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Title: William Bingham Co. Down, to Andrew Bingham New Brunswick.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBingham, William/134
SenderBingham, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationNew Brunswick, Canada
RecipientBingham, Andrew
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1332: Copied by Permission of the Ulster Scot. Hist. Soc. Room 151,Law Court Building, Belfast 1. #TYPE Let William Bingham, Barnamaghery, Co. Down, to Andrew Bingham, Eldbilo [New Brunswick], Canada, 1823.
ArchivePublic Record Office N. Ireland.
Doc. No.8850010
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TranscriptBamamaughrey May the 15th 1823.
Dear Brother these few lines comes with our kind love to you to let you
know that we are all in the land of the living yet thanks be to God for all
his Mercies towards you and us. This is the second letter that I have wrote
to you this season I sent one away in the letter [latter?] end of Aprile
[April?] which I enformed [informed?] you in it that your Aunt Mary was
dead and how that uncel [uncle?] Andrew had taken the big hill from [?]
Robert before he had the crop of wheat off it that he sowed on it which
grived [grieved?] our mother so much that she grew very bad and we thought
that she would die we had to sit up with her for two weeks but thank God she
is got better and is only able to sit up at the fire yet I enlarged more
upon this subject in my other letter which I [?] you get it you will have a
clearer account of the transactions concerning the big hill.
Dear Brother we are all very much [?] that you do not write much [more?]
oftner [often?] to us last year when Robert Mance arived [arrived?] with
your sent a letter to his father-in-law which give us to know that you and
your family were all in good health at that time and it came safe and soon
so we think if you would take the truble [trouble?] on yourself of writing
of [liner?] and sending your letter by hand with any person the [they?] will
not give them selves any truble [trouble?] about forwarding them till the
[they?] be too long wrote the last letter we got it for fifteen or
sixteen months after it was wrote. When Robert Munce went away from this
Contry [country?] last year your Mother sent with him forteen [fourteen?]
yards of [?] for [?] to your bed and also two shirts and two touls [towels?]
and Neely [Neron?] sent two [ruffels?] for you two daughters one to each
of them and I sent my self three yards of aleven [eleven?] hundred
[shirteen?] for a shirt to your son William. Now we have got know [no?]
word from you whither [whether?] you got those articles from Alonce or not
therefore you must write as soon as ever this comes to your hand and let us
now wither [whether?] you got them or not If he has not give them to you you
must go to him and make him give them up.
I send this with John McCratney a son of Samuels you know lived beside John
Murdocks he has sold his land to William Murdock a son of John Murdocks
John McCratney he has a wife sister to Thomas Robinson which you know lives
in New York the [they?] have six children he intends going your lenth
[lenght?] if he cannot fall in with a form of land before he reach you but
if he comes your lenth [length?] I hope you will give yourself some truble
[trouble?] in helping him to get a plantation as convenient to yourself as
possible and if it be a thing that he goes your lenth [length?] he can
tell you far more about this contry [country?] than I could put in a letter
he is going by way of Quebec and Montreal I mentioned in my last letter to
you concerning Mr Gambles land if it was Doctors Gambles friend that took
out the land his name was George Gamble so if you would go to the land
agents office and see if it was George name that was in for it then it would
of course belong to Doctor Gambles people but if not there is Ralf Gamble
which you may remember living in old Dick Murreys [Murray?] he had three
brothers that listed in the army and was sent to north America and none of
them ever came home their names was William and Hugh and Samuel so if you
can find out that it is any of those names I have mentioned you must send
one [?] word and then I will go and see about if for if I can publish it from
the right owner I think there would be little truble [trouble?] in putting
John Cherry out of it as I could [?] barrister from Raffrey with one
which would not be much to his praise. We have had a very severe winter of
frost and snow more snow this winter than we had the last three winters and
we have a very cold Spring and crops look very [blate?] the meal is looking
up last Saturday it was 13s per hundred in Downpatrick Market and all
winters it was only from nine to ten shilings [shillings?] the potates
[potatoes?] is from threepence to 6 pence per bushel and has been so all
winter fresh meat is and was all winter for one peny [penny?] per pound
to four pence and pork was from [10s?] to 33 shillings per hundred the [?]
America this season in 4 per [peck?] and Duch Seed is 7 to 8s per [peck?]
the America Seed is out of [?] with us now it was not half so well as the
Dear Brother this is to inform you that the Reverond [Reverend?] Moses
Nelson which Baptised [baptised?] you only died the 23rd of April [april?]
last his funeral sermon was preached last sabath [sabbath?] day the 11th
instant he was 84 years of age and he was in our parish 56 years he is
replaced by one of his sons named Arthur who has been asisting [assisting?]
him this 8 or 9 years he had three sons Ministers and two sons Doctors but
one of the ministers named William is dead he was the fourth son and he
was alowed [allowed?] to be the best learned man in the three Kingdoms he
was ordained Presbytarien [Presbyterian?] Minister of Dundalk in the year
1797 and when the College [college?] for learning and making ministers
was Established in Belfast in the year 1818 he was called to it and
apointed [appointed?] the Head Master but he only enjoyed it only three
years to he died which was a great loss to the Collage [College?] for the
[they?] could not get one that would the same taske [task?] in hand again
so that they had to place two in his birth.
Dear Brother since I begun to write this letter I have got word that
Ritchard [Richard?] Coats of Raffrey had got an acount [account?] of the
word which you sent us about John Cherry Sittins down in Mr Gambles land and
about him being tried at the aisises [assizes?] for stealing sheffer the same
account which you sent Robert Munce sent it in the letter that he sent to
his father-in-law but however Cherrys friend has got all the account of
his transactions which he has comited [committed?] in your part of the
contry [country?] which you mentioned Now Sir I would advise you to be on
your gard [guard?] for fear of him doing you on [I'll?] turn for Dick
Coats has sent away a letter to him letting him know the account that
you and Robert Munce has sent to this contry [country?] about him so you
must be on your gard [guard?] for it he gets Dick Coats letter then he will
blame you and Robert Munce for sending the accounts about him here and
a worse man not him and his brother-in-laws cannot be. As soon as this
comes to your hand you must write a clear description about him and do
what you can about Gambles land for Mr Gamble says if the land was taken
out by his uncle George he would far rather any person had it [?]John Cherry
or any of his conections [connections?]. Dear brother [John?] say no more
about it but we all wish from our hearts that you may receive no damage from
the Cherrys for them that would steal would [?] [?] may the Lord preserve
you all and be you gard [guard?] You must let us know what sort of timber
grows on your land and how you make the sugar and how you get the salt and
what price its you surely make use of a great deal of it when you have to
give so much of it to the Cattle and how you measure your land or how often
you can crop it before you let it lie out to grase [graze?] Dear Br I add
no more but that you may let Robert Munce know that his friends is all in
good health and your Mother thinks now when your family some of them is
[fare?] on to be men and women that you might take a trip over and see
us all you could do it all in the summer half year both come and go if
you do I am sure some of us will go back with you. All of us wishes to be
remembered to your wife and family. No more at present but remains your
Brother till Death
William Bingham.
To the Care of Mr Bolton
York town uper [upper?] Canada.
For Andrew Bingham in Stobicco Township
British America.