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Title: John Jackson, [Missouri?], to "Dear Uncle".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileJackson, John/20
SenderJackson, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMissouri, USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Mrs. I.J. Beattie, 120 Carsonstown Rd., Lisowen, Saintfield, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, BT24 7JN
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park.
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Transcript[Missouri?] August 1854

Dear Uncle
You must Excuse my negligence for
not writing to you Before now the Reason was
I was so [unfortunate?] kept down with Sickness
and distress that I did not feel much like writing
to any one I had a letter from John in Erie A
few days ago - Thomas and him were both well
Told me Thomas had gone a Pleasure Trip till New
York & Boston His letter and one I received from
Brother Wm [William?] had lain in the Office for
nearly three months the reason was I was
[damaged] the sickness could not attend
the office I was grubing [grubbing?] out here all
winter By [damaged] acre was not able to hire
out by the month as I was not very Healthy By
Srdy [Saturday?], my leg was weak and badly [afflicted?]
I hired out two months in Spring there was Great
Thunder Storms with Heavy Rains I Could not make much
speed so as to get into shelter got awful wettings, I
took bad with Fever & Ague Besides Billious
fever has Been laid up Better than three months.
Getting some better now I Expect soon to be at work
again I had a little money stored up which was
useful during my sick spell when sickness occurs
here money soon leaves you Doctors Bills comes pretty
high Besides Board Provisions of every kind has been
very high here has every appearance of being higher
Crops of every kind looks miserable out there with
the exceptions of wheat has been a very dry warm
summer Has been a great many folks sun struck
nothing strange to see horses fall down dead on the
levy of St Louis with excessive heat
Uncle I suppose you have
heard of me giving my Young Brother Wm [William?] the
prefference [preference?] of my land By paying James
my just dept [debt?] and sending me the amount I
already mentioned to him I have had several letters
from him likewise on [one?] from James I understand
as much by Wm [William?] letters as Mr Andrews is a
little dissatisfied with William I am Realy [really?]
affraid [afraid?] he will not let him have it
I wrote Mr Andrews in the
month of May telling him I was desirous of Brother
Wm [William?] getting my place as he had been a good
friend of mine in distress [Stating?] if
he objected him to [put?] it up at publick [public?]
[or?] Private sale which even he thought best in case
Brother James was the highest bidder he was welcome to
I put that dependence
in Mr Andrew that he will do the best he can for
me in disposing of it to the highest and best bidder
it is very hard for one to get along in a strange land
among strangers in an unhealthy condition without
a [like?] home if Wm [William?] thinks he will get it I
have not the least objection but am afraid not as he
will think the two brothers would disagree so near each
other Uncle being as your pretty much out in Publick [public?]
you might try to get a good merchant for my place
I understand times is more [recovering?]
there prices for grain has been pretty high this two years
By [past?] this long sick spell has made me some home sick
if my money had not been gone I likely would have
took a trip home at November it might have
been the means of Regaining my health When
you receive this letter you can let Wm [William?] see
it I did not write in receipt of his last I want you
to write me as soon as possible and let me have the real
sentiments of your mind how matters is likely to go about
my [land?] I know this is to [too?] much trouble but you
and my Aunt has put yourselves to more trouble than
this will be, in Regard of my Fathers family I
hope you and her both enjoys perfect health - not
forgetting my Cousins Day is drawing near a
Close Good By [goodbye?] write soon
let me know everything new.
John Jackson
Direct to Rock Hill
Post Office [Missouri?]