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Title: James Beck, Dinsmore Ohio, to James A Beck, Gilford, Co Down.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBeck, James/18
SenderBeck, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDinsmore, Ohio, USA
DestinationGilford, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientBeck, James A.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1468: Copied by Permission of J.W. Beck, Ilford, Essex. #TYPE EMG James Beck, Dinsmore, Ohio, U.S.A., to James A. Beck, Gilford, Co. Down.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9002015
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptDinsmore Ohio
Sept [September?] 24
Mr James A Beck
Dinsmore, Shelley Co [County?] Sept [September?] 24th AD 1845

Dear friend & Nephew
with great pleasure I received your
letter dated the 14th of June, I received it the 10th of July, & was
really extreamly [extremely?] glad to hear that you & your Mother,
Brothers & sisters were all well, & doing well, it is a great
satisfaction to me to hear of my friends being well & doing well I am
verry [very?] glad that you took such pains to give the particulars
respecting all my friends & near relatives in Ireland, I was verry
[very?] sorry to hear that temporal difficulties had come across my
aged & loving brother who was when young highly esteemed by all that
knew him I yesterday wrote a letter to brother John in which I
requested him to let me know what the difficulties were that you could
not rightly explain, it is a great pleasure to me to hear of my friends
being well & doing well & sorry when I hear of any difficulties attend
any of them; but I still wish to hear the truth let it be good or bad
dear James I have the pleasure of letting you know that I enjoy good
health, but find that age is pulling me fast down,my head almost white
& somewhat balded though my face [?] is still full & rudy [ruddy?]
coloured, my children & their families are also, I believe at present
well I have seen none of James Pattys family nor my son Francis Hugh
since spring a year ago, but William Beck my son was down there a few
weeks ago, they were then all well & doing well, James Noland & Martha
Burns my daughter were well a few days ago & their two children also,
my son William & his family are also well Joseph Elliot & Susannah &
their 3 children are well & doing well, I now have my home with them,
he is now seeding my farm & some of the wheat he has sown is now up
green there are only about 26 acres of my place yet cleared & fit for
cultivation Joseph will seed about twelve or thirteen of it this fall,
there are about 6 or seven acres of it in meadow, the rest for oats
next spring ........................
To give you particular & full statement of the Agricultural,
manufactural commercial & Political state of the country is more than
I can do properly at this time. Agriculture is rapidly improving & the
Agriculturist are the most happy & indipendent [independant?] people &
a number of them can ride to their meetings or places of worship in
their silver mounted chaise or sedans. Cotton & woolen Manufacturies
are getting to be established in every good town & Manufacturies of
every kind are geting [getting?] to be established in many parts of
the union, so that it appears to me that the United States will like
England become a great Manufacturing Country and as for commerce we
have commerce with all parts of the civilised world & peace with all-
Mexico I believe feels dissatisfied that Texas [Texas?] is anexed
[annexed?] to the United States but suppose she will [not?] declare war
against us, as she is weak its not in her power to do us any injury,
without some stronger power assist them, & none will, without Great
Britain does, & I think as they have tried the United States twice,
they know better than to try them again as we are four times as strong
as we were the time of the last war, you stated in your letter that if
an eruption should take place, that our Navey [Navyey?] [Navy?] be sent to
the bottom of the deep & our Maritime Cities left in ashes, but the time
of the last war we had four victories on the deep for one that Britain
had, & our Maritime strength 4 times what it was then, & the British
settlements anxious to become now apart of the union, these
considerations & knowing that was would be [?] to both countries I
think we will continue at peace. As to the political state of the
country, Politics runs high at present we are three political parties,
Whigs Democrats & Abolitionists or liberty party, I shall send you
now some whig Journals, & probable will again send you some loco
journals so you can see how both views Politics, the Locos assumes the
name of Democrats but I think they do not advocate democratic
principals, they advocate a one man power & if their plan be carried
out we will become a Monarchy but I hope they will soon see that the
Whig policy is the most Democratic. Our State election is the 14th of
next month after that I will send you some more Journals ................
I shall now quit politics & give you a brief sketch of the country
this country is a flat country & rich soil & when well cultivated
produces great crops, corn or maize will turn out from 20 to 60
Bushels per acre and one of our neighbours thinks he will this season
have 75 bushels to the acre of wheat will yield from 15 to 40 bushels
per acre & other crops in proportion as the crops has been abundant
this season, grain is fell in price verry [very?] low before harvest
wheat sold at 75 & 80 cents per bushel of [?]lles & is now down to 50
cents, but the journals I send you will show you the price of all
kinds grain and every thing else in Cincinnati it had not 2000
inhabitants & but last spring above 80,000 ....
Dear James it astonishes me to hear of the rapit [rapid?] improvement
of Ireland, in my day there there was no such factories as that you
are concerned in ... And it seems also strange that Common work hands
in that country get but 15 or 20 per annum & that Archibald & you
get so large salaries Time wont admit of me to write any more as I
must to the post office before the mail closes please give my loving
respects to your Mother & to your brothers & Sisters & to your Mothers
brothers & sisters that I was acquaint[acquainted with?] when young, & to
Mr David McConnell that was my near neighbour &when you write to me again
let me know [how?] they all are & where they reside I add no more but my
children desires their loving respects to be sent to you & to their aunt
Eliza & all their cousins
And believe me dear James Alexander to be your
James Beck