight frost some nights
& now & then nice rain which has
been much wanted - The crops are
better than last year - tho [although?] hay is
not plentiful as there was little or
no rain in the spring & early summer
The Dunlops are well & so is Bessy
& her family - Kate & hers were well
by last letters tho' [although?] there has been very
wet weather there so much so that
the grain crop is much damaged
John & his family are well their crops
better than any year in the 20
years they have been there, George
& his family are well, his 3 sons are now
in good situations in Toronto - & he has
full employment at the Rockie [Rocky?]
Mountain Park his wife & 3 daughters
are with him - his eldest daughter who
is married & lives in Toronto has been
for the summer on a visit to them
for her health & has returned home very
much benefited from the fine mountain
air - Henry & his family were well their
crops were excellent - but the last
wheat & oats suffered from frost in
August - his root crops are good & his
cattle fat & well - Louisa & her
family who live in Kansas are well &
their crops are very good this year & their
cattle all fat & well - they expect to have
twenty head of fat cattle to sell this
season & make nearly a thousand dollars
on them - Joan & her family were well
her eldest grandson who is past two years
old has just recovered from scarlet
fever - her son Willy has been appointed
Agent by their doctor who has envented [invented?]
a new instrument to take it to the states
& sell it or show it they expect good
results from it We often hear
from Charlotte Stewart through my
neice [niece?] Bridie Williams her Aunt is very
kind to her & so are her cousins, Bridie
has been staying with her Aunt Charlotte
while her husband George E Williams
has been attending the Worlds
Conference in Stockholm sweeden [Sweden?]
the account of it I suppose you
have seen - What a wonderful
time it must have been &
such members from every part
of the world - George in his letter
to me says the Queen & her sister in law
& other members of the family are
earnest christians & they were well
treated by the Kings orders sent by the
Crown Prince & taken to one of the
Palaces - The Prince shown such
kindness - How pleasant to see such
good will shown by the High people
of the earth - & what good the YMCA
is doing all over the world & how
the way for the Gospel is opening
on & on - and still wickedness seems
so much on the increase all over
it is dreadful now to take up a news
paper & see the murders & robberies &c
mentioned - & so much set done [down?] to insanity
[?]ick is dreadful - surely the wicked [?]
[?] - & he is busy -
I hope that this long letter will
not tire you too much dear Uncle
I wish that Alicia or Geraldine
would write to some of us some
times & tell us all their news of
themselves & families - Bridie
wishes much that your Katy
had been in London now that
she is living there - she would very
much like to know her as her cousins
& Aunt are so fond of her
Anna & her girls join me
in kind loves to you dear Uncle
& to our cousins too
ever your affect [affectionate?] neice [niece?]
Anna Hay
Tom & Joss send kind regards