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Title: J.Montgomery, [Ireland?], to J.M. Searight, Philadelphia.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMontgomery, John/76
SenderMontgomery, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbaker
Sender ReligionProtestant (prob. Methodist)
OriginPortadown, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientSearight, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourcePresented by H.H. Montgomery, 4 Kensington Gardens, Belfast 5.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9509044
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count840
TranscriptPortadown 8 June 1848

Dear Joseph
Your Mr Capper came to hand +
also yours to me dated the 4th April 1848. I thank you for
keeping in mind the map & book. I agree with you that it would
not be wise to send any flour, it is as cheap here almost as
with you & there is at present 4/2 « duty on one barrel, while
on this subject I may say that Indian corn has advanced from the
lowest point about œ3 from œ6.10.0 to 9.10.0 per ton,it is now
falling again and down about œ1.0.0 in Newry & Belfast. The
crops look very well and promise to be abundant. A large breath
of land is planted with potatoes & they are doing very well so
far, & it is hoped will prove a sound average crop. If it should
please the Father of all flesh to again punish us for our sins
by the loss of them (the potatoes) we might again pass
throught [through?] scenes similar to those of last year. Since I
commenced to write there has been a remarkable heavy rain, with
thunder & lightening. It is needed & will do good. I like your
remarks very much about the experiments & I always wish you to
write long letters as I am sure of being pleased, we have heard
from Wm [William?], he is in a situation in Cincinnatti, & says he
has written twice to you without an answer, your letters may have
been lost or missent or it may be so with his, it would be well
for you to write to him & explain it to him, I will keep in mind
your remarks If I write to Uncle. There are changes
here since last I wrote to you. John Carey who took your place
as librarian in the Sunday School was drowned on Tuesday morning
23 May, he was bathing at 7 o'clock with John Brereton in the
railway quay, & attempting to Swim accross it, he went down, &
was not got for two hours, he was buried this day fortnight,
every one who knew him feels sorry. Mr Shillington, John,
presented a sermon on the
Sabbath Evening following to improve the melancholy [----?]
from "I must work
the work of him who sent me, for the night cometh when no man
can work" there was a large prayer & penetent meeting after & I
trust much good done, young MrGraham, who is with Langtry has
joined the society and several others In Lurgan a few
days before there was a man killed two brothers near the
My two cousins Sally & Alice & Sally's husband, Chas [Charles?]
Maginnis are gone to the New World, by the "Sarah Sands" from
Lipool [Liverpool?] to New York, they sailed on Tuesday the 6th
June & intend to go from New York to Boston the Peppers of
Tandragee are gone with them. Mr Adams of Lurgan & all the
family are gone by the "Riverdale" to Quebec. I saw the ship
sail yesterday out of Dunbar's
Dock, Belfast. Sam that lived here is gone with his Father.
Not many changes beside thou [though?], Miss Stanley is single
yet in Derryhale, also Miss Cowann [Cowan?] & many other Misses, not a
word about Miss S.A. Jackson. [No-day?]. There has been a good
deal of talk in Town to day about Revd. Mr Willis turning
Repealer, he has written a letter which is published. I hope to
send you the paper [?] in, many are very angry & the
Rom. [Roman?] Cath [Catholic?] are gratified. Mr John Mitchell is
transported to Bermud [Bermuda?] there was but little word here
about the trial & no exitement I did not read a speech at the
trial, he is gone. There is in Dublin a Protestant repeal
Association formed & gaining ground, the people are dissatisfied
& little trade & [bad ___?] Anne, [Sam?], Robt. & Children are
well & I think doing well My Father, Mrs M. Hannah, Rachel &
[Harford?] are at [Warresp___?] + in your next you might mention
about the money matters your ref [reference?] to before & I will
give what information I can obtain, I was at the Sessions. & got
a decree for Cook. [Sel_hon?] Mr McKeown I suppose h[?]
processed. I have told you everything worth hearing I ca[?]
Rob Twinem has given up the public house in Maghery. D[?] is
still in Town but his time it is thought is drawing to a close
John Falton has taken Wm[William?] Chapman's shop. & Mr
Searights house. Wonderful changes have occurred in Europe since
Feb. more may be expected from what is passing on the continent
the end we cannot see. Mr Langtry has a very large mill Errected
where the distillery was. & in some months will be at work.
Glenville is quit working. I have now done & much given over
lovefromall I remain Sincerely yours
John Montgomery
I thank you for the tract & papers & all.

Mr Jos[Joseph?] M. Searight,
Corner of Ninth & arch Streets,
at Mr Massays,
U.S. America