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Title: W.Montgomery, Portadown, to J. Searight, Philadelphia
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMontgomery, William/36
SenderMontgomery, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationworks at family business (bakery)
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginPortadown, Co. Armagh, USA
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientSearight, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2794/1/2/62: Presented by H. H. Montgomery, 4 Kensington Gardens, Belfast 5
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9510063
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Word Count678
TranscriptPortadown 27th March 1851

Dear Joseph,
I am duly in receipt of your returned favor of Febry
[February?] 10th and according to your directions I have placed
the Balance at Cr [care?] of Trust a/c to Cr [care?] of your a/c
and of Robt [Robert?] Moore. The last day my father was in Tandragee he
asked Mr McConnell for the account of original Bond Interest &c
and Mr McC [McConnell?] promised to have it made out. As yet I
have not got it and I am afraid there will be some difficulty
about getting it out of his fingers. I am sorry to say Mr Mc
is at present very ill but as soon as he recovers should he be
spared I will push for it. I am informed by my father that no
Bill of items of costs was made out but i will endeavour to get
a stamped receipt for the amount which I suppose will be a
sufficient voucher for all purposes. In your personal account I
only find three items and two of these are to your Cr œ9.16.0
and œ4.12.7 the one to your debit is the Balance of acct
[account?] sales of [Chattels?] already rendered you œ5.16.0
making œ8.12.7 at your Cr. I will make whatever disposition of
this you may direct. As to the sale of your Interest in this
property to Robt [Robert?] Moore I would say it is not usual for
the purchaser to make the final offer. I believe there are some
unsettled accounts between you and I do not see any use in you
paying my father a commission when one of the parties is quite
as near the ground as he is. If the lease of the property was
made out it could be sold by the Encumbered Estates Court for
about œ30 expenses and then your Tike if you became the
purchasers would be indisputable. I will now pass to other
topics. I am endeavouring to gain a knowledge of the linen made
and to this end am purchasing some goods and getting them
bleached on my own a/c [account?]. There is a ready demand in
this country for Linen generally but if I found I could do
better by shipping to America I would do so. I would like to
know if your engagements would hinder you from making a
commission on such a consignment and what class of goods would
answer your market if Laum, colored and « bleached &c & what
sets of linens and the prices they would bring. I am sure you
would not have any objection to make the money and perhaps you
could induce Levy's people to buy from you. I am perfectly aware
that the great objection to shipping goods, to your markets is
that you have not a trustworthy agent and the enormous expences
charged on sale. If you make a fair commossion on the sale I
would not expect you to have another commission on the charges
as is generally the case. Write me fully with regard to this
We are all well at home. John resides mostly at his own place
in Edenderry and I do not hear any word of his taking to himself
a sleeping partner. He seems anxious enough too about it but I
would not wonder if he would be an old bachelor. Harford
[Hartford?] is at school near Manchester and will be home in
June. He will get another year at school and will then have to
come home and turn his attention to Business. I intend (DV) at
that time to remove to Belfast and go into Business for myself.
This is an arrangement with my father. I enclose a note from
Cousin Jane and suppose she speaks for herself.[___?] conveyed
your message to Boston
With love from all
I am your affectionate Cousin
William Montgomery
When paying the last years rent to Mr [Namder?] the other day my
father asked him about the new lease and he told Pat he could
have the original anytime to make out the renewal.