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Title: William Bingham, Co. Down, to Andrew Bingham, New Brunswick.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBingham, William/137
SenderBingham, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationNew Brunswick, Canada
RecipientBingham, Andrew
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1332: Copied by Permission of the Ulster Scot. Hist. Soc. Room 151,Law Court Building, Belfast 1. #TYPE Let William Bingham, Barnamaghery, Co. Down, to Andrew Bingham, Eldbilo [New Brunswick], Canada, 1816.
ArchivePublic Record Office N. Ireland.
Doc. No.8850009
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Transcript11r Andrew Bigham
Eldbico Township
Care of Mr Botton
Saint George York Upper Canada
North America
Barnamaghery March the 14th 1816
Andrew this is to let you know that your father and mother are yet alive
but very much failed your brother are alive and in good health at present
great prais [praise?] and thanks be to God for all his mercis [mercies?]
to us we received no letter from you since the letter dated the 15th of
April 1814 which was a Great Satisfaction to us to know that you and your
family was in Good [?] then may the Lord blis [bless?] and forgive you [?]
them together we were very sorry to hear [that?] your first wife was dead
yet we are happy [to?] know if your wifes father be any of the Coplands
[Copelands?] from this Contry [Country?] God blis [bless?] you fail not to
write any opertunity [opportunity?] that may offer we would all be happy
to hear how you are doing since the war was over God blis [bless?] you
we hop [hope?] you will [not?] forget your father and mother
while thy [they?] are alive you
must let us know how Andrew [morrow?] coms [comes?] on his [?] in-law
would be very happy to know how Andrew and his Children are doing nothing
wrong. Amongst his friends widow Cunningham and family is well only
his Daughter Mary is dead your [?] friends are all well your Aunt Mary
and James [?] is well and very [kick?] they have got a great many
hogsits of flax seed from his brother from New York your unkil [uncle?]
Andrew and family is well his son John is well he hath three sons and two
daughters one of his sons lives with us still Robert have [has?] a house of
his own his wife have no children.
I have nothiing very particular [particular?] to writ [write?] to you The
[?] order of the Romans is not satisfyed [satisfied?] that thy [they?]
have not got thir [their?] bill pased [passed?] in parlement [parliament?]
to mak [make?] them equal with the protistan [protestants?] there is not
many News paprs [newspapers?] that doth not tell of thir [their?] murdring
[murdering?] and robing [robbing?] the protistan [protestants?] up the
entry and some times not sparing one another the Romans are not satisfied
with oringemen [orangemen?] our Brothers are in the lodge 1462 there is
more in Irland [Ireland?] there hath ben [been?] not much [?] since the
Ballit [Battle?] of Waterloo, Bonaparte surendred [surrendered?] himself
to the English and they sent him the Island of Saint Helena but we ad [add?]
no more.
I hope you will let us know if you have any minister or any Cristanity
[Christianity?] in that new world but I hope you will dubl [double?] your
dilignce [diligence?] in seeking the lord while he may be found and may the
god of peace that brought again from the dead our lord Jasus [Jesus?]
that Great Shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the Everlasting
Covenant mak [make?] you perfect in every good word and work to do his
will working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight through Jasus
[Jesus?] Christ to home [whom?] be glory for ever and ever Amen.
This is the desire of your Aged father and mother William Bigham.
Elenor herron desirs [desires?] to be remembred [remembered?] to you she
is with us. Still you may derect [direct?] as before to the care of David
[Conry?] Post Master of Killinchy we got a letter you sent to Samul
[Samuel?] [?] that we got you may do the same again.
Widow [Cunin?] [?] is not shure?] that Andrew Morrow got word of his two
sons being dead Patrick and William young Andrew [woods?] thy [they?] hae
[have?] one son his name is William Moly Woods and William Cleland lives in
Limerick there [their?] land is three pound from acre thy [they?] have two
boys and a girl old James Woods is yet alive his son James livs [lives?]
with him I still he hath three children two boys and a girl we live all
good friend and lives very well while your mother and her brothers are
alive all new [leases?] is very dear only land is not so very dear since
markets is not so dear every thing is down oat meal is ten shillings a
hundred the wheat twelve I hope the peace will stand some [?] on have loved
thir [their?] rents because [because?] trading is down Hugh Woods is in a
good place in Bangor he is stand married to a ministers daughter Madlin
McLure he hath butt [but?] a fine hous [house?] but James Patterson Jean
Woods husband is dead also old James [Tomfesson?] and his wife are both
dead Jean woods pays three pound an acre for this land there is a great
many landlords. Setting all that price but some not so bad. Since the
declination of trade but I hop [hope?] that peace will continue between
England and America therefore I think that your brothers if thy [they?]
live after [?] their father and mother that the [they?] will go up to your
contry [country?] that [?] new world I hop [hope?] you let us know what
sort of wether [weather?] you have in Summer and winter our winter hath
[has?] been very bad this year nothing but frost and snow rain and wind
util [until?] now we hear that your winter continues long.
Your Brother Till Death William Bingham.
To the Care of Mr Bolton
York town uper [upper?] Canada.
For Andrew Bingham in Stobicco Township
British America.