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Title: C.A.Hutchinson, Philadelpia, to Her Mother, Londonderry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHutchinson, Catherine/15
SenderHutchinson, Catherine A.
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationDerry, N.Ireland
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD.1665/3/7: Presented by Mrs. Helen O'Neill, Ballymena, Co Antrim.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9407022
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count833
Transcript Philidelphia [Philadelphia?]
June 25th 1855

My dear Mother i hope you do not think that i have forgoton
forgotten you by my not answering your last letter but indeed i
have not ever can i sent you answer paper the day after i was married
that was on the 22 of March My h husband name is Hugh Hutchinson he
is from near Cookstown in the County Tyron [tyrone?] he is in this country
this 21 years now i may say that he is american but not in princapall
[principle?] for he is an irish man in all his ways he is very kind to me
and i now [know?] he will be sow [so?] as long as we boath [both?] live
he is a carpenter to traid [trade?] Caries [carries?] on bisnus [business?]
for him selfe [self?] you now [know?] that i never had mutch [much?]
pleasure in my young days sow [so?] i hope to have som [some?] now i now
[know?] that i have one to love me for myselfe [myself?] that has not one
thought but to make me happy i wish you only new [knew?] him he offen
[often?] wishes [wishs?] that Capt. Mitchell was coming here now i would
be sow [so?] glad i would have a place of my one [own?] to see him in and
i now [know?] that the Capt. would be pleased with him Dear Mother i
hope that you and the children is well and that the Capt.was in good health
when he was at home as there is nothing would give me more pleasure than
to heare [hear?] of his well doing give my love to him in the warmest maner
[manner?] and hops [hope?] to see him in Philidelphia [Philadelphia?] soon
Dear Mother i received the three quilts and too [two?] pillows from Mark
and i thank you very Mutch [Much?] for them i never maid [made?] a quilt
in my life i always thought when i would want them that you had them and
that i woul [would?] git [get?] what would doo [do?] me from you i heare
[hear?] that Capt. Hagerty is coming out in a new ship i would like vere
[very?] mutch [much?] to see him you tell him sow [so?] Dear Mother tell
Mrs Mullin that Margaret is married to Patrick McKue [McHugh?] on the 22
of May we were at her wedding she is very cofortable [comfortable?] and
has a nice place she sends her love to her mother she says that she will
rite soon i hope that you will rite soon and tell me if you heard
anething [anything ?] of David i wonder in the world what has become of
him he is vere [very?] unkind not to rite to some of us poor John would
rite no mater [matter?] where he was but the best always goes he was not
to [too?] good to gow [go?] where he went i was verey [very?] sorrey
[sorry?] to hear of Tom Eakins inlistin [enlisting?] i think this way of
reflection on wans [one's?] one [own?] when thear [they are?]out of work
is not good i think the [they?] out [ought?] not to be disheartened as
long as his father was liven [living?] if he was a little while out
of work the out [ought?] to put up with it but i am verey [very?] sorrey
[sorry?] for Mr and Mrs Eakins for it would been better the had
[-----?] him then the would now [know?] where he was give my love to
them in the warmest maner [manner?] and to Sarah and Marey [Mary?] Ann
give my love to Willey and Daniel and i hope the are good boys and goes
to school i doo [do?] trust in god that the will not gow [go?] to Sea
the see the end of it dose Willey still think of beeing [being?] an
engineer i think it would be verey [very?] good give my love to Mrs
Hagerty and to Mrs Clark and little Sarah and to all my friends in
derrey [Derry?] i hope you will rite by return of post as i want to rite
again however you send with the letters to me dos [doe's?] not pay for
them i did not get one letter post paid since i came back here i can say
no more as Hugh is going to finish this i send my love to your selfe
[self?] i remain Dear Mother your afectionet [affectionate?] Dather
[daughter?] Catherine A Hutchinson
Dr [Dear?] Mother. Excuise [excuse?] mee [me?]
for calling me that before you know mee but I knowed another mum i
could still [y-----?] Cathren Ann wished me to rite a part of this
letter and all I cane [can?] say that i will bee [be?] glad to see any
of her friends coming to see her is [as?] shee [she?] has not maney
[many?] Dear Mum i send you my kindest love to you & your famley
[family?] Ca In Iarland [Ireland?]
Nomor [No more?] at present
But remens [remains?] your Son and Dather [Daugther?]

To Diethe [Death?]
Cathren [Cathrine?] A & H Hutchinson
direct your letter No 71 South
twelth st below Locoust [Locust?]