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Title: James Kelly, Desertmartin to John Kelly, Pennsylvania
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileKelly, James/167
SenderKelly, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationteacher
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDesertmartin, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
DestinationFranklin, Pennsylvania, USA
RecipientKelly, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceThe Kelly Family Documents: Copyright Retained by The Ulster American Folk Park.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
Doc. No.300018
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Word Count890
TranscriptDesertmartin, 1st June 1822

Dear John

I Recd.[Received?] your last Letter from which I am
glad to hear your family are all well. We are all in
good health at present, Mary is now Making a rapid
progress in learning, she can Read the Testament
Tolerably correct, and my opinion is, that she'll be
very sharp at any thing she engages, - Hugh has left
Desertmartin about two Months ago, and is gone
to be Overseer in Belfast Bridewell under Sergt.
Henry, his salary is 14÷ p [per?] Annum with Boarding
James Henry was Discharged from the Clerkship in
Bridewell by Order of the Sovereign about six months
since, and he has now got in to be Turnkey. He
was Married at November last to a young woman
in Belfast, - I have given up all notions of
Going to America, my circumstances wont allow
me to take all the family Over, and I cannot
think of leaving them here behind me without
the Means of Subsistence, - some Gentlemen in
Moneymore have invited me to open School
in that Town, and if they give me sufficient
Encouragement in all probability I'll leave
Desertmartin tho [though?], it is only in
contemplation yet.
I have applied to some Gentlemen for a Passage
to Botany Bay as my inclination lies to that
Hemisphere rather than to America, and if I could
leave the family my inclination would be to see
that country.
On account of Hugh leaving me, I am more closely
confined than usual both to the School and also to
other employment, viz selling and shoviling
[shovelling?] the Potatoes cutting Turf etc. - I
have taken some Disease in my Eyes since Easter
last, and I am much afraid I'll lose the sight of
one of them, I intend to try what effect the salt
water will have on me this summer, it is
with difficulty I can see to write this letter.
William never sent me a Letter but one since
he parted with me, and I answered it, and would have
written frequently to him if I knew where he was, he
might think worth his Notice to Write me once in
12 Months at least, he must be very busily employ'd
if he cannot afford that much time, he sd [said?],
you gave me a better Description of the country than
he could, that I grant, yet the same Country may
Wear different aspects to Different Travellers.
Joseph Brown particularly Requests that either
you or William will make strict enquiry into his Brother
John's Situation and Circumstances, and send him or me
a true acct [account?] of the same, and he will send
him 10÷ if he can get an opportunity, he applied to
me frequently to get money remitted to him. I'll send
the Money enclosed either to you or Wm. [William?] if
he give it to me, after you send me an An/r [Answer?]
to this with Directions how to remit.
You would have Recd. [Received?] a letter sooner
from me but I could get no Passenger going from this
Neighbourhood to America, and I did not like to send
it by Post.
I have not received any account from Mr. Hamerton
since, nor do I know whether he be in Newry yet or
not, you mentioned something in your last Letter
about Writing to him for some Money, to take Mary to
America, But if I want Money till I get it from him
By Writing to him for it my Purse 'ill be a long
time empty, as long I can earn one Shilling by my
own honest exertions Mary will not want a part of it,
for she'll never get a frown from me on acct.[account?]
of any expenses she may [issue?][to?] me, while I
have her in charge.
Since Nov. last there was great confusion throughout
the S. W. Districts of Ireland with Murder, Robbery, and
Burning; a Mr. Shea's House and Entire family (Seventeen
in Number) were burned to Ashes in one night, and now
they are (the Peasantry) in a state of starvation in 7
counties viz., Limerick, Cork, Kerry, Clare &c. The
Noblemen of England, Ireland, & Scotland, are Raising
subscriptions for the relief of the Starving Poor of those
counties; in London there was 50,000÷ raised in Belfast
about 1500÷ in Dublin 7221÷ &c. every town in proportion
to their ability - If you think John Brown [is?]
in need of help let me know in your next letter and I'll
get something sent to him from Joseph, you did not [torn]
[relate?] your employment to me in your last Letter or
whether you were in business or not. I send this by James
Kenning who intends to go to Virginia. I answered about
24 Charades &c. in this years Almanack, Thompson's
Questions are only Answered by the Preposer [proposer?]
these 2 years. - I believe I'll stop in this House another
Season if I stay in this town.
Give my Compliments to Mrs Kelly and I am
glad that William gave her such a character as he
has done, he told me in his letter that he experienced
great friendship at her hands greater by far
than he could have expected from the most intimate
friend in the World.
I am Dr. John your
Most Obedt [Obedient?] &c
James Kelly

*Envelope address:-

Mr. John Kelly
Franklin Venango County and State
of Pennsylvania