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Title: Letter from [Henry?] Johnston to Moses Johnston
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileJohnston, Henry/117
SenderJohnston, Henry
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlinen trader
Sender ReligionProb. Protestant
OriginLoughbrickland, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationPennsylvania, USA
RecipientJohnston, Moses
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3578/3: Deposited by Mrs Henriette Gerwity.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9407055
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 04:07:1994.
Word Count382
Mr Moses Johnston, to the Care of Mr James Hamilton
at the sign of the Black Bull 46 mile from
[Paicock?] Town Ship Lancaster County
of Favour Mr. Willm [William?] Cunning [Cunningham?]

Dear Brother LBLand [Loughbrickland?] 3 June 1784

Having the opportunity of a Friend William Cunning
who will perhaps see you himself, as he is not determined what Course
He will steer when he is in Philadelfea [Philadelphia?]. I wrote you
about [the 5th?] of March last by Thos [Thomas?] Hawthorn Brother to
Jas [James?] Hawthorn of Phil.ed [Philadelphia?] and told you that
the people of Ireland in General are dissatisfied [disatisfied?] with
some restriction kept on our trade, when they [----?] to have been
Relieved by our own Parliament last Spring, but are disappointed,
and at present there is great murmurings among most People and
some Towns have [Interest?] into Resolutions not to Import any Goods
from England untill [until?] We are fixed on a more Equal Footing
in the way of Trade with the manufacturers of Britaian [Britain?]
Viz Dublin Cork & Belfast the Volunteer Army seems
determined to have these restrictions taken off and [---?]
they are numerous yet they are daily Increasing but I hope
it will be settled in an Amicable manner [--------------------?]
had a very hard Summer last year oatmeal sold at six shilling
a score here for some short time we had a good crop & yet the meal
has sold some time past at 3;4 pf [per?] score but now looks down our
winter was hard beginning at Christmas & I may say continued
untill [until?] may we have a general a fine appearance of a [trophy?]
year and in particular Flax but some American [said miss.d?] but
very little. When you write I wish you would be more particular
and let me know if you were concerned in the war, what quantity of
Land you hold and what you make yearly by itt what wages Trades
men get also Labourers & [S--?] [Girls?] & how your country is inhabited
what way they live and what business is carried on [& the?]
like if you have made money as fast as members say they do
in America you might now be able to send over some [F. seed?]
and get any of this Country's Goods you might stand in [---?]
of in Return Thank God my Family & Brother John is in health
I add no more but Remains your loving Brother.
Hen [Henry?] Johnston