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Title: Hugh Taylor, New York, To His Brother, Alex Taylor.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHugh, Taylor/40
SenderTaylor, Hugh
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationoffice clerk
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientTaylor, Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.2296/1: Copied by Permission of Mrs M Cotton Taylor Staghall, WhitewellRoad, Newtownabbey, N.Ireland. #TYPE EMG Hugh Taylor, Taylor & Taube, 114 Wall Street, New York, To His Brother, Alex Taylor. 16th July 1898.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8811058
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log05:12:1988 GC created 31:10:1990 SB input 01:11:19
Word Count618
TranscriptTaylor & Taube,
114 Wall Street
New York 16th July 1898
My Dear Alex
You will be surprised to see
this heading, Well to begin my story of how I
got here it was a case of a last effort. I wrote
John Cory and got a reply stating that he could
do nothing for me but he gave me an address
to a place called Albany Wisconsin a great
distance from Buffalo so I wrote the Firm
(Albany Linen Mills) It is a small one horse
place 12 systems coarse flax and they weave
what they spin - Damasks, Towelling etc, etc.
Of course I know nothing of weaving and they
wanted a man who did, well I wrote Jim
and he gave me encouragement saying he would
do what he could for me so I waited one
week and on the 4th Aug [August?] I made up my mind
to take a trip to New York although I could not
afford it I ran the risk and the both of us were
worrying ourselves of [off?] the face of the earth
I really could not stand it any longer and
off I went on tuesday Aug 5th the boys were
surprised to see me not knowing that I was
coming so I just have been one week here
George hunny found me a nice position
with a good friend of his who is President
of the Brooklyn Cooperage Co [Company?] I am
in their New York Office. I tell you if their [there]
was a happy man in New York I was
the happy one. George could have gotten
a place in Pittsburg for me where I used
to be but I think this is better. I have been
to Bill's house Jim's & George's very often
so we now form the big four. I have
been feeling first rate since I came
my hours are 9 o'c to 5 pm and Saturdays
12 o'c so that will allow me to get fat
I intend if everything goes well to bring Marie
& Ruth up here in the latter end of Sept we
will likely live in Brooklyn as it is
cheaper and nicer so far as I hear. I was
sorry to hear you were all laid up with
Influenza I hope you are all quite better
again. Tell Mary I got her letter and
will write her soon and this letter is for yourself,
of course they will be all glad to hear I am
in New York. The weather here has been
104 in the shade and in Buffalo
it is so cool, I was down at Stewart's (straten Island)
Club house he rows a good oar I was
introduced all around and as soon as they
knew that I could row I was asked to
take an oar in the senior 8 but I was too stiff
not having pulled an oar for over 8 years however
I think I could make a fair showing with any
that I saw, Now when you write give me a little
news I will have better chances to keep up our
correspondence, before I had not the opportunity
and a man that works as I did cannot do it
George is more than kind, Just a father to me
like you used to be and I wait the
opportunity to reciprocate all the kind acts
that you did to me, if ever I get the chance
my memory is bad but it is fresh on every
step you took for me. Give my love to Adela
and the children, not forgetting Mother, Mary
and all the rest
I am your Attached Bro [Brother?]
Hugh Taylor
address your letters to
Georges office as I
get them better.