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Title: Letter from William Beatty, New York, America, to his brother Thomas.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBeatty, William/27
SenderBeatty, William R.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationUSA or Canada
RecipientBeatty, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 3561/A/18 Papers of Prof. E.R.R. Green. Presented by Miss I. Embleton, Ulster-Scot Historical Society.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
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Papers of Prof. E.R.R. Green.

[The following letters were sent to Dr. Green by Miss I.
Embleton, secretary to the Ulster-Scot Historical Society,
Chichester Street, Belfast. She received them in connection
with a request for family reseach from Mr. E.G. Burnside of
Toronto, Canada. The Beatty familly concerned were settled in
Corlough, Aghalurcher Parish, County Fermanagh, in the early
18th Century.]
Papers of Prof. E.R.R. Green.

(Copies of emigrant letters collected by and sent to
E.R.R. Green as part of his research project on

New York
August 9th, 1875

Dear Thomas I sit down once more to address you with a
few lines still hoping to find you in good health as
this as this leaves me at present thank God for all his
kind protection over us I was thinking that something
had happened to yous (sic) that yous (sic) were so long
in writing to me I had almost given up hope of hearing
from yous (sic) bus [but ?] I see it was not your fault
so I will excuse you this time I had a letter from home
a few days before I had yours they are all well the
[they ?] seemed to be very uneasy about you they said
to send your letter home as soon as I would get one they
said that the crops were very good this season + and
they had a splended day on the twelfth of July + and
Sir Victor Brook rode of [on ?] horse back a [at ?]
the head of the procession + made a very eloquent speech
on the grounds at Greenhill James Donnelly is dead
Noble sent me his picture in the letter I would scarcly
know him + and I am sure you would not know him I
suppose yous (sic) will have enough to do when yous (sic)
have got so much land I think land is not very dear if
that is all yous (sic) have to pay for it 25 hundred
dollars let me know if it is all clear land Isuppose I
cant (sic) visit yous (sic) before next summer if then
Noble says he is coming out here next spring sure he has
been talking about coming for the last year or two but
his father is not willing that he should come I will
send his picture in this letter or I thing [think ?] it

would be better to wait and see if this one goes might
find would not want to loose it I have not much more
to say at present write soon again and send me all the
news you can I remain your friend truly unto death
William R Beatty

I almost forgot to say the next thing or the first is
to get married there is one at home that I would
recommend to you for beauty she is all you want - for
a good housekeeper she cant (sic) be surpassed for a good
butter maker there are very few that can come up to
her + she is a [as ?] economical as any other in fact
I cant say half enough for her if I had a way for I
would begrudge her to you.