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Title: Eliza C. Hisson, Indiana to her cousin, William, [Ireland?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHisson, Eliza/12
SenderHisson, Eliza C.
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginIndiana, USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1396/2: Copied by Permission of S. Gass Esq., 26 Howard Street, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8906002
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count999
Transcript308 Meadow Ave
Nov 29th 1908

Dear Cousin William
I have just heard
from you through William
Gass of Attica Indiana
it was like hearing
from the dead to hear
from you I think we
havent heard anay [any?] news
from Irland [Ireland?] since
Fathers death that has
been 15 years. Mother died
two years last september
my daughter Maude and
I had just been to see
Mother a bout [about?] a month
before she died she was
over 80 when she died
but she never seamed [seemed?]
old she would joke and
laugh with the young
people. I will try & give
you some of our histey [history?]
since coming to this
country. We first stoped [stopped?]
at quebec our aunt Mary
lived there stayed there
a little while then went
on up further in Canada
to cahog Father taught
school there it was a
pretty big undertaking
to come out hear [here?] with
six children. Then we
moved farther up north
to port hope Father taught
school and the two oldest
boys Gam and Ben
went to work with
farmers Father thought
farming would be the
best thing for them
but Gam would be
a better macanac [mechanic?] he could
make anay [any?] thing almost
he mad [made?] a good fiddle out
of a board he cut the tree
down & got it sawed then
his pocket nife [knife?] & a piece of
glass was all he had he
was a young boy then.
Then in 1860 John Gass
came to see us his daughter
had just been Married
and he wanted my sister
Rachel to go home with
him he thought she was
the prettiest girl he ever
seen, but Mother thought
she was to [too?] young & I
wanted to go so I went
then the sivel [civil?] war
broak [broke?] out hear [here?] & after
the war was over
I married but just
after I came out hear [here?]
Father bout [bought?] land up
in Ontario close to the
georgin [georgian?] bay they went
up there Mother sais [says?]
the trees were so close
togeather [together?] that they would
have to loake [look?] straight up
to see the sun it was
a new country lots of
bairs [bears?] and deers & other
animals. it was a bout [about?]
15 years before I went
back home when I left
my brothers ware [were?] boys
when I went back they
ware [were?] men I dident [didn't] hardely [hardly?]
know them I had five
brothers & two sisters Rachel
and Susen [Susan?] Susen [Susan?] was a
baby when we came out
& one brother James was
born in Canada he is
sutch [such?] a fine felow [fellow?]
he was always sutch [such?] a
Comfort to Mother he
dident [didn't?] get married
untill [until?] late in life & he
and Mother lived by
themselves he was
devoted to her & she
was to him. Mother
was sutch [such?] a chearful [cheerful?]
disposition never
complained a bout [about?]
anay [any?] thing James is
like Father he is a teacher
he lives in Owen Sound
Ontario & Gamen & Robert
and Susen [Susan?] all live close
there Susens [Susan's?] husband
is dead she has four
children William John
and Ben live farther
north in Manitoba
Rachel and family moved
to Manitoba years ago & she
and her husband John
Johnson are both dead
she is the onely [only?] one of
Mothers Children that
is dead we have all
got good sized familys [families?]
excepting James he hasent [hasn't?]
any children.
now if there is anay [any?]
thing that you would
like to ask a bout [about?] I will
be glad to answe [answer?] any
questens [questions?]. As for our family
I have five children living
and one dead she died after
she was growen [grown?] she was
susie the oldest is Lettie
the next is Maude susie is
next then Leroy he is the
onely [only?] boy, then Grace then
Bertha. Lettie is Married
so is Leroy & Bertha is married
Grace stays at home with
me. Maud is in Pittsburg
Pensalvania [Pennsylvania?] she is in
Sunday School and Church
up there in a united
Presbyterian Church she
gets a hundred dollars a
month, but her expences [expenses?]
are a goodeal [good deal?] she yousto [used to?]
say she would take me over
to Irland [Ireland?] some time. I
remember you & your Mother
and Hughs Mother came to see
us before we left & Mother and
I spent the day at your house
before we left I remember
[us?] crossing the weater [water?]
on a foot brig [bridge?] or a plank
I was a fraid [afraid?] I would
fall in the weater [water?] the
the milstan [millstone?] that was
in the yard we played
on that. I wish you
would write to me
I want to hear a bout [about?]
you and your family
I hear you have one
sone [son?] in California
that seams [seems?] close hear [here?]
altho [although?] it is a good ways
off. what part of
California is he in
I remember Shaws
lake and Glen an
mills is whare [where?] Father
was bookkeeper. those
was sutch [such?] lovely
lorel [laurel?] trees thare [there?]. Oh
how I would love
to be back there once
more & see all the
places that I yousto [used to?]
know I am a fraid [afraid?]
I will not get there I
am 63 years old but I
dont feel very old.
Our adress [address?] is
308 Meadow Ave [Avenue?]
I hope you will write
to me we would be
so glad to have some
of you come out hear [here?]
to see us or anay [any?] of
Hughs folk we
would be glad to see
you all. My husband
Walter Hisson died
about 8 years ago.
I remain your cousin

Eliza S Hisson

I see I hasent [have not?] writen [written?]
on both sides of
my paper but may
be you can make it