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Title: Jane Johnson, Antrim to Henry Johnson, Smithville.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileJohnson, Jane/53
SenderJohnson, Jane
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationmentions starting business
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCo. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationSmithville, Canada West
RecipientJohnson, Henry
Recipient Gendermale
SourceJane Johnson, Antrim to Henry Johnson, Smithville.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9404131
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TranscriptLetter 8
Jane Johnson, Antrim to Henry Johnson, Smithville, Canada West
11 April 1849

Antrim, April 11, 1849
My Dear & Beloved Husband

I received your kind Letter on the 5th April and I do assure you it
was a welcome Sight to me to hear from you. I was thinking great long
to hear how you were getting on. Dearest Henry you might have thought
it a foolish speculation me commencing business in Antrim again but I
done every thing for our benifet [benefit?] and for the best. If I had
not done it I would have got nothing from my Uncle Langford. Him and my
Father assisted me in beginning again and also it was to keep me from
thinking long but all would not do. I have nearly broak [broke?] my
heart thinking long about you being in a Strange and wild Country but I
hope you have got the worst over you. I am glad to hear of you meeting
with such a friend as I believe Mr. Barber to be. He is from Antrim I
believe. You say he is Cousin to Mr. James Philips. I wrote my Second
Letter to you on the 13th March thinking that my first might have by some
means gone astray. I wrote in it that Mr. James Philips has got Married
and that he was thinking of going out on Business to Quebeck [Quebec?].
I sent him a note when I received yours to know if he was going out but he
says not. He is going to remain another Year in Belfast. He says anything
he can do for me he will be happy to do it for me. He Says you are in good
hands when you are in the hands of Mr. J. Barber. He believes him to be a
Methodist. Dear Henry, I expected that when you fell in so well that you
would have sent me a little Money with the letter as you promised to do.
Then I would not have been depending on my friends to assist me in going
as I am affraid [afraid?] I will not have as much as will take me and the
Children. Dear Henry I will do what I can to be ready to go out again
May or June with the help of God but I will write again before that I go
and let you know the name of the Ship that I go in and to what port.
Dearest Henry I expect you will come there to meet me and the two
Children as I do not know of any person going out from this Country as yet.
My father and Mother and Family are very unwilling for me to go untill [until?] next Spring and he says he would be more able to give me some help
but Dearest I am going to take your advice on the matter and I hope the
Lord will be with me and you in our undertakings. You wish me to let you
know if H. Beck payed me the money. He gave me £4 10s with a great
deal of trouble. In the hope and prospect of meeting you Shortly. I Pray
God to protect and take care of you in my absence
I remain Your faithful
and affectionate Wife to Death
Jane Johnson

P.S. Dear Henry, you wish me write about how Antrim People are comming
[coming?] on. There is Nearly every other Door Closed. The People can
[scarcely?] live in it. Thomas Gregory & his mother sayled [sailed?]
in March to Yew York. The whole cry of the People is the town
& Country is Down. Dear, I wrote in my last letter about my Sister Eleaner
Going to get Married on the 10th April. I was witness to the [knot?] being
tyed [tied?] between Robert Gibson and her. Langford is going to be
Married to Miss Crofferd [Crawford?], A Daughter of Ben Crofferd [Crawford?].
My Sister Betty is about to get Married to James Harper, so you see it is
every one for there [their?] own hand. Little Mary was bad for a fortknight [fortnight?] but [she?] is Getting better. Alexander is well. My Father & Mother and all the Family are all well, Your Mother is well and she desires me to remember her to you. Your Uncle Mecky is well and is Just the old sixpence he was all togegther [altogether?]. Displeased at you not in writing [writing?] to him I think. Dear Henry when you and me meet we will have many a old story to tell each other. I do hope and trust that will not be long till we meet to part no more, no more to part.
the Almighty God be with
You is the Prayer of your
Wife Jane Johnson

I love to think on thee as one
With whoom [whom?] the strife is oer
and feel that I am journing [journeying?]
on wasted and weary and alone
to Join thee on that shore
Where thou I know wilt look for me
and I for ever be with thee
Jane Johnson

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