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Title: Elizabeth Malcomson, Ireland to Joseph Malcomson, Bucks County
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMalcolmson, Elizabeth/114
SenderMalcomson, Elizabeht
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationBucks Co., Penn., USA
RecipientMalcomson, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD2794/1/2/1: Presented by HH Montgomery, 4 Kensington Grds, Belfast
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9509027
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count539
TranscriptMr Josephine Malcomson
near Boartown
Care of [?[ [--inhorn?]
[Post?] Master, Bucks County
and Buckingham township

March the ø29 1811

Dear Brother
I received your kind Letter [------?] the 3 Which
Was the Greatest matter of rejoicing I ever meet with
We were all thinking you were Dead for we Could
not Get Any Account of you Since the first letter you
Roote [wrote?] After you stopt [stopped?] [---------?]
that you root [wrote?] 3 letters
to me but I received none but the last Which was Deated
[Dated?] november the 4 We were All In great trobble
[trouble?] Concernning you But rechal [Rachel?] was Worce
[Worse?] than us All. She Is A fine Georrel [girl?] handy And smart.
But Will not Except of Any Wman [Woman?] As A sweethart
[sweetheart?] thinking one Day to see you our friends
hear [here?] are All Well At present and Doing Weel [well?]
only unkel [uncle?] Gorge [George?] Lockhart Is very ill And
his Disorder Is [mortal?] your father's fammly [family?] are
Doing very Well the Boys [is?] workiing Well All At hom [home?]
rechal [Rachel?] Was With me 3 months last summer
And I expect She will be the seam [same?] this summer
Dear Josepeth [Joseph?] All you Sead [Said?] in your Letter
Did not rejoice me As much As to hear that you Are ingeged
In the server [service?] of God I had a strange Dream Concerning
you which give me Great plesure [pleasure?] I thought I seen
you stand upright on A large horse And In your Right hand A
[burning?] [And?] In your Left hand a omberell [umbrella?]
spred. [spread?]
I told my [Aunt?] the Dream And She Sead [Said?] the Lord Was
Shruly [surely?] About bless you now my Dear Brother
As the Lord has began at Work in your hart [heart?] you will
never Draw back O my Dear but it is a Lovely thing to be
religes [religious?] to havean [heaven?] hart [heart?] Renewed
And our mind In light And our Sins pardoned then Life or Death
It is will with is [Swoned/Swooned?] Rest It is your preveldge
[Privilege?] Give your houle [whole?] hart [heart?] to Jesus for
he is Worthy of it Indeed there is nothing In this houle
Worth a parting in comparrison to the Love of Christ Jesus
I Could With I had Wings to
[two lines obscured]
your [Brethern?] And sister [--?] [--?] joins me I Renders Love
your [Dear] And Aunt paar [Power?] Aunt [---?] All your
inquiring [enquiring?] friends
your peggy has fore [four?] Children And [Carter?] only two your
Grandmother Is Living yet James Bests [-?] Son is Dead If
you receive this letter let me know for my father Andrew
Reachel [Rachel?] And John has Rote [Wrote?] has Rote [Wrote?] And has
got no Word Right [Wright?] to me As soon as you [--?]
Blessed Is the Dear unighted Love that will not Let us par
our bodies [Mea?] farr of remove we still are one in hart
of Add nomar [no more?] but [mea?] the Lord Jesus Christ keep
But of hope let is all [be?] good [-----?] [----?]
and trust him for What is to com [come?]
I remain your most Affectionate [girl?]
fear [fare?] Well Dear Brother
from Elizabeth Malcolmson
Ired [Ireland?]