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Title: Henry & Ruth Hutchison to Alexander Hutchison
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHutchison, Henry/21
SenderHutchinson, Henry
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDetroit, Michigan, USA
DestinationTandragee, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
RecipientHutchinson, Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3258/9/1 Acc11987: Deposited by Mrs. A. Hutchison
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9309344
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TranscriptDetroit Sept. 30th 1845

Dear Brother
I received your kind Letter the 26th inst which gave us all much Cause to
rejoice that you are well which these few Lines Leaves us all well at prent
[present?] thanks to the most High God for all his mercies to us who has
preserved us in the midst of Death there has been a Great Breach in my famley [family?] the Last three years I have buried My wife and 3 children but the Lord Giveth and the Lord taketh blessed bee [be?] the name of the Lord I am maried [married?] the third time and has got a wife in every Sence [sense?] of the word I Still have Seven Children Living four Girls and three Boyes [boys?] the Eldest is A Girl Margrit [Margaret?] Jane is 16 years of age Mary Matilda is the Second Ellen Isebel [Isabel?] is the Third Marshal Walker is the fourth Robert George is the fifth Henry is the Sixth William is the Seventh [------?] he is 4 years old. Uncle James is Dead about 2 years ago the boyes [boys?] & my aunt is Living in Pitsburg [Pittsburgh?] Casin [cousin?] Robert is at my house now he is here on a [Camison?] from the preilitry [prelacy?] hee [he?] is a Covenanting Minister Brother Robert is Living in the State of Penselvany [Pennsylvania?] near Pitsburg [Pittsburgh?] Casin [cousin?] James is also near Pitsburg [Pittsburgh?] I have never Saw Brother Robert Since he Came to this Country his Son Henry is Dead nearly five years he Died in Detroit I have lived in Detroit these ten years Mr. Samul [Samuel?] A. [Threue?] is well & Mr. James Donelson is well you write you would Like to Come to this Country if I could encarage [encourage?] you all I Can Say is this that I would not Exchange this for aney [any?] other I ever Saw or read of and to advise you I dirs't [dare?] not you might not bee [be?] contented here which most Likly [likely?] would bee [be?] the case but your Children would Like it I am Sure and you Could do far better [By?] them you Can by [buy?] Lan [land?] at Goverment [government?] prise [price?] at one Dollar and 1/4 pr [per?] acra [acre?] which would bee [be?] about ú21 for eighty acers [acres?] and from one pound to five [improved?] farms pr [per?] acra [acre?] I think on the hole [whole?] you would better your Self mutch [much?] By Coming to this Country here Every Man is Lord of the Soil he owens [owns?], there is no rent yearly it is his and hairs [hers?] for Ever you mentined [mentioned?] you wanted to now [know?] what kind of articles to Bring with you beds and Beding [bedding?] and a plentiful Stack of Linnins [linens?] but it would bee [be?] well to have it made up as it Might bee [be?] Siesed [seized?] at the Customhouse unless you Enter it and pay dutey [duty?] on it you need not bring any farming utentals [utensils?] with you as the [they?] would not answer in this Contery [country?] Catle [cattle?] is Cheap here now you Can buy a Good Cow for ten Dollars or two pounds Sterling flour is four Dollars pr [per?] Barl [barrel?] Say 196 lb. or 17 Shillings Sterling Butter is from 13 cents to 18 100 Cents is a Dollar States Curencey [currency?] paetaes [potatoes?] is 25 cents pr [per?] Bushill [bushel?] you will please wright [write?] as Soon as Comes to hand and Let mee [me?] Now [know?] what you intend to Doe [do?] and what bissiness [business?] you intend to folow [follow?] here if farming I might bee [be?] of use to you in Selecting a farm if you Come take pasage [passage?] for Newyork [New York?] as it is the Most Direct rout [route?] to where (turns over) I live and the Cheapest in the End Give my Love to Brother George and famely [family?] tell him that I would bee [be?] Glad to See him and famely [family?] here with you this is a fine Countray [country?] aman [a man?] Can write and Speak his mind freely Liberty of Contions [conscience?] Everyone Can worship his God his own way and none to make him afraid Give my Love to Andrew McCletan and Children remember mee [me?] to Uncle Robert Hutchison and all my Causins [cousins?] Uncle Wm [William?] Douglass and famely [family?] Unkle [uncle?] Robert Dudgless and above all aunt Betty Hutchison Cousin John Hutchison and all inquing [inquiring?] freinds [friends?] Betty Hutchison was at my House [2?] years ago She is wife to Larry Alexander Hutchison James [Bro----?] John Sister is dead about five Months ago the Children all Sains [send?] in Love to you and would bee [be?] Delited [delighted?] to See you all Nomore [no
more?] at present But Remains your Brother and Sister till Death
Henry & Ruth Hutchison
P.S. when you write direct to Henry Hutchison Detroit State Michagan
[Michigan?] America

Mr. Alexander Hutchison
Town of Caran Parish
Tandergee [Tanderagee?] to the Care of
the post Master Tandergee [Tanderagee?]