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Title: James Johnston, Castlederg to Robert Young, New York State
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileJohnston, James/221
SenderJohnston, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationshop keeper
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCastlederg, Co.Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationMontgomery, New York, USA
RecipientYoung, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
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TranscriptCastlederg April the 10th 1838
Mr Robert Young, Now for a letter but I am
at alloss [a loss?] to know what to say as
I suppose you are expecting mee [me?] busy
this time from hearing my Calculations before
But Robert when I came home I found our peaple
[people?] quite In a Diferent [different?] way
of thinking than I expected you will Remember
hearing mee [me?] speak of one brother I had
in as [a?] store and his time been up last fall
and of my Intenshion [intention?] of haveing
[having?] him over with mee [me?] this Spring
But my mother would not hear tell of one of the
family leaving home But she requested mee [me?]
to joihn [join?] Him In a grocer Shop on Dergbridg
[Dergbridge?] I told my Inteshion [intention?] of
going back to America but through persuation
[persuasion?] I agread [agreed?] to give Shop
kepping [shopkeeping?] a trial So him and mee
[me?] are now In our own Shop and has a good Share
of busness [business?] And Robert When he is once
Establisht [established?] I mean to return for I
cannot fall in to the Customs of the people as well
[as?] I expectted [expected?] But I think only my
duty to asist [assist?] Him with alittll [a little?]
money for awhile [a while?] But Robert I certainly
Have spent A very pleasent [pleasant?] winter Among
my relations and Old acquaintances but I suppose you
think I ought to Say Something About the fair Sect
to that I Cannot Say Much But this I will Say
go where I will I see none to excell [excel?] the dauters
[daughters?] of Earins [Erin's?] green aile [isle?] But
none of them is willing to say the [they?] will go to
America Robert plase [please?] right [write?] as soon
as you reacive [receive?] these fue [few?] lines and
let me [know?] How the times are as regards the money
buisness [business?] or if the [there?] are any Change
(sic) Since I left your Countray [Country?] the have [there
Been a great excitement here among the peaple [people?]
about the Canada war wee [we?] have had several recuiting
[recruiting?] parties here this winter Let mee [me?] know Robert
if you have been at school this winter and let mee [me?]know
how your mother and family is as it would give mee [me?]
plesure [pleasure?] to hear of you all enjoying health
and Comfert [Comfort?] and Robert I hope you are doing
every thing in your power to add Comforts and hapiness
[happiness?] on your mother and family Robert you will
plese [please?] let mee [me?] know if any thing Particular has
hapened [happened?] in the time since I left there Let
Cousin Alexander know our people desires to be remember
in the Cincerist [sincerest?] maner [manner?] and a
great many more too numerous to mention and let him
know that I was astonished to see so many changes among
my old and young friends as for myself I am the smallest
man in the family Andrew stands six feet three inches
high and Margret [Margaret?] is taller than her mother
and you may judge ab [about?] the rest of the family Robert
the bearer of this is of [off?] to morow [tomorrow?]
morning and I am in such a hurry I have not time to right
[write?] but you will plase [please?] excuse any thing you
see amiss You will plese [please?] remember mee [me?] to your
mother and the family and to All enquireing [enquiring?]
friends Right [write?] as soon as you recive [receive?]
this and you will much oblige your old friend James
Johnston Robert I am in good health thanks bee [be?]
to the giver of every good gift Good buy [bye?] I am in
good health. James Johnston. Robert right [write?] soon
good buy [bye?] good buy [bye?]
good buy [bye?]

James Johnston to Robert Young
(father Johnston Young) died 11-19-1836)
Robert (b 11-28-1818) took charge of the Barkley/Young
homestead after his father died. He visited Altamullan,
N.Ireland in 1890. There is no record that James Johnston
returned to America after his visit 1837/38

Envelope addressed to Mr Robt Young
Montgomery Orange County New York

(Transcribed by Michael McKnight.)