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Title: [Mell?], [?] to James A Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHicks, Sam/6
SenderHicks, Sam (Mell)
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationteacher
Sender Religionunknown
Originprob. Ontario, Canada
DestinationEssex, Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, Castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth.
Doc. No.604076
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
Word Count1077
Transcript[Front of envelope]

Mr Jas A Smyth

OC 23

[Postage Stamp]
Canada Postage
2 Cents 2

[Printed on Bottom Left]
JAN 30 1909

[Back of envelope]
OC 29

[Page 1]

Tuesday Eve

My dear James Alexander.

What do you think that the prospects for "Thanksgiving day" are now. - That anticipation is better than realization, was true yesterday. I fancy - for many. Oh well, people at least the majority are still sensible it seems – so let "[Saurien?] finish his work"- Can you find Mr Wigle now – Essex certainly redeemed itself at these elections - But enough no one expected any thing else really so there is nothing to talk about - Only Elgin as usual went flat - The [band?] here [took?] the opera house for the eve [evening?] - gave a concert and had the reports issued between pieces - It was rather fun - I bid you construct another

[Page 2]
wonderful bulletin affair? I clearly remember the other, and one Sat that you were making it, do you? It seems that my plans of tale seldom mature - no Thanks giving for me at home this year I guess. On Thurs Eve [evening?] I received two messages, one from father, one from Will saying that Anna was seriously ill, so mother and father left Thurs eve for the Peg. Word today says that she is improving but I scarcely think that they will be home for the 9th in fact I know they wont, so [Skin?] Thomas will not see me - I am a bit sorry of course but it can't be helped - Now I have no plans - don't know what I shall do - I'll wait and see.

[Page 3]
A week ago Saturday I spent with Duncan in Peterboro and needless to say he gave me fine time - In the morning we "did" up the new Normal School – which certainly is complete in every detail - In the [form?] we sent through the new Call Just a perfect beauty it is too. Then he took me for a glorious drive all over the city - Through the parks etc and away down the river to Nassau. We were [invited?] [out?] to supper - Then I came home at 9.10 – Duncan has a splendid place to stay gets his breakfast only there - So we went to his usual Hotel for dinner I did not see Kate at all - but
scarcely could under the circumstances knowing they were not settled.

[Page 4]
Kate wrote for me to spend last sat with [them?] - but instead I persuaded her to come here. Which She did Frid noon and remained till mon Eve - Such a good visit as we had - You may imagine! She is as ever - Kate - that
explains it all - Friday was our day for distribution of prizes at the school - for Field Day Sports. So we had a partial holiday - and Kate got the benefit of the [dancing?] Judge [Benson?] – The Chairman of the Board was up - and things went off with a swing - The only thing that marred my pleasure was that they unexpectedly called on me for a speech. –

[Page 5]
On Sat afternoon we [drove?] to Cobourg a glorious drive it is - Kate is
perfectly charmed with this town - the scenery - the way I am settled etc.
In the eve [evening?] - I had a few girls in for a [chafing?] dish supper - Some of the choice "elites" - so Kate and I could have some fun - For nice as they are, they are rarely funny in many ways To day [today?] I received a letter from Duncan wanting me out for this weekend - but the next time I go it will be to Kates I fancy - A college friend in Newcastle wrote for
me also - but all these I must forgo – as I shall stay in Port Hope - A Miss Pringle is giving a Hallowe'en party to which I am invited so I'll go there - for I expect it will be jolly - On Friday I am invited to a tea at "The Rectory" - for a bride - to - be - this week I am almost gay. It would seem

[Page 6]
How is the new suit progressing you likely made a happy choice -blue is probably passe but I like it nevertheless.- Had a card from Bea Rose -
from Seaforth, where she is visiting Miss [Teskely?] - Don Bea has had
a siege of ill health, it would seem. This is a most healthful [buy?] [for?] me – I have gained twelve pounds already – so you see my work is not killing me -
This week is a bit busy for our exam. [Siege?] is on - We [tuned?] [them?] here in the Fall [Issue?] two days – of all exams - that comes Thurs and Friday - I had to get my papers ready so Mr [Sindy?] could [-----t?] them. He has some van machine which as yet I fortunately do not know how to work - so he does it for me.

[Page 7]
Our letter communication seems to be a bit desultory, does it not. - Wireless telepathy would suit us well - Too bad it were not cheaper. - I was highly amused at the contrast suggested to me - There was a young lady here for tea last week - a Miss Mellish who has a very devoted gallant - they both are well over thirty – So it struck me more – though as Miss Murphy says - There is no fool like an old fool - To go on with my story. She said that she and this man write two letters everyday - Then he spends
every Sunday here - he is a traveller between Toronto and Montreal so first falls [off?] here on Sunday

[Page 8]
I tried not to appear too much suprised at her announcement but I fear I succeeded poorly Have you decided about going home Christmas? – It certainly would be a Sensible thing to do I think – Another year might be too late - But now I must read a bit of French so no more this time Let the spirit move you soon to write please - for I am beginning to think that you may have changed your abode. Glad business is going so well. But sorry, very [sic] that it ties you so-


Mell "Sayez bon Toujours"

P.S. By the way I discovered you were right in one thing which I always contradicted when you said it - Pardon Monsieur


Transcribed by Chris Devenney