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Title: J. Fisher & Sons, Philadelphia, U.S.A., to T. Greer, Dungannon, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileJ. Fisher & Sons/17
SenderJ. Fisher & Sons
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientGreer, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1044/204: Deposited by the Late Captain U. Mc G. Greer.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9505126
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Transcript[Postmarked] BRISTOL

To: Thomas Greer
per Cap[tain?] Hood
via Bristol

From: Philadelphia 10th Mo [Month?] 20th 1769

Esteemed Friend
Thine of 11th of 7th Month last with 6 [pieces?]
Linnens [Linens?] for the Ballance [Balance?] of Account due us
we reced [received?] & are satisfied therewith - The Present serves
chiefly to forward an Order for Sundry Linnens [Linens?],
according to our directions herewith sent & inclosed [enclosed?]
thou Last our Draft on Raphael vas da Silva for œ200 Sterg [Sterling?]
which with the Debenture, we suppose will fully pay the Amount.
Should this Bill by any unforeseen Accident not meet with
due honour, we desire thou will order it to be delivered to
our Friends Harford & Powell in London, who will take
the Necessary Care for our Security
It will give us much Satisfaction to hear of the
Repeal of Acts Complained of that we may have Union &
harmony again restored & that Trade may get into its former
Channell [Channel?] & flourish to mutual Advantage.
Our Friend Rachel Wilson having nearly compleated
[completed?] her Visit to this Continent to great Satisfaction
to People of all Societies, & so great an Openess has appeared
in many Places that we have reason to believe thise [these?]
her acceptable Visits will not easily be erased from the
Minds of many but prove everlasting Benefit - She has
thoughts of Embarking in abt [about?] 14 days per Cap
[Captain?] Falconer - Thy Respectful & Assur'd Friends
Joshua Fisher & Sons
Thomas Greer

Invoice of Sundry Linnens [Linens?] to be shipt [shipped?]
per Thomas Greer on Account of Joshua Fisher & Sons in Case
the Revenue Acts are not Repealed per first Vessell [Vessel?]
direct for Philadelphia but in case those Acts are repealed,
then they are to be sent per first Vessell [Vessel?] for
Liverpool, with orders that they be shipt [shipped?] per
first Vessell [Vessel?] from thence for Philadelphia

50 [pieces?] 7/8 Irish Linnens [Linens?] 10 1/2 & 11d
40 [pieces?] 7/8 Irish Linens 12d
20 [pieces?] 7/8 Irish Linens 13d & 14d
10 [pieces?] 7/8 Irish Linens 15d
10 [pieces?] 7/8 Irish Linens 16d & 18d
10 [pieces?] 7/8 Irish Linens 19 & 20
20 [pieces?] yd wd [yardwide?] Irish Linens 15 & 16d
20 [pieces?] yd wd [yardwide?] Irish Linens 17 & 18d
20 [pieces?] yd wd [yardwide?] Irish Linens 19 & 19 1/2

Linens ordered by Sundry Persons Exclusive of Annexed
200 [pieces?]
30 [pieces?] from 12 to 2/2 for Thos [Thomas?] Grubb at Jas
[James?] Green & J: Christy
60 [pieces?] for Wm [William?] Birkbeek & Co [Company?] [?]
40 [pieces?] from 20 to 23d for Thos [Thomas?] & Jas [James?]
30 [pieces?] 7/8 Wides from Lowest to 13d Do [Diito?] [for
Thomas & James Nicholson?]