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Title: William Johnson, Pennslyvania, to Johnson Family, L'derry
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileJohnson, Job/7
SenderJohnson, Job and William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlinen traders?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOxford, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipthey write to their family
SourceT3700/1A: Deposited by Prof. Curtis Wood & Dr Charlotte Arnold
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.1200266
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptCopy of the original and typescript transcript of a
letter from William and Job Johnson, Oxford,
Pennsylvania, to their brothers John, Robert and James
Johnson, Slatabogy [Slaghtybogy?] Co. Londonderry.

[Addressed to?] John Johnson in Slatabogy [Slaghtybogy?],
To the care of Mr. James Barclay, Merchant in Maghera,
County of Londonderry.

Oxford Township, March the 2th [2nd?], 1766.

Dear and Loving Brethren,
We trouble you again with a few lines to let you know
that we are both well in Health, since our last unto you
Thanks Be to the Almighty God who has so Abundantly Been
Favourable to us in this our Pilgrimage, with that
Precious Jewel Health, and we Hope that These Lines will
find one and all of you in perfect Health Both in Body
and Mind for which we are Both very sollicitous
[solicitous?] Concerning and would be Glad that one and
all of you [-----?] Not Neglect any Convenient
opportunity of letting [-------?]. The same from time
to time During our Pilgrimage in [---------?] Land Dear
Brethren we have Nothing Further to write to [--------?]
of good (sic) but what we have already wrote This Being
the Ninth [---------?] that we Have Sent Home This Year,
Eight by Hugh McCagen [---------?] is Gone Home and
although he was in this Town had no [------------?]
opportunity of speaking with him before the Departure
[-----------?] to let Cousin Robert Johnson Know that I
have got to under [----------?] his Son Isaac had put
Himself Apprentice to a Chair [--------?] Short Time
Before His Death But the Term he was Bound [--------?].
Master's Name I have not as yet Justly come to know
[------?]. He died in the said Man's House of an
Intermiting [Intermitting?] fever [------?] was took
care of During his Illness very much by a Girl
[-------?] I supose [suppose?] some one of the Wilsons
Which Stayed at the said Man's House; And Be also Pleased
to Let George Given know that I [sic] having [---sion?]
about Forty also to go [----------?] [-----?] forty
Called in the Coming Back to see the Widow [-----------?]
William Hay, at Trenton when I had the opportunity of
[------------?] From him Directed to William Hay and His
Love to us. Therein [----?] Desiring Us to see about His
Son David who Has Left the [-----?] Here, therefore as
soon as I Got Back I went to Philedel [Philadelphia?]
[------ng?] to Buy Him Back from the said Captain and
to Put the [------?] Matter if it Lay in My Power as I
could Get No other [-------?] Him off. But the said
Ship went to New York that the [-----?] So that it was
utterly out of Our Power to do anything for him. But
let them not be in any concern About Him For I Have
Reason to Think that it was the Best Step That He Could
Take Both for Soul and Body, and He May Come to that
which None of the Brethren ever will Come by staying at
Home a Roasting of Potatoes. Dear Brethren we Must Let
You (sic) that we charge you very Much with Not Letting
us Know in any of your letters you wrot [wrote?] [------?]
know all our Good Old Neighbours are, Especially George
Givan [-----?] Though He May Think We have Forgotten him
Being At Such a Distance from Each other yet when Brother
William and I mate [meet?] [we?] seldom part without Have
[having?] His Name in Some of our Discourse. If He was
Here He would make well out at Making of Brooms. [to?]
Sweep Houses with, there being a Great Call for Such
Tredsmen [tradesmen?]. For sixpence per Broom, so
that if he is not failed since we [went?] away He Might
Make Easily Six of them Each Day. Besides [---?] Meat
and Drink as Slatabogie [Slaghtybogy?] Never Can Afford
Him. Having no more at present to Acquaint any of you
with [----------?] before that you would give our
Kindest Compliments to our Uncles, Aunts, Friends, and
former Acquaintances and we would Take it as a feavour
[favour?] if any of them that would [----?] us with a
letter. Hereafter So We conclude With our Real [-----?]
to Sister Martha and Sister Elizabeth While We Remain
[------?] and Loving Brethren
Your Most Affectionate and Ever Loving Brothers
William & Job Johnson

P.S. [Post Script?] Dear Uncle John. If you could Get
Me Sent with some Safe Hand In the Spring About Ten yards
of Linen Well Bleached and of yard width Thirteen Hundred
on Fourteen Hundred Cloth. It would very much oblige
your Most Loving Nephew and humble Servant Job Johnson.
We have had Little or no Winter here this year; and
of Snow not any but what lay on the Ground for four or
five days only. The Stamp Act has Not Taken place here
as yet. The people Stand so Much Against it, but it is
forced upon some of our Islands Especially Jamaica,
Nova Scotia, Where at present they make Legal prizes of
a [-----?] going in there. But we Expect Now Every Day
to Hear of it being Repeated, or Forced Upon us By Men
of War [---------?]. Here to be Sent to Block up our
Trade untill [until?] we be obliged to take [The?]
Cursed Commodity Called the Stamp Act which is all the
name for it here.