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Title: Wm & Robt Mann, Iowa to Joseph Brown, Saintfield.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMann, William and Robert/30
SenderMann, William and Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmers
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWashington Co., Iowa, USA
DestinationSaintfield, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientBrown, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2675/2: Copied by Permission of Joseph Halliday Esq, 341 Albertbridge Road, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007137
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Transcript Washingto Co [Washington County?] Iowa July 19th 1849

Dr [Dear?] friends we received yours
and were glad to here [hear?] from you all but sorry
fur [for?] the ills that has befalen [befallen?] the land ov [of?]
our nativity we are all wall [well?] and hape [hope?] thees [these?] lines
will find you in the posasian [possession?] ov [of?] the same
blesing [blessing?] I moved from Indania [Indiana?] to [?] my son
Robert was living in Iowa in the spring ov [of?] [?]
and am wall [well?] plesed [pleased?] with the cunty [county?] and think th- it is the fast place fur [for?] a pore [poor?] man tha [that?] I have seen you stated that you ware [were?] in a notion ov [of?] cuming [coming?]
her [here?] or to canada we think this far prererable [preferable?] to th--
on many accounts both fur [for?] soil climat [climate?] and Go--- [Government?] and there's grate [great?] [?] in Canada now and [arrivals?]
is looke [looked?] fur [for?] which renders th [the?] publick [public?] mind unesy [uneasy?] if you cum [come?] here you can [?] your salres [salaries?] in land ov [of?] any cind [kind?] either with improvements or not improvements can be got fu [for?] six dollers [dollars?] an acer [acre?] and ther [there?] is any quantity ov [of?] on improved [unimproved?] land which can be had fur [for?] one dollar and 25 cents par acer [per acre?] ther [there?] is thousands ov [of?] acers [acres?] ov [of?] this last sort here covred [covered?] with the best pasture from [?] to 36 inches long it all son [soon?] makes dood [good?] hay and sock [stock?] gats [gets?] fat in summer if a man is not able to buy this land he can go on and improve on it till he is able to pay fur [for?] it
with out [without?] any rant [rent?] or lase [lease?]
and a man can gat [get?] 3 bushels ov [of?] corn fur [for?]
a days work or one bushel and one half ov [of?] wheat
the state ov [of?] society her [here?] is good and a man ov [of?] all
most [almost?] any profesion [profession?] can be suted [suited?] we have hare [here?] preching [preaching?] 3 [?] ov [of?] the time and little [Mr?] Surgen
preches [preaches?] one [?] ov [of?] his time her [here?] allson [also?] I
think you mind him our famly [family?] is mostly all mariad [married?] and [looking?] fur [fur?] their salyes [salaries?] Janan is mariad [married?] William McKissick and Alner is mariad [married?] to James McKissick both Suns [sons?] are Johns McKissiks Robert is mariad [married?] in this s--- and has 2 children one daughter and one sun [son?] Janan had
2 children the [they?] are both dad [dead?] Alner has 3 living and one
dad [dead?] Susania [Susanna?] got mariad [married?] [?] [?] to a young man by th [the?] name ov [of?] Hamilton the [they?] live 40 miles off Joseph William and Sarah Margret is living at home
I have 160 acars [acres?] ov [of?] land 70 ov [of?] which is in cultavation
[cultivation?] and 6 had [head?] ov [of?] horses ad [and?] a fare [fair?]
sock [stock?] ov [of?] cows hoggs [hogs?] and &tc Robert has 60 acers [acres?] ov [of?] land 2 horses and a good sock [stock?] Jan and Alner is living in Illinoise [Illinois?]

You wantad [wanted?] to know the best route to take tcum [to come?] to

this cunty [country?] in the first place try to gat [get?] a pasage [passage?] in an amarican [american?] vesel [vessel?] as the [they?] are the fastest saling [sailing?] vaseles [vessels?] and the most acomadating [accommodating?] seemen [seamen?] 2 try to gat [get?] a pasage [passage?] to Philedalphi [Philadelphia?] then tak [take?] the rail roeds [roads?] fur [for?] Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] if you cannot gato [get to?] Phildalphi [Philadelphia?] either Baltimore or new York will doo [do?] then to Philedalphi [Philadelphia?] and then by Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] then [?] the ohio river to the mouth ov [of?] the Mississipai [Mississippi?] river then to St luis [Louis?] then to Burlington in Iowa whan [when?] you cum [come?] to Pitsburg [Pittsburg?] try to gat [get?] a bat [boat?] that will go all the way to St luis [Louis?] as changen [changing?] boets [boats?] is trublesum [troublesome?] on thees [these?] rivers you will have bargen [bargain?] as you can ther [there?] is non [no one?] sat [set?] pris [price?] and whan [when?] waters is high the fair is low and whan [when?] you cum [come?] to Burlington one ov [of?] you can cum [come?] out her [here?] and leve [leave?] the balence [balance?] in Burlingto [Burlington?] and we will go and hall [haul?] you out you will inquire fur [for?] washington the County seat ov [of?] washingto [washington?] CO as [we?] [live?] handy be n'are [near?] and dont take a pasag [passage?] by new Orleans as many doo [do?] fur [for?] it is not the best way and
and is [far?] from being as ha--- [healthy?] and as agreable [agreeable?]
if you cum [come?] to the conclusion ov [of?] cuming [coming?] we want you
to latt [let?] us kow [know?] as soon as convanient [convenient?] and while
we would not like to advise you fur [for?] fere [fear?] ov [of?] refla-ion
[reflection?] we think that as many ov [of?] you as can get away would do wall [well?] to cum [come?] here John McKissick is living in Illinois
15 miles off William McKissick has moved this spring
to Iowa and Marten is living at Prins-- Indeania [Indiania?]
our daugter [daughter?] Mary is still living in [?] CO ohio
Robert intandes [intends?] riting [writing?] soon to his uncle Robert
ther [there?] one thing [?] to advise you to not to lev [leave?] your mother but fatch [fetch?] her along and all to cum [come?] togather [together?]. we have afer [a fair?] seeson [season?] and a favrable [favourable?] [?] ov [of?] a crop we are now harvisting [harvesting?] our wheat wheat now is worth 45 corn 20 and oats 20 per bushels. Cows is wort [worth?] 13 dollars [dollars?] and a farn hare [farm horse?] 55 dollers [dollars?] sheep one doller [dollar?] bacon 5 [?] pound
if you cum [come?] try to stor [start?] arly [early?] as it is the be-- [best?] time and you [?] would gat [get?] her [here?] befare [before?] the [?] ov [of?] James dont be latter [later?] than the first ov April
as we hare [here?] now and regime [remain?] else
our famlies [families?] joins in sanding [sending?] the [their?] respects to you all yours with respect
William and Robert -arin [Mann?]

To the care ov [of?] Ravd [Revd?] Mr Shanks
Bord Mills for Josaph [Joseph?]
Brown Ireland Stfield [Saintfield?]
P:O [Post Office?]

Washington Co.